Ek Deewana Tha 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vyom kills his parents?

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Ek Deewana Tha 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radhika tells KK that Shivani went with her choice. KK says he doesn’t feel like that and asks her to find the letter. She agrees.

Madhvi cries remembering Shivani and shares her sorrow with Rajan. Rajan also recalls his moments with Shivani and misses her. Madhvi asks what was her fault? Still Vyom killed her. Rajan says their upbringing hasn’t been good. They kept hiding Vyom’s crime. Suvarna was right.

KK tells Radhika that Suvarna is also missing. There might be connection between Suvarna getting disappeared and Shivani. If they find Suvarna, then maybe they will find Shivani too. She says they don’t even know anything about Suvarna. KK says they can ask around.

Madhvi says they lost their both children. Rajan says they still have 2 children more whom they have to save. KK and Radhika. They must tell past’s truth to them and Vyom’s truth as well.

They come to Radhika’s room. They hear shower and checks bathroom. They are shocked to find Shivani’s dead body there. Madhvi screams. Vyom comes and stops them from entering. Rajan asks what he did? He says he killed her and now they will have to die too. They know very well whoever comes in between his love, they have to die. Rajan reminds him that they are his parents. Vyom says he already fulfilled his duty. He saved his life 25 years ago and got Madhvi out of jail as well. He points gun at Madhvi and says first she will have to die. She called him devil and that he should have died when he was born. Madhvi says he is a devil. He asks her to shut. He then tells Rajan that they were going to expose him, right? Now they will have to die. He pulls the trigger and fires 2 shots. KK and Radhika rush to the room. They enter and see Vyom pointing gun on his forehead. Radhika asks what he’s doing. He says he’s trying to kill himself, but he is such a failure in his love that he is unable to do it. He throws gun away. Radhika runs to him and asks if he’s okay. KK asks why he is in Radhika’s room. He says he tried to kill himself in his room, Shivani’s room, but couldn’t do it. He shows as if he’s missing Shivani a lot. He takes Radhika’s hand and asks what wrong did he do? She says he didn’t do anything wrong. Sometimes situations are such. She tells him that life doesn’t end with someone leaving you, you just need to give some time. He says Shivani left him because she didn’t want to do that movie. Now he will make sure that movie becomes biggest blockbuster. But he will need their help. KK asks what kind of help? Vyom says now movie will complete without Shivani. Radhika says how that is possible? She already did half the shooting. Vyom says yes, but now they will show her as dead and reveal that she wasn’t the heroine. New heroine will be Radhika. She is shocked. She says she is not an actor. Vyom requests her saying it’s very important for him. KK also requests her for Akash and Shivani might be back hearing about this movie. Radhika agrees for Shivani. Vyom says it doesn’t matter whether Shivani is back or no. They will first shoot climax of the movie. No one would have imagined such climax. Heroine will kill the hero. KK is puzzled.

Later, Radhika tells KK why she agreed. If she does movie, then it will flop. KK says movie is not going to happen really. All this is a conspiracy, a plan. Someone locks them in their room and Shivani disappears. Only Akash was outside that time. He feels it was Rajan and Madhvi’s plan. Shivani says they were locked in room as well. He says it’s possible they got themselves locked. She asks and Akash forcing her for the movie.. what could it mean? He says he doesn’t know.. that’s why he told her to say yes for the movie. They should feel that everything is going the way they want and so, they can find out about their previous life. Who were Shiv and Sharanya? What relationship they have with them? and most importantly where did Shivani go? She says they only have that news article about Mr. Mehra.. rest is just their assumption. They don’t have any proofs. He says they can confront Rajan and Madhvi and make them accept their crime. She says it’s not a movie. He says he feels Madhvi will speak in emotions. She should talk to her. Radhika agrees to talk.

Precap: Vyom is looking at Sharanya’s photo and says she’s close to him, but not with him. He madly loves her. Radhika comes and takes the photo.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  2. Please don’t make this type of story waste of money

  3. Radhika Kapoor

    if you would have been watching the show from the start you would not say so

  4. Total rubbish and hate sharanya ,she loves the attention of both guys .Hope she dies .

  5. Spoilers say that krish and Radhika will unite but vyom will be missing .Thats the end as they will bring season 2 .just shows the writers are psycho .Willthey bring vyom back at 75 and sharanya as 25 .crazy serial and more crazy writers .

    1. It’s best not to watch anymore if that’s the case .Whats the point if bad person never dies .I strongly feel this is the most idiotic ,stupid serial with psycho writers .

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