Ek Deewana Tha 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vyom kills Shivani

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Ek Deewana Tha 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vyom says we raised you so well and even sent you to London. You are nice girl but I love Sharanyaa lot. Now you must die. She looks at him stunned. Shivani requests him not to do so but he promises to make it painless for her.

Madhvi requests Rajan to do something. He can kill Shivani. Rajan says we can leave the town with Shivani. Madhvi offers to bring her but he knows he wont understand so easily. She asks for a solution. He suggests making her smell chloroform. We will take her out from the back door. Car is parked there. Pack your bags. We must leave the house right away to save Shivani from that devil!

Vyom thanks Shivani for looking after him. He prepares an injection for himself.

Rajan picks the bags. I will keep them in the car first. No one should know about it. We will then take Shivani with us. Someone locks their room’s door from outside.

Radhika thinks to cheer up KK. She tries to go out of her room but the door is locked from outside.

Vyom is charged up for the time being. I will do makeup now. Shivani looks at the door and at the fruit knife kept on her table. She picks it up when he is getting ready and walks towards him. She is about to stab him when someone holds her hand. It is the same old guy who had held her hand that day (Freddy). Vyom tells Shivani it is impossible to kill Vyom. She is shocked to see his transformation. Vyom says I cannot die till Sharanya is mine. Btw, meet my friend Freddy the Teddy. He supported me for 25 years.

Madhvi is sure this is Vyom’s work. Rajan has a doubt on Freddy. He is doing whatever Vyom has been saying since last 25 years. Madhvi is sure they both are up to something. I am really worried. What should we do? They bang at the door.

Radhika is also shouting for help. Someone please open the door! KK hears her voice but his room’s door is also locked. He looks at the window.

Vyom tells Shivani that he was hurt that day upon his request only.

Freddy refuses to hurt Vyom but Vyom requests him to do it. Sharanya has a doubt on me and so does Shiv. Freddy is worried for his life but Vyom does not mind. You know I can do anything for Sharanya.

We share a very deep bond. Freddy says I can kill and die for you. He covers Shivani’s mouth with one hand and holds the knife in front of her neck with his other hand.

Radhika tells KK that someone has locked her in the room. He manages to come out of his room’s window. He breaks it open with his leg. He is sure Mr. and Mrs. Bedi are behind it.

Shivani remembers her moments with Vyom / Akash. Vyom slits Shivani’s throat. Blood spills on the floor. Freddy and Vyom share a hug.

Everyone comes to Shivani’s room but they only find Akash / Vyom there holding a letter in his hand. She left me. Madhvi recalls his madness for Sharanya in the past and looks at him stunned. Radhika and KK also read the letter (I want to become a star first and don’t want to marry now). Madhvi says she cannot do this. Akash / Vyom says the same. I loved her and wanted to marry her but maybe she wasn’t happy with this decision. I forced her to marry me today itself. It’s entirely my fault. Madhvi also blames him. My daughter cannot leave without telling us! She used to call us 4 times in a day from London! Where is she? You only did something to her! Rajan tells her to control herself but Madhvi demands for an answer from Vyom / Akash. Vyom / Akash hopes his mother wont ruin his plan because of her emotions.

Precap: Madhvi asks Akash / Vyom where her Shivani is. Please Vyom tell me. He walks towards the window. Freddy is standing right outside holding Shivani’s dead body.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Radhika KK ko milao

  2. Kill everyone! Rajan, madhvi, kk, radhika, and kill that producer too whatever his name is. And at last kill yourself. I hate him. ???

    1. You said it right. They are trying to finish it off on a bad note. The writers must be having a dead lock and have no idea what to do with the story or how to take it forward.

  3. I hate Freddy and vyom

  4. The way they hug(vyom and freedy) after killing shivani oh my god really that was monsterous

  5. Vyom has found somebody just as obsessive and insane as himself, maybe he and Freddy can be some gay-couple lmao I hope that since they brought back Freddy maybe we could get Mohini back fir closure, to do the final flashback for kk and radhika to complete their history

  6. Omg so Akash is Vyom? There is no double role?

  7. f**king insane

  8. hmm the game of murders has started again , atleast this time show some romance for the lovers from last birth.

  9. Poor shivani.
    Now I have only one request to the CVS. Vyom should die at the end without killing kk and radhika.
    The most awkward characters in the story is Rajan and madhavi. They themselves supported vyom for everything. They were so happy when vyom took baby shivani and said his saranya is back. And raised her for vyom. Till the day they protected vyom.. Now only vyom become devil to them.. He was not devil to them when he killed no.of people in the past. So funny. And most funny thing is what they did with suvarna..kept her 50yrs in captivity.. 25 yrs for property and 25 yrs for protecting vyom. And tortured her badly..that’s not devilish..only vyom is devil. Now packing their bags..hahaha..

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