Ek Ghar Banaunga 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 24th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shashikant and Prabhunath having an argument while everyone looks on. Mangla cries. Poonam says its not my parent’s mistake, please try to understand, they did not do this purposely. Mangla says enough, we are ruined now. Gawtham laughs. Akash looks on. Gawtham says are you looking Poona, your parents are crying and your in laws are ruined. He says look at Akash, he is supporting his helpless sister and I know whenever she recollects this day, she will faint like this. He says I m glad, you better have a happy married life. Akash gets angry. Poonam stares at Gawtham. Akash gets up and bears Gawtham while he was leaving. Bhima, Lallan and Neel are shocked.

Gawtham and Akash have a fight while no one stops them. Gawtham’s family stops Akash

and Akash’s family also gets into the fight. The women are tensed seeing the fight. jai beats Neel. Akash is about to kill Gawtham, Poonam stops everyone. Prathna says who are you to stop my brother Akash. Everyone are shocked seeing that finally Prathna spoke up.

Prathna blames Poonam for everything. Poonam’s family is stunned. Prathna cries and Poonam is shocked to see how much she changed in a single day. Shashikant and Mangla hears this. Gawtham smiles seeing the cat fight. Poonam says I always thought of you as my friend, I wanted you to be happy. She says how can you think that I wish pain for you. Prathna says I did this marriage trusting you but it was my mistake. Prathna says you are responsible for all this. Poonam cries. Akash says Prathna, I can understand what you are going through but it is not Poonam’s mistake. He says we can’t call her guilty. Its someone’s else mistake. Prathna says you are saying this, after all this. Prathna says you are supporting her, being my brother. Prathna says see, Akash is favoring you, its my mistake, you are my family’s enemy. She says I could not see your true face.

Poonam tells Gawtham that remember no one will forgive you after all this. Gawtham gets up and laughs bring wounded. He says don’t worry about me, think about yourself. He says you will have only suffering and insults throughout your life. Gawtham laughs and leaves with his family. Everyone looks on. Poonam says I won’t let Prathna’s life ruin like this, the Lord will punish you. Gawtham laughs. They leave. Prathna asks Akash to tell Poonam not to act. She gets angry on Poonam. She says my marriage turned into sadness, now what else Poonam wants to do. Prathna says you are not good for our family. Kanno smiles. She blames Poonam for everything that happened in this family. She asks did you come in this house for this, why do I have to pay for your deeds.

Prathna says did I do anything with anyone, then why did this happen. Poonam tries to talk to her. Prathna is hurt and says I don’t want to hear anything. Prathna breaks down. Akash says Prathna, calm down. Mangla asks her to have some strength. Prathna cries. Mangla and Akash consoles her. Akash says I m there, I will make everything right. Shashikant scolds Akash and says you are responsible for all this, not Poonam. You married Poonam and we have to see this day because of you. Akash says dad….. Shashikant says I always agreed with you, you always spoke in Poonam’s favour, I trusted you both for Prathna’s life and see what did you both do. Poonam cries.

Shashikant says I have dreamed about Prathna’s marriage that everything will be perfect and gift her happiness. He says everything got ruined Akash. He cries. Dadi consoles him and he hugs her. Everyone are crying. Dadi says everything will be fine. Shashikant says what will happen with Prathna now, she has died and she is living as a dead woman. jai asks him to calm down as he is seeing him cry for the first time. Prabhunath goes to Mangla and Prathna. He asks Prathna not to misunderstand Poonam. He says she could not think ill about you. He says its my mistake that I selected Gawtham for her. He says its not Poonam’s mistake, she wants you to be happy always. Prathna cries. He blames himself for everything that happened today. He says punish me whatever you want, but not blame Poonam. Mangla gets angry and says this is the limit, enough. You are not ashamed, go and die somewhere. Kanno smiles. Mangla cries.

Poonam says why did this happen. Mangla throws Poonam out of the house. Prabhunath says leave my daughter.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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