Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Joshi wants to kill Nirmala.

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The episode begins with his parents were in trauma by looking at his dead body from above the cliff. It was his father’s thought. He gained senses and stopped his son from committing suicide. He cannot afford to lose both his sons. His parents asked to come down. Abhay asked them to believe that Nirmala was innocent. He will not marry Nirmala. Live the city if they wanted to. Abhay begged his parents to forgive Nirmala and bring her back home. Bhim Rao asked them to forget the past and prepare for the future.

Nirmala was leaving. Rama stopped her, said there must a solution to her problem. Nirmala didn’t want to harm anyone else. Nirmal’s mother-in-law came. Nirmala apologized to her. She asked Nirmala to answer if she had the audacity to fight the people if she marries Abhay. People will accuse her, will not believe that the child belongs to her first husband. Rama asked her to support Nirmala. Nirmala told that she married into her house. Only her in law’s opinion mattered to her. The mother-in-law assured that she believes Nirmala. The father-in-law spoke up, he also believed that the child belonged to their elder son. He also accepted Abhay and Nirmala’s relation. The mother-in-law wanted them to live happily. Bhim Rao said that it was the best thing that happened. Joshi defied. He told father-in-law that he left Nirmala in their house. He would decide his fate according to their rules and regulation. Bhim Rao said that his rules were of no use. Joshi taunted Bhim Rao because he ran away. Rama corrected him, said that Bhim Rao was trying to get justice for Nirmala. He didn’t care if the police were finding Bhim Rao. The father-in-law apologized or his mistake, he shouldn’t have dragged Nirmala in front of them. He begged Joshi to let them live. Joshi refused; he cannot accept letting them marry off a widow. Joshi was about to hit the father-in-law. Abhay stopped him. Joshi’s friends took him away.

Meera saw Jijabai praying for Bhim Rao not to return. She went to her, wanted to talk to her. She wanted to know that how Bhim Rao being away favored Jijabai. Jijabai told that she felt peace. Ramji also had a sweet tea today, thought in anger. She believed that there may be a change in Ramji’s behavior. Bhim Rao being away would being everyone back to their actual senses. Meera asked her to understand that she can erase Bhim Rao from the city as well but not from anyone’s heart. For as long as he lives in people’s heart Jijabai is helpless. Meera asked Jijabai to live happily, it would help her. They were not as bad as she thought. She asked Jijabai to change her mentality and then everything would change. Meera left. Jijabai wondered when Meera would leave from her life. Jijabai threw the plate.

Bhabi asked Jijabai what broke inside the house. Meera said that her hope did. Bhabi should go and fix it.

Bhabi questioned Jijabai. She told that Bhim Rao has made everyone hate her.

Joshi was breaking stuff in anger. His friends questioned because they handle the situation. Joshi slapped his friend. His father asked him to calm down. Joshi asked his friends to leave. Joshi was angry because his won sister ruined him. She has rebelled against their culture. He wanted to teach her and everyone else a lesson. A lesson everyone would remember.
Bhim Rao asked them not to worry about him and Rama. He asked the parents to reach a solution through which they could all live together. Abhay advised his father to take Nirmala with them. The father suggested to have them married first.

Varchand asked Joshi why the neighbors were talking ill about him. Joshi questioned. Varchand triggered him against his sister whom he was unable to stop. Joshi knew, said that the final decision had not been made yet. Joshi’s father was angry, he cannot tolerate his embarrassment.

Abhay’s father decided to talk to his community in the morning. He took everyone home, said that they would visit in the morning. Abhay wanted to stay but his father didn’t allow him because it would raise a lot of questions.

Varchand suggest them to kill Nirmala. Her death would close this case for ever. Her mother asked them not to kill her, she would send her somewhere far away. Joshi refused, because her being sent away would be a victory for her but she needs to die. Joshi said that she has die.

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