Ek Ghar Banaunga 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 16th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash thinking about Poonam while he is going back home from the ashram. Everyone greet the sage in the ashram by lying on the ground. Whereas Poonam greets him only by folding her hands and doing Namaste. The sage gets angry seeing her. Parulben says when I met her, I knew it that she does not have values. Pinky says if I can do this, why can’t you. People ask don’t you respect the sage. Poonam says I respect him as he is elder, but I don’t have to show him, it can be proved by some other way too, I believe respect is done by heart, not by showing it to others. The sage says you are right, even the books have this. He says the heart should have respect and blesses her. Everyone looks at Poonam.

The sage looks at other participants and says

I heard some bad comments about Pinky and Parulben. He says I heard that you have a problem with Ambika. Parulben and Pinky deny it. The sage says you should have good feelings for each other, we selected her as she is from different background and people don’t expect such people to be good. He asks everyone to go to their room and have rest and they will intimate them the process when the time comes. The sage says his lines and prays.

Vandana finishes her work at home and sits for a while. Kannp sees her tired and says she is still fine after all the work. She says I have to do something to get rid of her and make her run away, have to plan something so that I don’t get caught. She says there is still one work to massage oil to Dadi. She smiles making some plan. Parulben taunts Poonam for getting the praise from the sage. Parulben argues with other women. Poonam looks at her. Pinky taunts Parulben and says I m going to open as ashram like this one, but some people don’t have any aim.

Ambika says I want to do something for the women in jail. Everyone tell their profile and have a talk. Poonam says I want to save my parent’s house form the bank by winning in this contest. Parulben says look at me, I m going to win as I care for others. Kanno breaks the oil bottle and the oil leaks. She says its truely said that oil is a useful thing, even to break bones and make people fall. Parulben tells them her story. A donkey comes in the hall and all the women panic.

The women are shocked to see the donkey and run away. They say someone take this out and scream aloud. Poonam says calm down, can’t you see the donkey is getting afraid. Parulben says even we are afraid, what do you want we should do his puja. They think maybe the sage has sent this so that he wants to see how we care for this donkey. Poonam looks on. Kanno comes to Vandana and asks how are you, you might be tired. She talks to her sweetly and says will you bring the oil bottle from my room. Vandana says fine and goes.

Kanno says now she sill slip from the oil on the floor. The women think the sage has sent the donkey. Parulben turns sweet to the donkey and respects it. Poonam is shocked to see everyone and says enough. Vandana is bringing oil bottle from Kanno’s room while the oil is dropping down. Kanno is happy. Vandana is coming downstairs. She comes and gives the bottle to Kanno. Kanno says I have some work, will you massage Dadi’s feet by oil. Vandana agrees. Mangla and Mama are coming downstairs. Kanno gets afraid thinking if Mangla falls, she will not leave me. Mama slips on the stairs and Mangla is shocked. Kanno and Vandana run to him.

Poonam says the donkey is afraid, move away. Parulben asks whats your problem. Poonam says I don’t have to compete here as no one cares about the animal. Mama says I m feeling pain. Mangla says who did this. Kanno says sorry, I did not know that Vandana hates us this much. Vandana says what are you saying. Kanno says you have made the oil fall, are you blind who can’t see the oil dropping. Mangla scolds Kanno. Kanno says I m getting the scold because of Vandana. Mangla says its fine, I can understand my brother’s pain, leave us alone for some time. Vandana gets sad and leaves with the oil bottle. Kanno smiles.

Mangla scolds Kanno for breaking the oil bottle. Kanno says I did this to hurt her, not Mama. Mangla says be careful from next time and make some plan that is harmful for them, not us. Parulben pushes Poonam and says we will take care of the donkey. They start taunting Poonam. Parulben says what do you think, the sage will praise you again, it won’t happen as I m here. She says you can’t rule over us. Poonam says enough is enough, now I won’t let you trouble the donkey. The sage comes and hears them fighting. The women says we are respecting the donkey which you have sent. The sage says I have not sent this donkey. Parulben says Poonam is stopping us from taking care of this donkey. The women are shocked. They ask who has sent it then. A man comes and says I did. Everyone look at him.

Akash tells a man that Poonam has taken part in the competition is the ashram. The man says I used to work in the ashram, its not good, go fast and bring your wife back.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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