Ek Ghar Banaunga 14th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 14th June 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 14th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with the guests talking that they are getting good arrangements in the coaching centre. Chandru becomes a dancer. The guests leave Prabhunath’s house. They say someone is dancing there and we want to enjoy it. Gawtham’s uncle is shocked. Akash smiles. Gawtham’s uncle also leaves saying thanks, as everyone left, I will also leave. Prabhunath aks Akash what have you done that they all left. Poonam calls Prabhunath and they hear that Deepak is coming. Kiran asks Deepak to talk to Prabhunath. Deepak tells him that I m coming, and don’t worry about anything. Prabhunath is very happy.

Prabhunath tells everyone that the guests left from here, and everyone said they want in coachin centre. Gawtham is shocked to see his dad and asks his mum what is this.

He says what are you wearing. Gawtham’s dad says the guests told me to look like a man living in city. Gawtham scolds his dad. His dad says he brought the costume on rent. Gawtham says come with me to market today, I will buy new clothes for you. His uncle comes and sees his brother. He says you are looking a hero. He says Gawtham did not like it. He asks what is the news about Prabhunath’s house. He says no, our plan failed. The guests left the house, all because of Akash. He says Akash hired a dancer and a person for massage, so the guests went to the coaching centre.

He says only two days are left for marriage. Gawtham’s mum says do something that Gawtham gets irritated on them. He says we will go to Prabhunath. Poonam is thinking, and Kiran comes to her. She asks her what happened. Poonam says I m not feeling well. I m worried. Kiran says this happens with every girl. Poonam says I m thinking about my parents. They will be alone after my marriage. She says Deepak is coming, will you take them with you to America. Kiran is speechless. Kiran says sorry Poonam, we cannot take them with us. She says I did not want to tell you but.. We are helpless, Deepak is going through a bad phase, he wants to start the business. He has no work on hand, Kiran cries. She asks now you tell, how can you take them there. They will be hurt seeing us. Kiran says there is no option left, so your parents have to stay in Lucknow. Poonam hugs her.

Prabhunath and Vandana are happy with Akash’s work. Gawtham’s dad and uncle come. Prabhunath welcomes them. Akash asks them about the coaching centre arrangements. He says yes its good. Akash leaves from there. They say they have a request, Prabhunath asks what. They ask them some favour, Prabhunath gets shocked. They say to do the arrangements separate for the young and the old.

Akash comes and Prabhunath tells that he will do as they say. They leave and Prabhunath goes to leave them. Poonam comes to Akash and says she has to talk to him. Akash looks at her. Poonam says these days you are being good to my dad. My dad likes you a lot and trusts you.
He feels nothing is hard as you are here. Akash says Sir ji is a good man and I like to be with him. Akash says its his duty. Poonam is quiet. He asks why are you quiet, you wanted to tell me something right. She says you do everything for us, and always help us. How would papa deal with everything if you were not there.

Akash says they have given me so much love. Poonam says no one do like this for anyone. Poonam says you knew it that the guests were troubling us, and you made it easy for us. She thanks him. She says as papa is comfortable with you, I feel you could have been from Lucknow, as you can meet him often. She says after my marriage, my parents will be alone. She looks at Prabhunath. Akash says you don’t worry, whenever I come Lucknow, I will meet your parents. He says I have seen much world, but did not see anyone worrying about her parents this much. Poonam cries and leaves. Prabhunath comes to Akash, Akash tells him that you are very lucky that you got a daughter like Poonam.

Kannu asks the guest are you seeing someone for Tara. Kannu says we are seeing girls for my Devar Akash. Kannu praises Akash.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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