Ek kaahani Saathiya (Part-20)

Recap:Jigar tells abt Sonia to modi family members Urmila remembers some old flashback and locks herself inside room
Jaggi gopi kokila tells Urmila to open the door Urmila sits crying and finally open the door
Kokila: Urmila behan what happened why are you crying so much are you ok
Gopi:maaji I think mami remembered abt rashi so she got emotional
Urmila: Gopi Sonia is my daughter
Kokila:Urmila ben she is not our rashi plz control yourself
Jigar: yes she is not our rashi

Urmila:why you are all not understanding Sonia is also my daughter Sonia and rashi are twins
Kokila: what but how can be it possible
Urmila: Gopi you know in in childhood why I hated you so much and even after ur marriage me and rashi tried to break your marriage bcoz ur mother madhu she gave me lot of pain
Gopi:but mami ji why are you saying all these now
Flashback is shown

Urmila: Madhu ben always dominated in our house she was always controlling her brother and she used to insult me always she wanted her brothers money for her and children
After I gave birth to rashi and Sonia madhu ben was feeling more insecure bcoz she was worried that her brother wl ignore her so she was trying to bring misunderstanding between us
But one fine day my husband got to know madhu bens true colours he put her out of the house in anger madhu ben took Sonia with her daughter radha and left gopi with us
I thought Sonia is not alive but destiny made us meet my daughter again
Flashback ends

Urmila: gopi I am sorry bcoz of mother b4 I hurt you
Gopi: leave it mami its old things we should forget it now you got ur long lost daughter Sonia back so you should be happy
Urmila: jigar now we will go to Sonia’s house and bring her to our house
Jigar: but now its late night so its better if we go tmw

Kokila: yes Urmila ben you don’t worry tomorrow we all go and bring Sonia and her daughter here
Urmila : gopi vevan ji I am very happy I got daughter back she thanks god
In morning Modi Bhavan
Jaggi and Urvashi is shown talking
Door bell rings

Jaggi opens the door
Baa Chirag Parag and hetal is shown
They all get shocked to see Jaggi
Baa emotionally says ahem u are alive u cme back
Parag goes to hug him but Jaggi stops him he sees Urvashi and say Urvashi
Baa chirag hetal also see Urvashi
Baa: Urvashi you here
Kokila: baa he is not ahem he is urvashi’s son Jaggi
Baa: Parag you knew this

Parag:baa I married Urvashi secretly before I married kokila but within a month I leaved Urvashi as you refused to accept Urvashi as my wife and fixed my marriage with kokila but I dint knew that Urvashi was pregnant
Kokila: its my mistake I became selfish Urvashi came to me before our marriage and told she was pregnant but I dint help her or told parag abt it
Baa: Urvashi plz forgive me I am feeling very guilty bcoz of me ur and jaggi’s life got spoiled
Baa asks Jaggi to forgive her
Jaggi: baa plz don’t say like this you are my grand mother you should not ask forgiveness from me he takes her blessings Baa blesses him

He takes chirag and hetals blessings also
But he does not take parag’s blessings
Urvashi: Jaggi take ur dads blessings also
Jaggi takes parag’s blessings also
Everyone gets happy
Scene shifts to Bhavani,s house

Bhavani and Gaura is shown
Gaura: Bhavani thanks for saving me from police from 4 years I am hiding from police
Bhavani: oh leave it gaura behan I want powerful people like you with me so that everone think twice before messing with me
Both laughs evilly

Alka and Ashok come there
Bhavani: Alka right ysdy u called me and told u are going to give me 1 contract
Alka:yes I heard that you are big goon in this area and you have lot of men with you
Bhavani: you are right alka tell what is ur contract
Alka shows Sonia and Ragini’s photo and says you have to kill them but before killing them I want my property back from them

Bhavani: don’t worry your job will be done
Gaura take sonia’s photo and remembers she says this girls looks like Jigars first wife rashi but kokila said to me that she died while saving gopi
Alka: what are you saying who is rashi kokila jigar
Gaura: they are my big enemies

Alka: but she is Sonia she came recently to this city and they are hiding from us
Gaura: whatever but I am sure there is connection between Sonia and Modi Family
Alka: we just need our property back from Sonia
Gaura: enemies enemy wl be our friend so from today we are friends our aim is just to destroy modi family and whoever is connected with them she says I already sent one big destruction to modi’s house
Modi’s don’t even know who is coming to their house tmw
Alka Ashok Bhavani and Gaura join Hands and Gaura says now we will see how modi’s wl be saved this time from me no one has power to face we 3 they laugh evilly
Vamp tune plays

Scene shifts to Mumbai
Big bungalow is shown with many luxury cars Lamborgini Bmw Mercedez Audi are seen
And Several Body guards with Guns is shown outside
Ronit Roy is shown Inside
One man comes and says Ayushman ji plz help us one politician son is troubling our daughter from many days he is not scared of anyone even college principal is not taking action against him plz you only can help me

Ayushman: don’t worry you came to ayushman’s house till I am here I wl fight against these evils now you go home from tmw no one wl trouble your daughter bcoz my son Yuvaraj wl deal with him
Ayushman calls his son
Young boy is shown doing exercise in gym he is shown in black banyan and Blue jeans his biceps is shown his face is not revealed

His phone rings he picks and say yes dad
Ayushman: son today you have one more important work he tells him everything
He says don’t worry dad and also send ambulance to college he laughs
He comes out of the gym and sits in his lamborgini car and starts driving fast
Boss back ground music plays
He opens cars roof
Zain Imam is shown

Precap: Urmila Jigar and modi family goesnto Sonia’s house
Urmila hugs Sonia emotional bg music plays

  1. Riana

    Wow….Soo Urmilla’s twin daughter Sonia isnt Rashi….Phewww !…Finally the truth is out…Ayushman n Yuvraj’s entry was good…Updt soon…??????

    1. Siddharth

      Thanks Raina??ya today eve wl update next part ??

  2. Shakaib

    Good episodes….Felt bad for Raghav and Sonia….Alka and Ashok are so evil….How could they do to Sonia and Ragini…. But it was emotionally written…..Urmila was shocked to hear about Sonia…But I wonder why didn’t sonia-Ragini change their location after alka said that she’ll take revenge…… Its Sonia stupidity anyways…And wow! Sonia is Rashi’s lost twin..In SNS….they did never show the reason of Urmila hating Gopi…which you explained here very well….OMG! 4 vamps has joined hands….Modi family scene was hilarious..now we can expect that dialogues will be given to Chirag Parag…Lool….Overall.-.Very well..And Superb…BTW…I’ll recommend you to focus on your English more than Hindi….. Its just recommendation….. not any taunt….BTW….Your FF is mind blowing…….or while just while typing…you need to care…else very awesome….

    1. Siddharth

      Thanks aloot bro ???. No you can give me suggestions bro no prob ??ya I wl try to give more dialogues to chirag and parag ?

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