Ek Ghar Banaunga 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 6th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone liking the house. Shashikant tells Sharma that they liked the house. Poonam says we will break this house and make a new one. Akash says its easy. Sharma says lets talk about the deal, give us the deposit. Prabhunath says you have to wait for the money, we have to sell the Lucknow house. Sharma says I need money, give me Rs. 10 lakhs. Shashikant says I will give it, you can return me later. Prabhunath says fine with us. Shashikant hugs Prabhunath and says congrats for a new house. Everyone are happy. Someone is watching them.

Kanno is thinking about the haunted house. Jai says the deal is done. Kanno asks what are you looking for. He says cheque book, dad is paying the token money. Kanno says why should we pay for it. He says don’t get worried, they will return our money after selling their house. Kanno thinks of seeing that house. Kanno gets some idea and smiles.

Its night, Kanno goes to visit the haunted house. She says I don’t know what I have to do to shoo them away, what should I do to become the queen of the house. She enters the house opening the gate. She chants the Gayatri mantras. She is scared and steps inside. She says I have to come in this ghostly house because of Poonam’s parents. A chair falls and Kanno is afraid. She falls and shouts for help seeing something. She comes running inside her house saying save me. She hugs Jai. Everyone come out in the hall. Mangla asks what happened.

Kanno says I saw a ghost. Dadi asks Poonam to bring water for Kanno. Kanno says it was very big with long hair, long nail. The ghost was coming to me. She is much scared and cries saying he will kill me. Jai says calm down, nothing will happen to you. Poonam gives water to Kanno. Kanno says the ghost was following me. Akash asks why did you go there at night. Kanno says I was trying to sleep, but went to kitchen to get water, then I heard someone calling me. She tells a fake story.

Its morning, Mangla does aarti at her home. Shashikant says you are being scared too like Kanno. Mangla says forget to buy that haunted house. Someone comes to meet Shashikant. Shashikant asks Poonam can we start the work at the house. Poonam agrees. Shashikant asks the man to start the work. He says lets go there and see the plot. Kanno is afraid. Akash says that will be good, lets go. Kanno says no, its dangerous to go there. Jai says I think Kanno is right. Shashikant does not listen to them. Mangla tries to stop Shashikant. Shashikant says I want to meet that ghost who have scared Kanno. Mangla unwillingly goes with Shashikant.

Everyone come to the haunted house. Kanno also comes with Mangla and everyone. Shashikant tells Kanno see its such a good place, can anyone see ghost here, its only your imagination. Mangla asks Kanno are you acting. Kanno says no way. The men go to see upstairs. Mangla and Kanno are left. Kanno scares Mangla and says i m sure they are around us and listening to our talk. Mangla says don’t scare me, stop your nonsense. Something falls and Kanno runs away. Mangla laughs on Kanno. Mangla thinks of going upstairs and catch up everyone but she is stopped by some ugly hand.

Mangla shouts and says leave me. Kanno comes back and asks are you fine, I told you there is some ghost here. Everyone come back and asks what happened. Mangla says I saw a ghost. Everyone are shocked. Everyone come back home. Poonam does not believe Mangla. Mangla scolds Poonam. Mangla says I heard some crying sounds there, I saw a ugly hand. It was supernatural. I have decided that your parents won’t leave there. Poonam says ghosts does not exist, its just imagination. Mangla says trust me. Mangla asks Akash to trust her. She asks Akash to explain Poonam why is she risking her parent’s life. Akash says we can’t take this lightly. Akash is under doubt and says there is something fishy there.

He says I m not saying there is a ghost but something else. Poonam says Akash, even you now. Mangla says Akash knows me and that I m telling the truth. Akash says it happened with two people, two people felt something wrong there, I don’t think we should buy that house now. Poonam is shocked.


Poonam talks to Akash and they have an argument. Akash says you are wrong today Poonam.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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