Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 7th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 7th January 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 7th January 2013 Written Update


Episode starts from where it left off on Friday. Vanshika is telling the foursome about Swamini’s birthday, and Maanvi immediately says they need to throw her a party. Virat refutes the idea, saying that Swamini is still depressed about Karan, and this is not a good time for them to throw her a party. Viren says that the party would cheer her up, and they all should do something for it, since it is Swamini’s birthday, which is a huge occasion. Virat still insists that guests would upset Swamini, and not cheer her up.


Badi Beeji, Beeji and Pinky are sitting in the living room, worried about Dabboo. Badi Beeji suggests that he would have probably gone off to Chandigarh to visit Maanvi. Beeji calls Maanvi to ask if she has heard from Dabboo, to which she replies that she hasn’t. She then reassures Beeji by saying he’s probably fooling around somewhere with his friends or Summi. Call ends, but Beeji isn’t convinced.


Maanvi leaves the room, muttering angrily to herself about Dabboo and his carelessness. She bumps into Jeevika and tells her about Dabboo, who is immediately worried for him. Maanvi reassures her by telling her the same thing what she told Beeji. Jeevika is glad to see Maanvi’s smile, to which she replies that Virat is free and her sister is proven innocent, and she has no worries in the world. She then tells Jeevika that they need to plan and do something for Swamini such that her heart goes garden-garden. (Reference to the song Dill Garden Garden Ho Gaya) Both the sisters think, and Maanvi comes up with an idea. Both go off to find Viren and Virat.

Both find their respective husbands near the stairs. Maanvi shouts out loud that she has an idea to cheer up Swamini. Virat asks her to lower her volume, else Bua will come and burst their bubble. Maanvi then says she wants to surprise Swamini, and wants some happy memories of Bua. She asks Viren where can she find Bua’s old albums, to which he asks her to take it from Bua’s room after taking permission. Maanvi tells Viren that he needs to take Swamini out of the house for a while, so that they can decorate the house behind her. All agree to the plan.

Virat, Jeevika and Maanvi are forcing Viren to go and talk to Swamini, and he’s clearly flustered. He enters the room, and after hesitating a bit, he asks Swamini if she’d like to go to the mandir with him. She replies that she’d been to the mandir yesterday, and he can carry on. He is about to walk out when the three of them (who’re eavesdropping at the door) signal to him that he needs to carry on with the distraction. He then tells Swamini that he has a holiday, and since its been a while since they spent time together, he wanted to take her shopping. Swamini agrees, and the three squeal “YES!” from the door, promptly after which they hide. Swamini looks at the door in surprise, and Viren covers up, saying that it was probably Shlok watching something on the TV. He asks Swamini to go get ready, and he runs out of the room, taking the three with them.

When Swamini and Viren reach downstairs, Virat, Vanshika, Jeevika and Maanvi run to them in a line, and start telling them things they need from the market. Maanvi asks him to buy a list, Jeevika and Vanshika ask for some nice gift and Virat asks for dumbells (LOL!), and Swamini is surprised to see them standing in a line. On expressing her surprise, all make some lame excuse and Viren drags Swamini out. As they leave, Viren rushes back to tell them not to overact, to which all push him out. Vanshika leaves to cook, Virat decides he’ll do the decorations and music. Jeevika says that Swamini likes ghazals, to which Maanvi is surprised and expresses displeasure. Virat and Jeevika convince her otherwise, and Jeevika says she’s going to bake a cake. Maanvi realises she has no work, and she decides that she wants to bake a cake for Swamini. Jeevika and Virat are shocked, and try to dissuade her from baking, but this only infuriates her further. She then says its now about her pride and reputation, and storms off towards the kitchen.

In the kitchen, it is clear that Maanvi can’t cook or bake to save her life. Jeevika and Virat are spying on her antics from the kitchen door, as they see her add random amounts of flour and sugar to a bowl. Virat whines, saying that Maanvi can’t make a vegetable, how is she gonna bake? They look in fear as Maanvi adds stuff to her batter, and is clearly screwing up the cake. Jeevika says that she has an idea, and whispers something in Virat’s ear. He disappears, and soon calls out to Maanvi. Maanvi goes over to him in the living room, where he asks her if he should use the blue lights on the wall or window. At the same time, Jeevika goes in and fixes the cake batter, and comes out. She then signals to Virat that her work is done, who had been distracting Maanvi with stupid questions all this while. He leaves her, and Maanvi goes back in and is surprised to see how the batter looks normal. She then puts the batter into the oven, and to ensure it bakes really fast, she sets the oven to the highest temperature, and begins to stare at it. Virat and Jeevika, who are spying on Maanvi once again, are shocked, and come up with another plan. Virat goes in and pulls Maanvi into a side hug, and tries to romance her. Maanvi is annoyed at his feeble and lame attempts at romance, and exclaims how he has retarded timing. He snores when it is the right time to romance and comes in the middle of the kitchen to play around. To this, Virat sings “Dill Toh Bachcha Hai Jee”. All this while, Jeevika comes in and resets the temperature and other knobs and leaves. On realising that Jeevika has left, Virat too leaves Maanvi alone. Maanvi wonders about Virat’s weird behaviour, and brushes it off, delighting in her cake.

All this while, Viren and Swamini are in the mall. Viren seems rather jumpy and is constantly checking the phone and dragging Swamini off to various shops to buy stuff that he doesn’t even need. He takes her to a jewelry shop, and on the pretense of buying Jeevika a necklace, makes Swamini pick one and try it on, and proceeds to buy it. He then persuades her to have a coffee with him, and drags her into a caf. But unfortunately for everyone, she parcels the coffee.

Back in the Vadhera Mansion, Virat, Maanvi and Jeevika are sneaking into Swamini’s room. Virat comments on how they are literally entering into a lioness’ den, to which Maanvi assures him that they’ll be out of the room before Swamini returns. Maanvi instructs the others to move in certain directions and hunt for the album. All move in different directions and are looking for the album, some are looking in really stupid places. Viren calls Jeevika and tells her that he can’t stop Bua anymore, and he’s returning back. All are shocked and resume hunting.

Viren and Swamini return, and Kadambari and Vanshika meet them in the living room. All try to dissuade Swamini from entering her room, but she is tired and wants to rest. At the same time, Virat drops a vase, and both the sisters run to fix it. Jeevika and Virat want to leave, but Maanvi is adamant to continue hunting for the album for a little while more. Viren, Kadambari and Vanshika are offering her different types of confections to make her stay down and not notice the threesome in her room, but to no avail. At the same time, Maanvi announces that she found the album. The three are about to leave, but turn and find a livid Swamini at the door, with Viren, Vanshika and Kadambari behind her. She questions the three as to why are they in her room. Viren tries to placate Swamini and cover up, but she doesn’t want to listen. Episode ends.

Precap: Swamini realises that Viren took her out to distract her, so that the others could search her room. She is hurt and angry, and asks him to leave her alone.!

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