Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 22nd July 2020 Written Episode Update: Shravan Gets Invitation For Group Study

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Devraj injures his hand while trying to change his car’s punctured tyre. Vijay gets concerned and asks his assistant Sanjay to get first-aid kit, but before that Devraj’s brother drags him inside home. Vijay gets a call from his officer and he cancels today’s meeting as he is late. Shravan drags Suman aside and says his idea worked, but both friends didn’t patch up. Suman warns him to first stop touching her and says they should give some space both in friendship and love. He smilingly nods yes. She warns him to maintain distance, not touch her, and stop smiling if he wants to be he friend. He continues nodding yes. At home, Kavita nurses Devraj’s wound. Brother says there were Vijay, Sanjay and Suman present, but they didn’t help Devraj. Kavita yells that Vijay is unfit to be friend. On the other side, Daadaji scolds Vijay for trying to patch up with Devraj. He yells that civilians don’t know to even fix car tyre while even Suman knows to change tyre. Kavita continues yelling that Vijay’s family don’t consider them friends. Shravan intervenes and says Vijay tried to help, she can ask Suman. Kavita says no need for that as Suman is like her family. Both Kavita and Daadaji continue to vent out their anger.

Shravan meets Bunty and informing him whole situation says Suman is always angry, how will he propose her, he just wants to be near her always. Bunty suggests him to plan something that Vijay and Devraj stay together due to some work, then even he can be with Suman always. Shravan agrees. Suman on the other side fumes that Shravan’s plan failed and he doesn’t know to fix tyre. Khanchan says he must be knowin as he is very intelligent and fit. Shravan calls him and says his plan worked perfectly. Suman says its just a coincident. He says if he proves, then he will plan next idea and explains how he fixed nail to the tyre with chewing gum and wasted Devraj’s 1 hour till Vijay left home, etc. She repeatedly asks if he knows to replace tyre. He asks not to change the topic and asks her to meet him to discuss next plan. Kanchan praises Shravan’s intelligence while Suman continues that he must be not knowing to change tyre.

Vijay changes clothes. Anjali tries to help, but he stops and says he will be habituated of her and soon he will return to cantonment. She asks him not to be sad. He says he rudely spoke to Devraj and doesn’t know to speak with people. Anjali asks him to be positive and leave it on time. He says he doesn’t know.

Shravan gets Anish’s message inviting him for group studies at Suman’s house and tells Bunty that Suman must have invited him indirectly and he will go for sure. Army school teachers visit Suman’s house with Anish and friends and inform Beena and Ramesh that since Vijay is free, he can train student. Anish and friends visit Suman’s house and start chatting. Seeing Suman’s uneasiness, Anish asks if she is missing Shravan. Suman says no, Shravn wants to study abroad and they all will join army. Shravan with Bunty and Chachu looks from balcony. Chachu sees teachers looking at them and fumes that army people are jealous of them. Shravan says they are not and says he needs to get ready and go out. Chachu asks where is he going. Shravan gets nervous. Bunty says to get books. Sravan says yes and sends Chachu down. He hurriedly gets ready and sprays perfume. Bunty asks if he is going on a date with Suman. Shravan says to attend Vijay’s class.

Vijay gets ready in uniform and tells Beena that he had already informed teachers over phone that he is busy and needs to visit cant. Beena insists him to accept their offer. Dadaji enters and he also insists him to accept as students will be well trained under best officer; he got medal with his hard work. Suman enters and says she wants to show her talent to him as he always just heard about her talent and not directly. Vijay says she knows how to convince him and says if they all feel it is right, then he will say okay and then will leave for cant. Anjali praises Suman for convincing Vijay.

Shravan tries to leave home when Devraj stops him and asks where is he going. He asks how is his injury and how is he feeling now. Devraj says his perfume smell is irritating him and asks again where is he going. He says Suman’s house for group studies as Vijay will teach them.

Precap: Bunty tells Shravan that Suman trapped him badly in a problem. Suman calls Shravan and convinces him to follow her plan this time.

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