Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Celebrating Bhima’s Birthday!

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In this episode Mangesh, Seth ji, Pandit and Maharaj were conspiring against Bhima’s birthday. Maharaja ordered Mangesh and Seth ji to accompany him as he has arranged something against Bhima, he refused to answer further asking pandit to keep his journey a secret from everyone else. He wanted to gift Bhima something worth recalling.

Bala asked everyone to act normal In front of Bhima and not let him suspect anything Meera requested not to include Jijabai in this. Jijabai brought milk for everyone, Ramji called Bhima. Coming out in excitement to see no one noticing, he remembered his past birthdays with her mother, he thought that how she would have made sweet for him on his special day. Meera asked Bhima to drink his milk, he thought that even his father forgot his birthday. Everyone glanced at each other and smiled suspiciously.

While Maharaj was traveling in a cart, Mangesh and Seth ji were travelling on their feet in scorching heat. They asked Maharaj to let them have a break, but he refused, asking to reach the destination in time and finish their work. Seth j was regretting to be Maharaj’s companion.

Puranjan and his fellows came with decoration in their hands, Bala wanted to finish the work before Bhima arrives. Jijabai inquired the occasion for which the house is being decorated. They informed her about their plan to celebrate Bhima’s birthday by decorating the house and preparing a luxurious meal. Jijabai declared the celebration pointless since they were short on money. Puranjan asked her to come out of her small box, they have arranged the money for this celebration on their own. Meanwhile two ladies came in asking Jijabai not to worry about the meal, they will prepare it themselves. They wanted Jijabai to accompany them in the celebration. She wasn’t interested and went inside.

Ramji was strolling the cart when he saw Bhima and Anand, he hid himself asking Seth ji not to inform his sons about his job. Bhima requested Seth ji to help him drag the cart around, they were already hunting for work. Bhima inquired about Ramji; Seth ji told that he has been sent of to do some work. Bhima insisted to help Seth ji since sharing responsibilities will lower his burden. Bhima and Anand left. Ramji came out and started strolling the cart again.

Bhima and Anand were on their way when someone wearing a mask put a cloth on Bhima’s face Anand tried to stop him.
Maharaj upon reaching his destination was greeted by the host, they have arranged a seating for him. the host asked him to rest there.

The man had brought Bhima somewhere, he removed the cloth from his face. Bhima was surprised to see him standing in his home decorated with flowers and everyone standing around waiting for him. Bala remove the mask from his face. Anand told Bhima that he already knew who it was, he only retaliated to not be suspected. Everyone wished him Birthday , Bhima hugged everyone. They were all proud to have Bhima as their cast member, and wanted to celebrate his birthday with full enthusiasm, zeal, and zest. Ramji was proud of having a son like him, he gifted him books and blessed him. Jijabai stood in a corner.

Mangesh informed that a man is arriving. Maharaj told him that he is Balak , Bhima’s gift. They are of the same age but in strength he is more 20 times stronger than Bhima. He will answer all of Bhima’s question. This boy will be Maharaj’s victory against Bhima.
Ramji told Bhima that his constant question makes him nervous, but he was determined that in future he will fight against all the norms the society has impose on them. He will win since he has all the strength, power, intelligence needed in a warrior.

Balak presented Maharaj with some fruits. Mangesh and Seth ji were asked to greet the boy and they did so in curiosity.

Ramji told Bhima that every fight needs a cause and a mean, for Bhima his books were his greatest strength and biggest mean which he should keep improving and strengthening as much as he can. He will have to prove step by step that everything his cast suffers from is wrong. He believed that Bhima would make amends for the entire nation and every one of his community. Everyone remembered how Bhima had stood for the greater good of his cast.

Maharaj was happy to have found a solution against Bhima.

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