Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhima fails in his attempts to stop Madhvi’s wedding


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 16th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhima and Dhruv stand in the way of the approaching cart. Bhima tells them about Kamna’s death. Dhruv adds that they have decided to marry your son to their younger daughter. They were worried about losing the dowry. Bala wonders if this is the groom’s family. Bhima tells the guy that Madhvi is younger than your son. We tried to explain to him but in vain. Bala and Anand stand in support of Bhima. Two villagers notices them talking to the groom’s father. Dhruv suggests the old man to get his son married to someone else. Groom’s father says they should have told us the truth if something like this had happened. How can they swap the girls? You did the right thing by telling us. Are you their neighbour? Bhima denies. We said what we had to. Groom’s father heads to Madhvi’s house. Dhruv, Bala and Anand tell Bhima to head home with them. You won.

Groom and his family reach Madhvi’s home. They confront Madhvi’s father about Kamna’s death. All 4 boys are watching it from far. Dhansukhlal says we lost Kamna but Madhvi is very beautiful. You can see her if you want. Mangesh says who can control death. Groom’s father says we heard that you are trying to save your money by marrying Madhvi to my son. Madhvi’s father denies. The same villager who was watching the exchange by the side of the road whispers something in groom’s father’s ears. He tells the villagers about what those 4 boys had told him. They are from a lower community. Dhansukhlal says they always talk against us. It would be right to marry your son to Madhvi. Groom’s father falls for it. I was wondering if the kids were right but they are from lower community. How should I trust them? I wont be able to forget it that I trusted someone from lower community just because I said no. Madhv’s father says it is true. People / kids from such community will otherwise start to think of themselves as equals in that case. They will try to rule us.

Bhima walks up to them. Villagers are irked to see him. Why are you here? Bhima says the right and wrong of some statement is determined not by who says him and to which community he belongs. It depends on how much it benefits the one who it is said to. Groom’s father nods. We cannot do anything based on what someone from a lower community says. We can bear the loss. Stay here and watch the wedding. Pundit ji tells him to sit in a corner. Call your family if you want to. That is where we will throw the empty plates. Bhima asks them if they cannot see that their arrogance will ruin a girl’s life. Madhvi’s father tells his wife to get Madhvi ready for the wedding.

Bhima, Bala, Anand and Dhruv stand outside as the wedding rituals begin. Bhima thinks this wedding would not have happened if I was from their community. They are not listening to me because of my community. Dhruv says this is the sad reality. No one in their community has become like you. No one is capable to make them see sense. All the villagers clap as the bride and groom exchange garlands. Bhima wipes his tears. The newlyweds take everyone’s blessings one by one. Madhvi looks at her brother sadly. Madhvi’s mother tells her to continue thinking of him as her brother. Don’t express it in front of everyone.

Bhima thinks he wont increase problems for her. He walks away sadly. Madhvi cries silently. Madhvi’s father looks at Bhima. You thought you will stop my daughter’s wedding just like you could stop your sister’s wedding?

Bhima comes home. He stops at the door as he hears his Baba talking about him. Ram ji says Bhima fought for what he thought was right and did not get scared. He couldn’t accomplish what he wanted but he did it with the right intent and properly. Bhimbai says Bhima must be pained to see the wedding. Ram ji says pain is a part of our life. Bhima has to find happiness amidst this only. He would have understood this by now. Bala, Anand and Dhruv reach as well. Bhima asks his Aayi to make something for Madhvi. Her vidaai is soon. I will give it to her as gift. Why are you staring at me like this? She says it is because you are my son. you think I don’t understand you? He says I only tried to stop the wedding but I could not. She is married now. It is my duty as a brother. What’s there to understand? Meera asks him how he hides his pain so beautifully. Can you hide your pain from us? He shakes his head. Meera extends her arms and he hugs her tight. Everyone is teary eyed.

Bhimbai hugs Bhima. You want to take gift for Madhvi Didi? He nods. Being sad is something else and taking a gift for someone is something else. Both things are different. Baba has taught me this. Ram ji smiles. Will someone accept what we will give to them? Bala is sure Madhvi will. Dhruv says no one will find out the truth while eating it once it is mixed with everything else. Anand nods. We know the community of people. Bala says it is because we have been divided. Bhimbai gets busy. Bhima tells her to hurry up. Didi’s vidaai is at 3. She assures him about it. Meera hugs Bhima again.

Everyone sits down to have tea. Mangesh remarks that it is good that everything went smoothly or we were worried because of Kamna’s untimely death. Everyone looks at him. Madhvi’s father says it was her life span. Pundit ji assures the groom’s father that he has added Kamna’s powers in Madhvi’s fate. This will be very fruitful for you. Groom’s father smiles. Everything was actually good. Let’s discuss something now. You lost your daughter and we lost our DIL. We shared your pain and allowed Madhvi to marry my son. Why not share whatever you have bought for her? We share fruits also. Pundit ji says dowry is devotion, not a fruit. Groom’s father twists his words around. Madhvi’s father calls him greedy. Groom’s father retorts that he has only gotten rid of his daughter. This is my son’s wedding. Vidaai wont happen unless we get dowry. Madhvi’s father insists that it will happen. Groom’s father taunts him for not keeping a tab on the 4 boys of lower community.

Madhvi’s mother convinces her husband to give them something. Whatever we have is for Madhvi only. We have lost 2 kids already. Dhansukhlal seconds her. Groom’s father requests politely this time. Madhvi’s parents head inside to discuss the matter.

Madhvi closes the door of her room from inside. Dhruv gives her food from the window. She asks him what it is. Bhima says I don’t have money but everyone made something for you. Madhvi is touched. Bhima says we must leave. It is time for your vidaai. Stay happy. Both Madhvi and Bhima get sad.


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