Ek Hasina Thi 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hasina Thi 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sakshi and Rajnath coming to the room. He asks why did you do this, w could have used Shaurya as everyone thinks he is dead. She says I did not do this to use Shaurya, but to end Durga’s agenda, I m happy Shaurya is listening to us without any discussion, its good he went to New Zealand far from this problems. Sakshi calls Shaurya asks did he reach airport. Shaurya changes his look and lies to her. He says he will call after passing security check. He ends call and says he forgot to say his little diversion. He tracks Durga by the GPS tracker in her car, and he will reach Payal by her. He says without killing Payal and saying bye to Durga, I can’t go, sorry mum, I have to do this. He waits for Durga to leave from her home. Akash calls Durga and asks her to come, as Payal is waiting.

Durga says I m coming. Dev insists he wants to come along. They leave. Shaurya waits for her. He starts following Durga. Shaurya messages Sakshi that he has checked in. Dev and Durga reach the hideout. Shaurya reaches there too. He thinks whose car is this one, your every secret will be out, I will know your truth today. Durga hugs Payal and asks her not to cry, as this is their victory, Shaurya is dead. Shaurya looks on and sees Payal. He sees Akash and gets angry thinking he will kill him too. Akash says I think we should shift Payal. Durga says no, we can’t take her. Akash says why, Shaurya is dead. Durga says but Sakshi is alive and very angry, she can do anything, we can’t take chance with Payal, we have to be careful.

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Dev says I totally agree with her, till this war ends, Payal is safe here. Shaurya thinks yes, you started the fight and I will end this. Rishi says don’t worry, I think Payal is safe here. Shaurya is shocked seeing Rishi and thinks he is here with them, being my friend, but you were also there in Payal’s rape, how did she forgive you. He recalls that night. He thinks now I get it, unless Rishi was in our plan, but not a part of rape, you have made her run away that night. He thinks we would have killed her that day, I will not leave you Rishi. Akash says fine, I will stay here with Rishi, you all go home. Durga thanks him and asks Rishi to take care of Payal.

Durga and Dev leave. Shaurya leaves and makes a sound. Akash goes to see who is outside. Payal worries. Rishi calms her. Rishi goes to see Akash and is shocked seeing him stabbed. Shaurya says he is dead….. Rishi is shocked seeing Shaurya alive. Shaurya smiles and says he is dead. Shaurya aims gun at him and says you cheated me as friend. Rishi says you always used friends, you killed Tarun. Shaurya says yes, I killed Tarun to show I m dead, its your turn now. He shoots at Rishi and whistles. Payal gets tensed hearing the whistle.

Shaurya comes to her and she starts crying. She says don’t touch me. He says sit, relax, how are you Payal Mitra. Payal shouts for Durga, Akash and Rishi, help. Shaurya says no use to call dead people, they won’t come back. He says its just you and me here. She says don’t come close to me. He says give me a hug. Payal calls for help. He smiles and shouts help along with her. Payal says let me go. He says you are not my type of girl, what happened two years before was a stupid bet, what was the need for Nitya to say no, does she have status to reject Shaurya Goenka, don’t you think I m good looking, hot and handsome, she rejected me and gave me lecture.

He says she has slapped me. He says he was angry and he got his anger on her. He says Nitya slapped me and you got the punishment, me, Karan, Tarun and Rishi have raped you, no Rishi did not touch you, he has made you run right? Sakshi and Rajnath meet the lawyer and she says Durga should be arrested till morning, this DNA report is enough for showing she is fraud, put Daya’s murder charges on her, as she got the benefit. Rajnath says also charge that she has killed real Durga, and when Dayal came to know this, she has killed him. The lawyer says DNA report is strong report and we can get her arrested. Sakshi gets glad. She thinks she will ruin Durga and even Nitya will come outside, Shaurya will start his new life and Durga will see her end.

Shaurya scares Payal. She shouts for help. He asks her to shout. Payal slaps him and says now you can’t even imagine your state. He is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Love this show, i am so happy after reading this

    This show will always be remembered as the best of all!

  2. Hit like if you think Ek Haseena Thi is the best show of Star Plus! 😀

  3. seriously the best show ever.. and this was really a dreadful episode before the victory! whoever has written this story really needs to be saluted! mastermind

  4. nice episode
    good job amena for that much fast update.
    I think Shaurya has been trapped in durga’s plan.
    hope nothing happen to aakash and rishi

  5. I’m going to miss this show very much….

  6. Wat a system of getting justice???
    how many lives will be sacrificed 2 get justice 4 payal!!!
    cmn in dis in addn to payal lot of them r their 2 get justice
    why akash died why ???
    dis is nt done
    Dr.dayal died akash died rishi died bt when the trio wil die???

  7. Me too!!!
    hope akash n rishi r alive
    and dat shaurya get trapped in devga’s plan

  8. Abay kamina aapna comment aapna pas rakh shala sixer durgasakshi shut up your mouth aapna aukat me rah

  9. Gonna miss this show….and I wanted happy ending and apparently there is sad ending

  10. It’s a trap for shaitaan shaurya…. it means akash not dead… very good… claps ….. claps

  11. EHT is such a super duper serial.The best serial i ever seen.Yeh serial ne toh viewers ki dil jeet liya

  12. hopes akash and rishi died ……..and shaurya win once again
    love u shaurya
    u rock…

  13. shaurya u are out

  14. Well done payel..

  15. Are u mad ananya? U are taking the side of a maderer. If I had a chance to write the last part , I would give him 4 time death.

  16. Thanx 4update.

  17. Thanx 2amena 4fast update.going to miss EHT team all.superb epi

  18. Going to miss devga,sakshi,rajnath,shaurya,suchita,nitya,payal,kangana,akash and entire EHT family

  19. Wat a b*t*h u r ananya..

  20. sut up ananya…u r a stupid,fool..!!!hat u.u ara taking the side of murderer,repist??so why u see this seriel?don’t u khow the morel f dis seriel???

  21. super payal.going to EHT family so much.

    1. going to miss EHT family so much.

  22. Superb!!
    Shaurya)the actor playing him today was in his element – the perfect blend of evil and insanity. My mom says she was scared of Shaurya. He’s too evil!
    And when he killed akash- I was so sad I couldn’t watch. Then I came on here and I do think it’s a trap and akash and rishi will both be alive!!
    And sakshi putting one up on Durga with the DNA charges. Really good move. It’s going to the last moment. Who will win?? What fighters, albeit dirty, the goenkas are!
    Too sad to see it end. But Durga had to win and dev, akash and Payal and rishi be ok

  23. super move durga trapping them in their own master plan………payal slap that idiot once more

  24. Mukesh Paswan

    kitna accha chal raha tha programme ki buaryie ki haar aur acchahiye ki jeet durga sab se badal le rahi thi ki sab kuch katma ho gaya aaksh aur rishi ka murder ho gaya. ab dev durga kya karege aur payal bhi shaurya ke haath aa gayi.

  25. i will miss this show…………….

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