Ek Hasina Thi 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Durga apologizing for playing piano and tells incharge lady that she was just passing by. Akash and Durga leave. Dev meets Mohanty and says he did a mistake, he knows everything, he has invited them intentionally that night for dinner. Mohanty says he was just doing the best for a Goenka. He asks Dev to sit. Dev asks for juice and Mohanty goes out to get it. Dev takes his phone and keeps another one. He says he has important meeting and has to leave. He says I will have juice next time. Mohanty says I will send it to your office, and asks about deal. Dev says its conformed and leaves. He sees Inspector Mukherjee’s number in that and sees the message. He says his doubt was right and messages him, that he is tensed, if anyone knows, then what about me. Dev waits for the message. He thinks he is sure Shaurya has set the dinner plan.

Inspector Mukherjee calls him, and says don’t worry, Shaurya is with us and he will save us, don’t call or message me again. Dev gets angry and comes back to Mohanty. He says actually, my phone got exchanged with yours. He takes his phone back, and calls Durga to inform. He leaves from the hotel. Durga and Akash are at Thakur’s house. She asks him to take TT injection. He says yes, I did it to stop that lady, its good you placed some other tape there, Sakshi will not know it, and we will make more copies. She says she is tensed, as she knows whats in this tape.

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Rajnath talks to Arnav and they argue. Arnav says Rajnat has done a crime and its bad thing. Rajnath argues as Arnav calls him a murderer. Rajnath says it was an accident, if the workers died, so what, the Goenka industry can’t be shut. Arnav asks him to give compensation to workers family and accept his crime, else he will expose him. Rajnath asks is this his last decision. Arnav says yes, my ethics don’t permit to be quiet. Rajnath says you did not leave any choice for me and aims gun. He says I m sorry and Dev is just 2 years, everything will change. Arnav says he regrets he is his brother. Rajnath says whoever comes in between my dream, I will kill him. Rajnath says he has to take the business high, and I will take good care of Suchitra and Dev. Arnav says no. Rajnath shoots at his heart and Arnav falls. Dev sees the video too standing far and is shocked to see Rajnath killing his dad.

He leaves and it makes some sound. Durga turns and asks what is it. She sees the vase fallen. She asks Kaka who was here. Kaka says Dev came, what happened. She says nothing. Akash says Dev….. Durga says Akash and runs out. Dev leaves in his car. Durga and Akash try to stop him. Durga says he will go to Rajnath. Akash says he is very angry, he will not leave Rajnath, we have to go. She says you can’t come, and leaves alone. Dev recalls Arnav’s murder. Durga asks Dev to listen to her. Dev asks her to move from his way, he has always respected Rajnath and he has killed my father. She asks him to think about his mum. He asks what do you mean. She says come with me, and takes him to talk.

She says what will Suchitra go through knowing this. Dev says what can I do now, and cries. He says Rajnath has killed my dad. Durga says the truth will be out and they all will go to jail, they will be ruined. Dev says they ruined Payal and Nitya’s lives by this power, and many more, not now I m with you and Nitya, I m with you in this war against Goenkas. Durga says its our fight. Dev says I will ruin Rajnath Goenka. Durga says very soon, they will be ruined.

Sakshi and Rajnath talk to media about Basu and support him in elections. Durga says the media conference will have a big issue, which they did not think till now, their power will be ruined and they will just regret for their crimes. Dev is shocked. Rajnath talks to media and talks in Basu’s favor and praises him a lot. He proposes Girish Basu as a candidate for their party, and everyone clap. Basu also talks to media. Durga, Akash and Dev see this live news on tv. Durga says now their time is over. Basu says he wants to tell something, and if possible, forgive me. He says I m taking back my name from the election nomination. He requests them to announce anyone else’s name.

Rajnath and Sakshi argue. Shaurya says now they are old and can’t do anything, he will play the game now and says I m incharge now. He stands up, shocking then.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. i will mis this seiriel realy…wow!! suprb episod.gd luck devga:-\hei guys can u tell me how many days to end EHT??

  2. hi telly friends…~I hav fail 2 come through this word”GONNA” that u used as i m a cls-5 student.plz tell me whats d meaning?

    1. Cruel Intensions

      “Going to”

  3. thanks

  4. Brilliant episodes. Really enjoying the serial…only I watch.The show is coming to the end but shouldn’t could have done a lot more. Create shows like Ek Hasina Thi. Thanks.

  5. poor episode

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