Ek Hasina Thi 7th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Shaurya waiting for truck driver’s call. He asks Karan why did the confirmation call not come till now. The inspector gets a call and says I think it happened. He talks on the call and says what. Shaurya and Karan smile. He ends the call and says Shaurya that Dev is alive, the accident happened but the truck fell in the valley, the driver got killed and Dev and Gautam are safe. Shaurya is shocked and asks how did this happen. The inspector says this news came from your home. Shaurya asks how did anyone know this, did Karan gave this, whom did you sms. Karan says are you doubting on me, how can you, fine, check my phone, maybe Dev called them.

Shaurya asks inspector to clear all evidences and nothing should link to him. Suchitra cries at home and Sakshi consoles her. Rajnath looks on. Shaurya comes home and sees Suchitra crying. He starts acting and asks what happened. She says Dev met with an accident. He says what, why did no one told me, I hope he is fine. Rajnath looks at him. Dev calls Suchitra and says he is fine, as he said he has her safety shield. He is in hospital. She says but police said you met with an accident. Dev says relax, I will come home and tell everything, I m in hospital with Gautam for first aid, he is hurt too, but we are fine, don’t worry. She says fine.

Rajnath thinks that it can’t be an accident. He talks to Dev and says I m coming to you. He asks Suchitra not to worry as he will bring Dev. He asks Shaurya to come along if he worries for Dev. Shaurya says yes dad. Rajnath and Shaurya are on the way. Rajnath thinks Shaurya’s anger on Dev and wanted to kill him being jealous seeing him with Durga. He asks Shaurya did he make Dev’s accident happen. He says I m your father, I understand seeing your face, tell me the truth. Shaurya refuses and says I did not do anything. Shaurya thinks Dev you have to die.

Dev and Gautam think who is trying to kill them. Dev says the one who does not want me to reach the truth. Dev reasons and thinks Shaurya or his friends can do this. Rajnath and Shaurya come to meet Dev. Rajnath asks is he fine. Dev says yes. Shaurya also does some sweet acting of concern. Rajnath asks how did this happen. Gautam was telling Rajnath but Dev changes the story. Dev says the truck driver died and fell into the valley. Rajnath says I did not understand. Dev says I had blessings of my family. The doctor comes and says Dev is fine and can go home.

Rajnath thanks him and asks Dev to come home. Shaurya looks at Dev and says everyone at home is worried, its good he is not hurt, we were afraid. Dev says I feel it was not an accident, but a planned attack. Someone tried to kill me, till I m not sure, lets not tell to family. Shaurya asks who will kill you and why. Dev says even I want to find out. Shaurya thinks next time you won’t be saved. Durga and RTI files, you became my enemy by going after them.

Akash informs Durga that Dev is fine. She says thank God, if anything happened to him then, he is Suchitra’s life. Akash says Dev was with Gautam going to Bhishnupur. She says Payal is in farmhouse in that area, was Dev going there, how will he know. Sakshi thinks what was Gautam doing with Dev, is this connected to Payal’s case. Dayal says its fine now, Payal is fine. Durga says its strange, Gautam and Dev together, first they took RTI files. Sakshi says what is it what I m not seeing. Durga says there is something I can’t understand, what is it.

Inspector Mukherjee comes to Sakshi and she scolds him to work for her. She asks about Dev’s accident, how did this happen, find out everything. He thinks about Shaurya’s words and is tensed. He lies to her that it was an unfortunate accident. She says shut up, I want to know as it involved a Goenka. He says the driver was highly drunk. She says why did they go Bhishnupur, what is there. He says I did not take their statements, Rajnath took them. She says Gautam might be connected to someone, any witness for Payal’s rape case.

Shaurya comes home and sees Mukherjee’s jeep. Mukherjee talks to Sakshi and says what, was this accident planned, do you doubt anyone. Shaurya comes in and says she is sure that I did this accident, even if Dev coughs, its my hand in it, dad asked me did I do this accident, even my mum is asking this. He says I was with Karan at that time. Sakshi says I did not blame you and did not ask for any explanation, so please stop this drama and don’t seek attention. She asks Mukherjee to find out all answers and come on time. He sees Shaurya smiling and thinks Shaurya paid him a lot. He leaves. Shaurya goes to his room.

Dev and Durga come to the accident site. She asks what is he finding. He shows her Nitya’s pendant. She is shocked.

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  1. so cute precap I am very sure durgaa will know the truth

  2. hmmm shaurya bach gaya aur yo vi paise ki wajase 😐 precap is great I just hope durga ab dev ko samaj payegi 🙂 aur yo vi pendent ki wajase 😀

  3. what is meant by pendant

    1. A pendant is a necklace that is kind of long

  4. 🙁 sorry its pendant :p spelling mistake 🙂

  5. What a awsome epi !!!

  6. So intresting story . But make it fast to reveal dev’s truth

  7. it execllent going on now till eposide i,m wait wat happen gonna shourya..

  8. Nice episode

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