Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 12th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 12th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 12th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
jeevika is really worried, and says i will not let anything happen to you. Manvi is in emergency. Jeevika is so sad. Viren comes to the hospital, jeevika hugs him. He consoles saying everything will be okay. Jeevika says i am going to manvi, you go to pa.. Mr. Chaudhary. Viren calls virat and tells him about manvi’s accident. Virat says i’ve reached bombay i’ll be in chandigarh soon. Jeevika asks doctor if everything is okay. Doctor needs to consult her doctor. She says to jeevika that she should be careful in this situation her pregnancy is so subtle.
Jeevika says why didn’t you inform me about your pregnancy issues? She says i didn’t wanna make you worried. Jeevika hugs her and tell her that everything is okay.

Manvi asks how is papa? Jeevika asks her to lay down. He is okay. Manvi says how cunning are you. He played with his life to save me. It was better is he had d.. Jeevika stps her. Manvi says don’t worry he doesn’t have much time. Jeevika begs her to tell whats wrong with him. Manvi tell her that his one kidney failed three years ago and now other is being infected. He is breathing his lasts. Still you won’t forgive him.

Scene 2
Jeevika goes and asks him? He says she must be lying. Jeevika says please tell me truth. He says whatever manvi has said, Jeevika hugs him says papa. They are both in tears. Monty asks her to pardon him, that because of him her childhood ruined. They both cleared everything.

Scene 3
Virat comes into MAnvi’s room and hugs her. He says i know everything about your accident and complications. Beeji and everyone comes in. Manvi says i am safe because of papa i wish i could save him too. Everyone asks whats wrong with him?

Scene 4
Beeji goes and hugs Beeji. Everyone’s sentiments are heightened. He says i am punished because of my deeds. Beeji says i will die if anything happens to you. He says when i had life i left my family and now when i ahave my family i have no life. All i can do is being sad. Doctor comes in and says you don’t have to be worried anymore. You kidney donor request has been accepted. We have got a kidney donor for you. Manvi says you will always stay with us now. They are all in tears but of joy.Both jeevika and manvi hug him

Scene 5
Jeevika says tha i am going to Mandir to thank for successful operation of papa. I wil take virat with me. Manvi says i will go as well. Everyone says you can’t go in this condition, Manvi says i can even run in olympics in this condition. She says i will take care of di as well. They all leave and a smile spreads on Vanshika’s face.

Scene 4
Vidhi says that jeevika has asked me to get you the break fast. Vidhi falls from the stairs they all carry her to the hospital. Viren calls Jeevika and asks her to come to the hospital.
Vidhi has been admitted, doctor comes out and tells viren that we can save anyone of them either baby or mother. Jeevika listens this on the phone.

Scene 5
Manvi asks jeevika what has happened. Virat asks what has happened. Jeevika asks Viren to save vidhi. Vidhi asks doctor to save the baby. Manvi starts feeling the pain too. Se starts screaming. Viren is on the call too. Viren asks wha is happening to manvi. Jeevika tells them that manvi is feeling pain too.
Viren gives the phone to doctor. Doctor asks them to take the child immediately out. They says we are out of the city and there are no hospitals in the vicinity. Doctor says there is only one way you have to deliver the child there. You have no other option. Manvi says i have my faith in you i don’t wanna lose my child.

Precap-The song, ‘Patiyala Pag’ is turned up and Virman and Virika are putting up some good moves

Update Credit to: Atiba

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