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A villager informs them that Ambedkar Guru ji will teach Bhima and Anand at his home. We must do something. He is the one who is supporting kids from this community. Ram ji is passing from Mangesh’s shop when Dhansukhlal says Guru ji wont be able to teach anyone just like that. Let’s go. Dhruv says I will come along and see who will stop Bhima from studying and who will stop Guru ji from teaching. He is holding a stick. Ram ji says nothing will happen by saying such things. If Bhima has to study then he will. If Guru ji has to teach the kids then he will do it. This isn’t the first time when someone is thinking like that about Bhima. Don’t think about what they think or you will become like them too. They destroy their lives by thinking about others all the time! One must always choose a side. It can be either with them or with Bhima. You don’t win a fight with a stick. It is won with unity. Dhruv drops the stick. I am with Bhima then. I will fight his battle. Mangesh asks Ram ji if his words will bring a revolution. Dhruv tells Ram ji to ignore them. Neither of us will hear them after today. I am going with Bala Bhaiya right now. I will be with Bhima whenever he will need me. He walks up to his father as he calls out to Bala. Let’s go now. He leaves. Ram ji shakes his head and then heads his way.

Mangesh tells Dhansukhlal to make sure they give a fitting reply to Ram ji. He was saying all those things as he separated your son from you and has turned him into one of his own. Even Guru ji is supporting them nowadays. This was his pride. We must set an example for this society once and for all. Dhansukhlal says let’s

Bhima asks Anand to come with him to Guru ji’s place. Anand tells him to leave him. I don’t enjoy studying. Bhima asks him to come or he will tell Baba. Madhvi brings her sister to meet Bhima. She is as young as Manjula and has brought laddoos for Bhima. Anand gets tempted seeing the laddoos but Bhima says I cannot be your or her brother. I cannot accept these laddoos too. The girls get sad. Bhima excuses himself.

Dhansukhlal’s words about him being inauspicious echo in Bhima’s head as he reaches home. Bhimbai asks him what happened. He says nothing and goes inside.

Madhvi asks Anand where Bhima has gone to. Anand says he will back as we have to go study right now. He cannot skip his classes. Bhima returns Madhvi her rakhi. I don’t deserve to be your brother. I don’t want anyone to leave their house because of me. You must have heard about my friend Surendra and Dhruv. I don’t know what will be your fate if you will be my sister. A brother must protect his sister but if a sister falls in problem because of her brother supporting her then he must break that relation. Please forgive me and accept it. Madhvi says a sister can never take the rakhi that she has tied on her brother’s wrist. Bhima says I will leave it here then. You can either leave it here or take it with you. He keeps the rakhi on the stone and leaves. Anand follows him.

Bhima is crying. Anand tells him to not cry when he has returned the rakhi already. Let’s go and study. Bhima asks him if he too thinks that he couldn’t understand her feelings. You would know the consequences of being friends with someone from the upper community. People will find out sooner or later. I don’t want her to meet the same fate ever. Anand tells him not to cry then. Guru ji must be waiting for us.

Madhvi is crying. Her sister asks her to come but Madhvi says I don’t want to go home. Her sister reasons that she must not be here as it is her vidaai today. Ram ji asks them why she is crying. Madhvi’s sister tells him everything. Ram ji asks for the rakhi. Madhvi gives it to him. Ram ji says I will speak to Bhima in evening. He cannot make and break relations just like that. Madhvi’s sister nods. Ram ji looks at the rakhi.

Guru ji is giving classes to Bhima and Anand when Dhansukhlal questions him. Why are you hell bent upon teaching them when Panchayat has decided against it? A villager throws the books on the ground. Guru ji points out that he is teaching them at home. This wasn’t the plan. I can teach them outside school. Dhansukhlal says it is because of people like you that these kids are getting so stubborn. They are poisonous. Bhima calls him the same. We came to study here and you aren’t at peace with this too! Dhansukhlal says it is time to teach this Guru ji a lesson. Bhima blocks his way. Don’t dare to touch our Guru ji. Dhansukhlal asks him if he will hit him. Bhima denies. I will tell the entire world what you really are. Dhansukhlal tells him to do whatever he wants. No kid from our village can study in any way, neither in sleep or when awake. Education is not meant for you! Guru ji says history is proof that pride cannot save anyone. Dhansukhlal isn’t bothered. Bhima says wish you had taken care of your son or he wouldn’t have abandoned you. You wouldn’t have even tried to stop other kids from studying then. Sadly, the one who does not care about his own son, is trying to take care of the kids of the entire society! Dhansukhlal throws water on him angrily.

Guru ji asks Dhansukhlal if this will stop Bhima from studying and him from teaching. You don’t know either of us if you think like that. Bhima will study and I will teach him. Go and make the kids of your village illiterate but the light of education can never be stopped by anyone. Leave! Dhansukhlal and his followers leave.

Guru ji asks Bhima to wipe himself clean but Bhima says we will go home like this. I will tell everyone how Seth ji behaved with us. They should know how bad he is. I will tell the world whose enemy Seth ji is. He isn’t an enemy of a particular community but of education and the one who is an enemy of education, is also an enemy of the society. The society wont grow till the time every single person of this society isn’t educated.

Bhima speaks to random people. Do you mind it if we befriend your kids? If yes then I promise I wont do it again. Please let me and others like me study. How will it work if you will stop half of the population from studying? I request you to please speak to Seth ji and other villagers to allow kids like us to go to school.

Ram ji asks Bhima why this house stays strong through rain, heat and storm. Why doesn’t it break down? Bhima says it is because the walls try their best to fight all kinds of weather. Ram ji says it is because it is responsible and tries to fulfil its responsibility. Bhima nods. Ram ji asks him why he couldn’t understand it that every relation is to be treated in the same way. You cannot escape it. Bhima thinks of Madhvi, Dhruv, Kaki, Guru ji. I don’t want to create a problem for anyone. You know the fate of all the kids who tried to be my friend. Ram ji thinks this is just the beginning of your struggle. You cannot back off because of any hiccup in your way. I will help you mould into who you are but I will never let you stop.

Precap: Dhansukhlal tells Guru ji to understand that whoever will try to help Bhima will be taken down by us. Bhima asks Guru ji to come with him. Dhansukhlal says you are saying as if you will make an army. Bhima says we will make an army of needy people and people who have been abused by you. Their strength would be no less than your community.

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