Ek Deewana Tha 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhika loses conscious

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Ek Deewana Tha 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vyom is looking at Sharanya’s photo. One day I will also run away from this alcohol! Now I wont drink till you are mine! He empties the bottle. There will be a grand celebration that day as Sharanya will become Vyom’s. You will kill Shiv with your own hands that day! No one would be able to separate us then. Vyom’s Sharanya and Sharanya’s Vyom!

Freddy peeks at KK. KK thinks I have met someone for the first time in life who appears to be like my own, who I care for and love; who I want to protect. I wont let any problem come to Radhika. I will make her understand that we must leave the house. He hears the sound of the door clicking and goes out to check.

Radhika is looking for Mr. and Mrs. Bedi but is unable to find them. KK also tells her that he couldn’t find them too. We must leave this house right away. I cannot take this risk. I am scared for the first time in life. I am afraid to lose a loved one. I cannot lose you. I don’t know anything about the story of our last birth. I only know that I won the able to love anyone else as much as I love you. I love you and I cannot stand to lose you. Please come. She declines. I cannot leave this house. Shivani is missing. I sense some old connection with this house that I am not able to figure out. Who were my parents? Did they kill my parents? I want answers to all those questions. There is a strange feeling which has haunted me my entire life. I cannot give up. I cannot leave this house. I have to find myself. He says I know what you are going through but what I will do if something happens to you. Radhika says I don’t know all that but I know this much that I also care / worry for you. I have met a guy for the first time who cares so much about me. If you really care about me and want to help me then help me in finidng my answers. Become my strength and not my weakness. Please be by my side. he nods. This place is really scary though. You must promise to take care of yourself when I am not with you. She nods. I will look for uncle aunty now and you should look for Shivani. He tells her that he does not remember about the past birth but in this birth, he wont let anyone come between them. She smiles.

Radhika does not find Bedi’s anywhere. She decides to tell KK when she notices that the door to secret passage is open. Who opened it? She is scared to see someone there. There is not much time to tell KK so she goes inside on her own.

KK thinks how Shivani can leave the house just like that. She must have taken her phone with her.

Radhika hears a phone ringing. How can a phone be here? Where is it coming from? Shivani’s dead body is kept nearby and her phone is right next to it.

KK is trying Shivani’s number. There is something wrong for sure as she dint pick up my call!

Freddy steps out from behind the boxes. Radhika jumps in shock but he tells her not to shout. He will hear it. Come to me. She asks him who he is. He asks her if she does not remember that she used to like him. Say it! How can you forget? He holds her hand and she shouts at him to let go. He requests her not to go. I was waiting for you since all these years. She pushes him and is about to run away when Freddy shouts Sharanya! She stops dead in her tracks.

KK is worried for both Shivani and Radhika now. How did she take so much time? He goes out to check on her.

Radhika is looking at Freddy in shock. He asks her if she remembered anything. I was waiting for you since so long. She experiences some past flashes. Don’t leave us. We were all alone without you. We have been waiting for you.

KK comes to Bedi’s room looking for Radhika. Hope she is not in any danger.

Someone covers Radhika’s mouth and nose with a kerchief. She passes out. Freddy is shocked to see Vyom.

Precap: Vyom lays a trap to kill KK but he gets stabbed instead (in an attempt to save Radhika’s life).

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. i reall hope vyom mar jaye ab,par uski mout to shiv a.k.a krishh k hathon likhi hai to i guess abhi phir se wo bach jayega q k at the end krishh a.k.a shiv e vyom ko maar k apni mout ka badla lega or baaqi sab gunaahon ki saza dega but Mr.& Mrs.Rajan Bedi kidhar gaye hain??agar unko b vyom ne maar diya hai to unki bodies kidhar hain???pta ni is month k end tak ek proper ending de paayenge writers is drama ko ya ni??i just want ShivAnya a.k.a KriDhika to remember their last birth and reunite in this birth soon.

  2. I think tmrw is the last episode

    1. Last episode on June 1

  3. As per the news, edt will come back with season2. Hope they will not repeat the same. But I think the new season will be the continuation of the current one. Because as per the article the current one will have an open ending with a hidden secret which will be revealing through season 2. So I think we cannot expect a completely new story. Anyway waiting.

  4. Won’t Vyom kill Freddie now as well, I wonder?

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