Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 27th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman wants to know Shravan’s feelings

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 27th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shravan saying I m busy. Suman says fine, we will talk tomorrow. She thinks to find out if Shravan still has feelings for me, if his answer is yes, what will I tell Vikram, its imp to know the truth. She goes home. She says shall I wait till tomorrow or ask him today. She waits for him. She sits writing her diary and recalls Shravan. She writes we were sure of our feelings at some time, today I m sure that my feelings didn’t change, but if you…. She sleeps there in the lawn. Shravan comes home and sees her sleeping. He smiles. He covers her with a blanket. He clicks her pic and smiles. He thinks what do you want to tell me, maybe you are saying it by your try, I m not understanding it, what I feel for you, I can’t stop those feelings, the feelings are getting high, I will go from here before you know, its getting tough to control these feelings. He says my Sumo….

Its morning, Suman wakes up and sees the blanket. She thinks did Shravan…. She goes to see him. She says where did you go, I will clear everything today. Veer asks will this get fine. Shravan says yes. Kanchan says mum, come fast, Sophie is calling us. Beena says Sophie arranged a parlour lady for us. Ramesh says you always look good. Suman comes. Veer says I will also come. Kanchan asks will you get make up. Shravan says let them go, I will make you ready. They go. Suman asks Shravan, did you come to lawn at night. He says yes, you said you want to talk to me. She says yes, I was waiting there and fell asleep. He asks her to say what is it.

He says actually, leave it, maybe I had to understand it, I understood. She thinks you can’t imagine what I want to ask. Beena calls her. She says I will tell you later. She goes. Everyone gets ready. Avni asks Sophie to get ready and come. Sophie says you go, I will just come. Avni says come soon, you are bride’s best friend. Sophie thinks I had a reason that Shravan will hug me, but he won’t compliment me now. Shravan makes Veer ready. Ramesh compliments Veer. Veer says I have to become a pilot, not groom. Shravan says such a handsome pilot. Ramesh says Suman’s marriage talk is happening, I wish happiness comes in this house also. Shravan says I will also wish the same. Ramesh says thanks, we shall go now. He goes to get Veer.

Vikram meets Shravan and asks where is Sophie. Shravan says yes, you go and see. Vikram asks why would I find her, you will go, see if my Suman isn’t here, then I would go, I would not send you or someone. Shravan says yes, right, I will check and come. He goes. Suman turns to see him. Shravan comes to Sophie and asks what happened, are you fine. She says yes, why. He says we can do this work later. She doesn’t listen and does her work. He says I need to talk to you, its your best friend Rupali’s marriage, why are you here. She says its imp. He says you have to be with Rupali also, tell me, what’s the matter. She says I have done wedding planning, I will go then, I m feeling little bit sad. He says its not the entire truth, you are upset because of me, we had a good vibe, so we became best friends, it wasn’t serious between us, we had put our hearts and took risk where we lost. Suman thinks its right time to talk to Shravan, I will see what he answers. She goes.

Suman says I m taking this case back. Shravan asks really. She says yes. He asks why. Suman says because….

Update Credit to: Amena

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