Ek Hasina Thi 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hasina Thi 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sakshi hiring a ward boy to make Payal unconscious and get her out, and bribes him. She thinks once she gets Payal, Durga’s mask will be removed. The ward boy goes to Payal and sees just pillows in her bed. He tells Sakshi that Payal is not here. She asks what, did he check well, did she shift in any other ward. He says no, I saw her one hour before. She scolds him and asks him to get out. She thinks did Durga shift Payal somewhere else, why, she was crying for Dayal’s death since two days, when did she shift Payal. That idiot Rajnath became Akram and made me busy, I lost Payal and don’t know how real Akram came, and Dev is also after us now. Dev is upset and sees his and Arnav’s pic. She tells Durga that he was just 2 years old when his dad died. He says the day I get the culprits punished, he will feel proud of me. She says yes, the day is not far now.

Dev says yes, as Rajnath, Sakshi and Shaurya have done much crimes. He says he will have happiness and sadness too. Durga asks why sadness. He says you will go after this story ends, afterall our marriage is a deal. Durga says yes Dev, its just a deal. Dev says you are my only friend after Nitya. She cries. He says I m unlucky by birth, that whom I get close, they leave me. Durga gets a call and is shocked and says she will tell Dev. She says she can’t tell him, as he is already worried for his dad’s death. Durga and doctor see the CCTV footage of the hospital. She asks how can she go anywhere, the police won’t find her, if she gets any attack again, then. The doctor says don’t worry. Durga says I know who did this and why, I will bring her back at any cost. She leaves.

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Sakshi asks Mukherjee to find Payal. Durga comes to Sakshi. Sakshi calls her mannerless and what happened that she came in her room without knock. Durga asks Sakshi about Payal and asks did she kidnap Payal, and there is no need to use Payal, she is in bad state. Shaurya hears them talking. Sakshi thinks it means Payal is not with Durga, if she is sure Payal is with me, why shall I not end this game here. She says Durga she is right, Payal is with me. She says she has hurt her, and she has to do a deal, give me Nitya and I will give you Payal. Shaurya leaves. Durga is shocked hearing Nitya’s name.

Sakshi says I know your story that you are not Durga Thakur. She asks why did he Dayal help a driver’s daughter and I don’t know whats your relation with him, but I would like to know this from Nitya. She asks Durga not to give any explanation, as she has done DNA of her and Dayal, and the result is there is no relation between them. Durga says yes, he was not my father, he was more than a father. Sakshi says please explain me this, tell me whom are you choosing, Nitya or Payal. She says I feel Nitya will also like to keep Payal safe, ask her once and then give me Nitya.

Sakshi comes to Shaurya and he asks did he kidnap Payal. She says you felt I got old and weak. He says I have to learn a lot from you, and tells her that he has done Payal’s kidnap. She is shocked. Shaurya tells her how he planned this. The FB shows Shaurya talking to his friend. He says Rishi is my best friend, he told us that our past will catch up with us one day. He says its happening because of two people, Durga and Nitya. He says Nitya is alive and only Durga knows where is she. She says Durga is after Goenkas, and we have to teach them a lesson.

Rishi asks whats this madness now. Shaurya says I will not leave them, I will fulfill my incomplete bet with them, it will happen when I have their weakness, Payal. He asks Tarun to go to rehab centre and kidnap Payal, and bring her to his farmhouse. Tarun agrees and they celebrate. Shaurya smiles and asks Sakshi did she trust him now. He calls Tarun to make her talk to Payal. Tarun says there is a problem here. He says Payal is not here, she is missing. Shaurya says what and scolds him. He asks if we don’t have her, then where is she.

Durga cries and tells Dev that someone kidnapped Payal. Payal wakes up and sees someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank you so much for fast update.

  2. i think rajnath has kidnapped payal. i hope nothing happens her.thanx 4 d update amena.

  3. Oh no…. payal missing…. shaurya u r going to pay for all crimes u did…. wait for u r punishment…

  4. i think payal will b fine now and has made a plan by herself.. cuz everyone has a plan in this serial.. only payal ledt now

  5. Dnt worry…payal wil b saved bt dev……. ..!!!!!

  6. Durga!

  7. Hai friends. Nothing happens to Payal. That boy Rishi is the one who keeps Payal away from the idiots. I hope Rishi will be the life partner of Payal. let us wait and watch what is going to happen.

    1. You think a rapist to be Payal’s life partner! I don’t think a rapist can ever change.

      1. I don’t remember Rishi tried to rape Payal.

  8. it can be akash too. may be it is rishi or raj. waiting 4 tomorrows episode.

  9. Rishi had actually helped payal to escape once when she was assaulted by shaurya n his frnds

  10. Make raima comeout of coma so dat we cn gt her scenes too!!!
    Dev,durga,akash save payal first den take ur revenge from goenkas
    b’coz she is da target for goenkas nw.

  11. Yup definitely akash hav dn dis(saved payal)!!!
    waiting 4 tomorrow!!!

  12. If it is Akash,Payal will remain safe.But durga should’ve been informed then.waiting for tomorrow too.

  13. its rishi who gona save payal

  14. Raima is going to remain in coma cause she is busy in the other serial on sony!!!! Serial is going to end payal will b safe there is no time for her to b ill and then ok before the end….. some bad things hav to happen to durga also then she will retaliate

  15. I too think its rishi
    earlier episode he had cme in hospital to payal but saw baba’s news n went away
    If u guys remember dat nite when payal was assaulted the scene reviles rishi cmg out n telling mein andar gaya toh dekha payal bhag gayi thi
    he only helped her to escape

  16. Rishi what are you up to?
    Just let payal go! She had enough from you guys :@

  17. gud epsod

  18. Guys chill dont confuse yourselves its rishi for sure and as we all know he has saved her from shaurya and his evil deeds not completely but yes he is a good guy I hope!

  19. This show ends dec. 22
    Probably Rishi

  20. i think rishi is kidnapped a payal

  21. Looks like it will be rishi
    But would be good if it’s akash or Durga

  22. i think rishi has saved payal.he has also saved payal from the kill attempt of shuarya (after he raped with payal).Rishi who are u?i think u are a good person.

  23. i think rishi has saved payal.he has also saved payal from the kill attempt of shuarya (after he raped with payal).Rishi who are u?i think u are a good person. i think Rishi has not raped with payal.

  24. i think he oves payal thats why he is helping her

  25. i think he loves payal that why he is helping payal all the time
    but if he is helping why did she charge the case against him also

  26. How do u think show will end. Will anyone of Goenkas will be killed? Or just jail sentence. ..

  27. LET’S WAIT

  28. the show is gonna end??? 🙁

  29. yes the show is end on 20th december

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