Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 9th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 9th March 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 9th March 2013 Written Update

Viren is in his room upset about what happened. Jeevika comes there and tries to console him. But he stops her from saying anything. He says. Virat gave me 500 rupees today. Can you believe that. He’s trying to keep me and everyone in this home away from him. He doesn’t want to keep any relationships with us. So you too listen to me and stay away from virman from now on. Because i don’t want virat to insult any of my family members anymore. He leaves from there. Jeevika thinks. How can i stay away from MAnnu today. Tomorrow is her birthday. She’s sad.

Virman reaches outhouse in an auto. When they enter manvi is about to hit the door and virat asks her to be careful. She asks him not to be so hyper. He replies that he doesn’t want her to have more pain. He makes manvi sit. And tells her that. Today we are in this small outhouse. But within one year we’ll have a big bungalow and you’ll stay like a princess there. And I’ll never let any difficulties or any shadow of pain to come near you. Manvi replies that she has no complaints with her life even now. She has no troubles and she’s perfectly happy with him. And she’s a princess only because her prince charming is with her. She asks him to never lose his smile. And till when he’s smiling, she’ll also be happy. Duo share a nice time. Virat says he has some important work and leaves from there. Manvi asks what. He replies he got to call one of his friend in America and leaves.

Virat comes back after a long time. She asks where was he. He replies that he called after a long time. So got late. He makes her sit On a chair and tells her that till she’s completely fine, he ‘ll make food and asks her to rest. She asks him what he’ll make and he says he’ll make sandwich. She says. There is no bread. And he leaves to buy bread.

When virat returns he has no bread with him. She says. I told you right. At this late time you won’t get bread. He replies he did not get bread. But he brought something else for her and gives her the sling. He helps her putting that on her hand. He says they ‘ll go out for dinner. But manvi says she’ll make something at home. He doesn’t agree and take her outside. Virat covers manvi’s eyes and bring her out. She asks what is he doing. He says. Sh. . And slowly open her eyes. Manvi is surprised to see the arrangements virat had done. In the lawn, he had arranged a table. With two chairs. And lightings everywhere. He asks her how did she like it. She looks at him happily. They move towards there. Virat makes manvi sit. And he also sits. She asks him this was why he was insisting on eating outside. Virat says yes for just both of us under this moonlight. He lit the candles. He pours drinks for both and give one glass to manvi. They say cheers.

Jeevika is making manvi’s cake ready. She says like every year she’ll wish her first. When she turns around she sees viren. She tries to explain that it’s manvi’s birthday. But viren asks her not to go as virat will feel, they are interfering. Jeevika is sad and leaves from there crying. Viren goes near the cake and wishes manvi. He asks her not to take him wrong. As he’s doing this for everyone’s well-being.

Virat asks manvi not to wait for anyone. As it’s just both of them for them. They have no other relationships. He asks he to cut the sandwich and not to spoil his mood. She cuts the sandwich. And virat sings ‘happy birthday . . . ‘ for her. He feeds her the cake. But seeing manvi he says. I know today you ‘ll miss your sister the most. But the situation is like this and they have to adjust with it. We are doing all this to become independent. I’ll try everything to keep you happy on this day. Manvi replies. ‘M really happy and whatever you had done, noone has ever done for me. Thank You! The duo hug.

Viren is sleeping and jeevika is sitting on the bed. She’s crying and thinks to herself. Sorry mannù. For the first time In my life i couldn’t wish you. What situation did you put me in god. She gets up from bed. And looks at viren and leaves from there. She remembers the flashback scene, where the two sisters throw coin in water at the bridge and wish for each others’ happiness and for being together. She goes near the fountain. On the other side, manvi also goes near another fountain. Jeevika thinks that give her any other sadness in life but never separate her from manvi. Manvi on the other side wishes the same. They turn around. And throws the coin at the same time. The screen splits on the face of two smiling sisters.

At the breakfast table, swamini bua tells everyone that it’s manvi’s birthday and all of them should go wish her. Viren replies that, Virat wouldn’t like it. But dadaji says manvi is their dil also and not just virat’s wife. Viren replies as they wish and excuses himself to go to office. Sb says they have to consider what he told also. Dadaji asks what’ll they do. Sb says she has a plan with which they can wish manvi and virat ‘ll not know about it. All look at her hopefully.

Manvi is sitting on a couch. Dabbu calls her and wishes her. He says it’s the first time they are not together. She replies that so he need not give her gift and teases him. He says he has a surprise and her punters wishes her. She’s really happy and thank them. Beeji takes the phone and wishes her. Manvi says thank you and she asks why is manvi sad. Manvi replies that the person who always wish her first, today there is not even any news of her. Beeji consoles her saying, jeevika ‘ll surely wish her. At the same time bell rings. Manvi wonders who’s that. Virat is arranging the cushions. Even he wonders who must be that. Manvi is about to get up, but virat says he’ll open the door. Virat opens the door and it’s dadaji and swamini bua. Seeing virat dadaji says. Seeing us here you are more troubled than surprised. Manvi disconnects the call saying to beeji that she’ll call later. Swamini bua says now they are his landlords, so they have to talk to him about some important points. Dadaji asks him whether he’ll not ask them to come inside. Virat asks them to come inside as it’s their home. Virat says he’ll give them the rent on first. Swamini bua says he’ll have to pay electricity and maintainance bill along with the rent as it’s not included in it. Virat says he knows that. Manvi wonders what’s happening. Dadaji says he’ll have to repair by himself If anything happens to door knob. Swamini bua says he’s also responsible for the taps in kitchen and washroom. And not to come with any complaints later. Virat nods. Dadaji asks whether they don’t have the custom of giving water to guests. Manvi goes to fetch water. But dadaji stops her and asks virat to go as her hand is fractured. virat goes to fetch water. Sb and dadaji wishes manvi and gives her gift. Manvi is really happy and thank them. Virat comes and manvi hides her gifts. Sb and dadaji drink water and Say they’ll meet on the first of next month. They leave. Manvi excuses herself and goes to her room.

Kadambari Chachi is explaining to shlok what to do. You have to run to the outhouse and say you don’t want to drink milk. But shlok says he has no problem in drinking the milk. But vanshika asks him to do as said to wish manvi di. Dadaji and sb comes there and shows thumps up to them. Chachi says now it’s their turn. She asks him to start the race and she runs. But shlok stays there. She scolds shlok and asks him to run first and she’ll follow him. Shlok runs to the outhouse saying he doesn’t want to drink milk. Virman is there. He ask virat to save him. And go hide behind some furniture. Chachi and vanshika comes running behind calling out for shlok. They have an awkward moment facing each other. Chachi says sorry for disturbing them. But asks virat to help her find shlok. Virat asks shlok to come out. Shlok come out and runs. Chachi asks virat to help her get hold of him. Shlok runs outside and virat goes behind him. Vanshika and kadambari chachi wishes manvi and hugs her. Manvi understands that it was their plan. Chachi says they didn’t want to hurt virat’s feelings. Vanshika asks how is her hand. Manvi replies that she’s feeling better than before. Vanshika says she ‘s sad about manvi staying in the outhouse. But manvi replies that she’s really happy there and virat is taking good care of her. Beeji had always asked me to stand with your husband in all situations and she couldn’t leave virat alone. Vanshika gives her the gift and say that they are leaving. Virat enters with shlok. Manvi hides her gift. Virat says to chachi. Here is shlok. Chachi thanks him. Without you would have been impossible to catch him for me. Shlok says he’s thirsty after running and takes the glass and drinks the whole glass of milk in one stretch. All wonders what to tell virat. Virat asks If you had to drink milk with so much love then why did you throw all these tantrums. Chachi tries to cover up the situation saying. Correct. You have become really naughty these days. Doesn’t listen to anyone. I’ll teach you good manners. Chachi and shlok leave from there. Vanshika goes to virat and looks at him lovingly. Manvi smiles looking at them. Vanshika leaves.

In the hall, chachi compliments sb’s idea. Vanshika says she’s very light after wishing manvi. Jeevika is sad. She makes up a smile and look at viren. Viren says. I know i stopped you from wishing manvi yesterday. But some emotions are difficult to control. You can go wish manvi. Jeevika is really happy and exclaims. Really! He replies yes. She hugs him. Chachi teases them. Jeevika excuses herself and goes to kitchen.

In the kitchen, jeevika is really excited and takes kheer for manvi in a bowl. She says to herself. Finally ‘m coming to wish you mannù. I’ll feed you the kheer i made and hug you tightly. Viren comes there. He smiles on seeing her excitement. She goes to him and thanks him again and hugs him. She says hug is not enough. And kisses on his cheek and leaves. Viren smiles keeping hand on his cheek.

Jeevika reaches outhouse. Manvi is talking to the kalash of holy ganga water that jeevika gave her. She says. This is my worst birthday. The person who wishes me first, today there is not even any news about that person. My family members have to make excuses to meet me. Mummy papa. You are with god rite. So please request him to complete my wish. I just wish that my di and my whole family wish me together today. If that happens then, i would think it’s the best birthday gift from you for me. Jeevika is listening to all this. She steps back and move outside. She remembers the flashback scene where her mom tells her that you are the elder sister. You are like mom. You should never fight with manvi and should always take care of her. She says. Mummy papa. I had promised you that I’ll always keep manvi happy and never let her be sad. I’ll wish her today only after completing her wish. She goes back to kitchen. Viren on seeing the tiffin with her asks why she didn’t wish manvi. She replies that, before wishing manvi she has to give her a gift. She keeps the Tiffin there and leaves. Viren is left thinking.

Manvi is sitting on the couch When the bell rings. She thinks it’s jeevika and goes happily to open the door. It’s viren. He wishes her. She asks him to come inside. He looks inside. She says virat had gone out. Viren enters inside. He apologises to her for not celebrating her birthday, the way they should do it. He wishes her and hugs her. Virat is coming towards the house. Manvi tells viren that they can compensate this years birthday celebration in the coming years he says sorry to her because of the fight between the two brothers you sisters are made to suffer. She says she can’t stand any more distances from jeevika. Virat opens the door and sees manvi taking some cloth from the cupboard. He scolds her and asks her to rest. She heaves a sigh of relief.

Jeevika goes to sb and tells her that they have to go to temple for lord shiv’s jagratha. Sb asks her about the preparations. She replies that all is ready. She had called pandit and asked him to do preparations for abhishek also. She asks sb to get ready and leaves to tell others.

All are at the temple. Vanshika asks for prasad and milk. Jeevika replies that she forgot it at home. They can’t start the pooja without that. Jeevika says they ‘ll call up manvi and ask her to bring it. But chachi says her hand is fractured. So she says we’ll ask virat. Viren reminds jeevika about the current situation between them. But vanshika says it’s k. And calls up virat. And asks him to bring the stuffs they forgot. As they can’t start the pooja without that. Virat says he’ll bring it and cuts the call. Chachi asks he agreed so easily. Vanshika says after all he’s my son. Manvi asks virat about the call. She’s happy hearing what he said and asks him whether they are going. He replies they can’t say no to mom.

In the temple jeevika apologises to god for saying a lie and knowingly leaving the prasad and milk at home. But it’s all for manvi. Virman reaches temple in an auto. Virat asks manvi to take the things up. Manvi says it’ll be really weird If you don’t come after coming till here. But he still doesn’t come. She says you are like amitabh bachan in deewar. No one can make you understand. Manvi takes it to the temple. Sisters looks happily at each other. Vanshika asks whether she came alone. She replies that virat is standing at the stairs. Jeevika thinks to herself. Sorry mannu. I wished to bring everyone together on your birthday. But i couldn’t do it. Viren leaves from there. Sb says they have to start the pooja as they are getting late. But she can’t find viren.

Viren goes to virat and asks him to come up. He says. You are angry with me right. Not with god. Then why don’t you come up. Virat replies they can’t be together at any place. May it be mandir or home. Viren asks him not to make the two sisters suffer in their fight. All this was jeevika’s plan to bring everyone together on manvi’s birthday. So atleast come up for manvi’s sake. Viren reaches the temple. And calls out jeevika. All turn back. Viren moves and they see virat coming up. All are really happy to see him. The sisters smile looking at each other.

Precap: Virat tells Jeevika. Bhabhi, you said such a big lie using mandir as an excuse. I always found you both very near to me. But today please don’t try to bring me back. I had gone really far from you people. Viren is watching them.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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