Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 24th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman’s Master Plan

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 24th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vijay feels guilty for insulting Devraj and thinks he should speak to him. Ramesh gives pain balm to Damroo and asks him to give it to Devraj. Vijay asks why? Ramesh says Suman told to make some pain balm for Devraj also. Suman signals Damroo who says he should get some for Shravan also as Daddu punctured his bike and made him change tyre. Suman says Daddu did right by throwing Shravan out of house as doesn’t deserve group studies as he is going to US and parks bike in their parking place. Vijay says so what boy should clear his 12th std and what Daddu did was wrong. He says he himself will visit Devraj and apologize him. Kanchan provokes Daddu to send Suman along as Shravan may manipulate truth. Daddu asks Suman to accompany Vijay.

At Shravan’s home, Devraj repeatedly calls Shravan to come for breakfast and tell what happened in yesterday’s colonel Vijay’s class. Shravan hiding in bathroom waits for Suman to come and hopes she doesn’t break her promise. Avni comes and asks what did he eat that he is in bathroom since an hour and asks to come out soon. Devraj tells family he himself will go and call Shravan. Shravan walks to dining table. Devraj asks him to explain now what he learned in colonel’s class yesterday. Shravan lies and demonstrates trust exercise with chachu. He eagerly waits for Suman. Doorbell rings and he rushes to door, but sees courier boy instead and returns sadly. Door bell rings again, Jhumri opens door. Vijay with Suman walks in and greets everyone. He tells Devraj that he came to apologize on Daddu’s behalf and reveals how Daddu kicked Shravan out from class yesterday. Devraj gets angry on Shravan for lying and tells Vijay that Vijay and his father are great, he shouldn’t have sent his son to their house. Vijay promises to make Shravan the way Devraj likes if he sends Shravan to his class and walks away. Suman stays back to give ointment to Devraj and tells Devraj that papa always keeps his promise and asks if she can meet Shravan. Devraj nods yes. Kavita fumes that Suman is like her family, he shouldn’t have let her meet Shravan. Suman walks to Shravan and sees him spraying perfume, asks reason, he says he does it when he is stressed. She tries to convince him to attend class, but he denies. She thinks Vijay will think Devraj didn’t send Shravan and tells Shravan to come with upper shirt button open as he looks smart in it. Shravan smiles. Kavita thinks Shravan will not attend class and asks Suman what did Shravan say. She says nothing and walks away.

At Suman’s house, Anish and other friends visit for special class. Anish praises Daddu for teaching Shravan a good lesson. Daddu says he hates civilians. Suman walks in, and daddu says let us start class. She says let Shravan come as papa/Vijay wants him to attend class. She walks to her room where Kanchan asks if she convinced Shravan. Suman says she tried her best. Kanchan says they way daddu insulted him, he will not come. Suman says she lied that Shravan looks smart with first shirt button, he was smiling hearing that. Kanchan says daddu called him goon yesterday for the same reason. Suman says she told she will wait for him, so he will come. Shravan gets ready excitedly and thinks he has 1 month to spend time with Suman and teach Daddu and Anish a lesson.

Precap: Avni and Kavita stop Shravan from attending special class. Shravan says it is better to learn than mugging for exams. Daddu tells Anish that if Shravan comes, he will force him to leave within 2 days. Suman eagerly waits for Shravan.

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