Ek Ghar Banaunga 5th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 5th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 5th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with the bank manager insulting Prabhunath. Poonam says what are you saying, talk with respect. Akash asks them to leave from his house. Poonam asks what did they do, tell me. Akash says we will talk later, go from here. They don’t listen to anyone and says we were looking for them. Poonam asks why. Prabhunath and Vandana are tensed. The bank manager tells the whole truth to her that your house is being auctioned. Poonam is shocked. Mangla and Mama smile. Everyone are shocked and looks at each other.

Poonam can’t believe this and looks stunned. The bank manager says your dad took loan from us and did not pay anything back. He says he took a big loan, and when we asked the money back, he asked for some time and we gave him time to arrange money, but

he left the city and did not inform us. Prabhunath tells them about his accident. The bank manager does not believe this and says whats all this, a big party and decorations, you should be ashamed. Prabhunath says this is not the truth.

The bank manager says Akash knew everything and still supported him. Poonam says this is not true and asks Akash and says my parents can’t hide this from me, tell me Akash. Akash is silent. The bank officials insult them further. Kanno looks at them angrily.

The bank manager says we know that Poonam do not know anything, we were coming to catch you but we got a call from Poonam so we came here. They laugh on Prabhunath not living in Akash’s house and hiding from them. Someone comes for Poonam saying she needs to buy property there. The bank officials say first pay the loan before buying a new property. Akash says stop it. The bank manager says she is their daughter, she is Poonam. He says I advice you not to get with them, as they are bank defaulter. The property agent leaves taunting them. Akash looks at him with anger. Poonam is ashamed.

Mangla and Mama are very happy seeing their plan work. The bank manager says people call you a cheater in the bank. Poonam says enough. She supports her parents and says don’t dare to tell anything against him. Akash asks them to leave. The bank manager does not listen to him and they have a heated argument. He says I need a sign from him. Akash says he won’t sign on any paper, but Prabhunath says I will do it. Poonam looks at him.

Akash says but…. Prabhunath says don’t stop me now, I have to sign it today, the house is not ours now. Prabhunath signs on the papers though Akash tries to stop him. Poonam is shocked and cries. Prabhunath apologizes to them. They say we will inform you to come and wish him happy anniversary. Akash gets angry seeing the bank manager smile. They leave. Prabhunath says Poonam…. She moves back and cries. She looks at Akash and leaves.

Akash and Prabhunath go after her. Mangla and Mama smile. Kanno looks at them and thinks it was their plan. Kanno is shocked. Poonam runs to her room and closes the door. Akash comes after her and tries to talk to her. Everyone come to her asking her to open the door. Vandana asks Akash to do something. Poonam thinks of the bank officials who came to their house before her marriage. She thinks how much her parents lied to her. She cries. Everyone asks her to open the door. Poonam gets up wiping her tears and opens the door. Everyone look at her.

Prabhunath says Poonam…. She says no, don’t call me anything, you have hidden this from me as I m your daughter, not your son. She says you thought of me as a weak person and did not tell me. She says Papa, if this was the matter, then why did you tell me that son and daughter are alike. She says you are partial towards me. Mangla smiles. Poonam says I m no one to anyone, I m not your daughter and not Akash’s wife. Akash looks at her. Mama smiles. Akash and her parents try to talk to her. Poonam says if you valued me, you would have not done this.

She says why did you do this, why. Its a big thing and you did not tell me. Prabhunath says I did not want you to worry. Poonam says worry, why not, don’t you trust me. She says how can you think I can’t face all this. She says what does it mean that you taught me. She is annoyed with them and Akash. Akash looks down. Poonam says you made me a stranger by not telling me, why did you do this with me. Akash says Poonam, its not like that. Poonam says enough… She says you don’t tell anything now, you have hurt me, you knew everything but you kept me in darkness, cheated me and lied to me always. I will never forgive you for this. Akash looks at her.

Poonam says you three have cheated me, you have killed me, I will never forgive you all. Poonam says tell me Papa, give me the answer why you did this. Dadi speaks up and says is this the way to talk to your parents. Kanno says she is right, they have fooled all of us. She says when we went to Lucknow, they took us to their home by back entry, lied to us and are having fun here with us in our house, they are shameless people. Poona is upset.

Prabhunath says Akash supported us and you. He always helped us and also by money.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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