Ek Hasina Thi 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dev asking Durga about Payal and showing her the cake he made for her birthday. Durga says I don’t know any Payal. Dev says I saw you at the cake shop taking the same cake and with Payal’s name, and reminds her the cake combination. He asks her to tell the truth and not fool him. He says you misguided me and left, I really want to know where is Payal, tell me. He says I want to meet Payal and I will meet her. He says tell me, shall we go to meet Payal now. Durga is shocked and looks at him.

She says sorry, but why do you think I will answer you. He stops her and says please, I need to know why are you hiding her from me, its important for me to meet Payal, tell me please. Durga says fine Dev, I brought Payal froma transit camp, my NGO adopted her, she is mentally ill. Dev says what? He says how is she now, I have to meet her, please take me to her. She says no, it can’t be possible. He asks why. She says because of Shaurya. He says what. She says yes, Shaurya, Payal was better but the day she saw Shaurya, she went back in pain. She tells him that Shaurya and his friends have raped her, I just know she lost her case and I have to hear her side of story, till then I can’t do anything, but why do you want to meet her.

Dev says as I worry for her and Nitya. He says I have to find Nitya. He asks do you know about her. She says Nitya is dead. Dev is shocked. She says I m sure you got all the answers. Dev says what are you thinking, Shaurya’s allegations were true. She says ut does not matter, what do you think about this case. Dev says this is no an answer. Dayal comes and says Dev is right. Dayal asks Durga to answer Dev. Dayal says we respect the court’s verdict and we care about Payal and we respect Goenkas.

Dayal asks Durga to treat Dev well. Dev thinks Durga is hiding something but till when, no one can stop him from finding Payal and Nitya. He leaves. Durga says now we have to shift Payal. Dayal says are you ready for Shaurya’s meeting. Durga smiles and says I have to come. Durga says how can I let him away from me, I have to know whats in his mind. She says Shaurya has to be with me like my shadow.

Shaurya sees Durga’spics and whistles. Sakshi comes to him and says Thakurs are coming, the team is waiting, share your presentation with them, why did you call the meeting. Shaurya says relax, the presentation will be done. She asks how, you have to present design, not show your face. She sees the design on his tablet. She smiles being impressed. She says I m worried since morning, I know you are prepared but you don’t have any practical experience. Shaurya says trust me, Durga will be shocked.

Sakshi says I don’t want this, you don’t have to impress Durga. Shaurya says but she is coming. Sakshi says and Dayal too. Shaurya says he is not coming and comes to know Durga has come. Sakshi says I want this for you, a new beginning, you got a chance to succeed. He says trust me mum, you will be proud of me.

Durga meets Sakshi and says sorry dad could not come for meeting, as he had an urgent case at the hospital. Sakshi says its ok. She asks Shaurya to start the presentation. Durga says I m very excited, all the best. Shaurya starts the presentation and everyone laugh seeing it. He shows some girl’s oics. Sakshi is shocked and thinks how embarrassing. She shows the pics to Shaurya and he is shocked. Shaurya says sorry, there was virus in my computer, this is the design. He gives the presentation well.

Durga signs Akash and asks how did Shaurya manage this. Akash signs don’t know. Shaurya says if Durga likes the designs, they will start the foundation. Durga says I really liked it. Sakshi says I m proud of Shaurya and talks to Akash. Durga thinks what game is Shaurya playing and why is he behaving like this. Sakshi sees Durga staring at Shaurya.

Shaurya ignores Durga and she asks him to talk to him. They leave. Sakshi thinks it looks I have many surprises ahead. Durga thanks Shaurya and asks what is the matter, are you upset with me. He says no. She says I feel you are going away from me. He says we should keep our relation professional. He says I have strong feeling for you in my heart which I need to understand, so its better we stay apart. She says but we can be friends. Shaurya thinks my plan is working, its right strategy. He says no, we are not friends and have only work in between us. He says Dev asked me your number, maybe he will call you.

She says Dev came to meet me at my home. He says what, anyway you liked my designs, thanks. She leaves. Shaurya thinks what does Dev want, why did he meet Durga, even mum dad are not managing him. Sakshi calls Shaurya. He comes to meet her. She says what did Durga say and why did you go with her. He says I m not a kid, I came to know Dev went to meet her at her home. Sakshi is shocked. He says this is not a good news. He leaves. Sakshi says Durga is playing a dangerous game, first Shaurya and now Dev, what does she want.

Durga shows Sagarika her dad Ganguly with Nandini. Sagarika is shocked. Durga says Sagarika can’t forgive her dad so easily.

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