Ek Deewana Tha 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Suvarna reveals a secret

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Ek Deewana Tha 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Akash says she wants to prove that KK does fake stunts. Sharanya’s look alike says what’s wrong in it? KK fans need to know his truth. Akash asks security to take her camera. KK gets flashbacks and asks to leave Sharanya’s look alike. He wonders what’s happening to him. Rajan and Madhvi are shocked. Shivani comes there and greets Sharanya’s look alike, Radhika. She introduces everyone to her as her school friend. Akash tells Shivani what her friend was doing. Radhika says she came to expose KK. Shivani says KK did his biggest stunt just now. He risked his life to save her. Radhika says, so.. it happens sometimes, but the truth is that he is a cheat. KK says fine, he will leave the movie then. Shivani and Akash stop him. KK says he can’t deal with random people coming to set and recording videos. Akash assures him no footage will go outside and asks Radhika to delete the footage. Every actor does this, so what’s wrong? It’s for their safety. Radhika still refuses to delete. Shivani requests her a lot. Radhika finally agrees. She was then leaving. KK thinks he can’t let her go. He feels a strong connection with her. He stops her and says she will get punished for what she’s done. His secretary just left, so she will be his secretary. Radhika refuses saying her days are not that bad yet. She is not that kind of girl who will go behind him. KK again blackmails to leave the shoot. Shivani requests her. Radhika agrees just for her. Shivani then tells her that she will stay in her house from now. Rajan and Madhvi are shocked. Akash says how she can come like that. She will have to inform her parents. Radhika says she is an orphan. Rajan and Madhvi get flashbacks and are shocked. KK says if their meeting is done, then it’s his protein time. He shows Radhika where his bag is. Radhika look at protein and says to herself, Krish Khanna, get ready.

Madhvi comes to Suvarna and slaps her asking what she did 25 years ago. Rajan comes and stops her. Someone is standing outside. Madhvi says Odhni had said where Sharanya was going to re-born. They brought Shivani from there, raised her thinking she is Sharanya, but she is not Sharanya. Suvarna laughs saying she had told her no one can stop Shiv and Sharanya from meeting. When Odhni told them where Sharanya would re-born, she knew what they would do. That is why her and Odhni did what was best for Shiv and Sharanya. In flashback, it’s shown Odhni and Suvarna exchanged babies to protect re-borned Sharanya. In present, Madhvi slaps Suvarna saying she spoiled everything. They too wanted to protect Sharanya. Suvarna tells he to do that drama in front of someone else. No one knows them better than her. Their time is up and they will pay for their bad deeds. Shiv and Sharanya are back. Madhvi is beating Suvarna and is out of control. Rajan stops her saying Shiv and Sharanya will be danger for them and Suvarna will protect them. Person who was outside is KK.

Precap: KK wonders how he made Radhika’s painting when he never met her. There is something strange in that house and Mr and Mrs. Bedi are not innocent as they look. Other hand, Rajan says Shiv is back to take revenge, but they won’t let that happen. They will have to finish Shiv before he takes revenge.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Done with it. Again the story repeating.

  2. See.. she says that Rajan madhvi and vyom will take good care of her which proves vyom is alive

    1. Yes I know…but I don’t know why Akash is having flashbacks…if he is not Vyom then he should not have that naa

      1. Maybe Akash is NOT getting flash backs… it’s the other person.. like rajan.. madavi.. suwarna krish and radhika; camera is pointed at him just to confuse viewers..

      2. Yes true …it could be that others are getting flashback…but then what about Akash feeling he had that conversation before the “6 foot 4′ “..no one was there but Shivani and Akash. Shivani can’t remember anything as now we know she has nothing to do with the last birth scene…so it had to be Akash there…

        But I agree with you that they may have a twist related to Akash…just hoping it’s a believable one

  3. Poor producer sir.. Akaash.. I feel very bad on you. I liked shivani’s please..please..please… And namik’s expressions were awesome. Attitude KK. And a major transformation from edt1 to edt2 is mature(feel like intelligent also) radhika from stupid saranya. Still the content not looking promising.. Let see.

    1. I liked sharanya…I mean her character was innocent and she easily trusted her friend…yes it came across as dumb sometimes but that’s cause we knew the fact while in the serial sharanya’s did not know

      Radhika seems more mature and smart…however the topic they choose to make her “expose” is dumb…I mean I don’t think anyone thinks action sequences in films/movies/ serials are real….as if they would actually injure anyone for a shoot..

      P.s not talking about the actors…I think all are fabulous..but story line should make sense…

      1. Yes u r right. I don’t know whether radhika is mature/intelligent practically. But look wise CVS to make a sensible radhika,I think. And I didn’t liked the character ‘saranya’ and never liked such characters in films/serials/real life .. Who believes others blindly in the name of “innocence”.

  4. Watching only for Shivik. Want more of shivik.

    1. Then please stop watching EDT because it is all about ShivAnya. Revenge part. If u looking for some herogiri of Vikram I putty u.

      1. Actually I didn’t get you. Anyways.. I will not stop watching as far as shivik is there??

    2. Yes Jeet, same here, will watch till Vikram and Shivani are there, and will keep posting what I feel about them and show, actually I posted this reply here because to a similar comment of mine, a Shivanya fan,by name David(dont know if both are same using two id’s) had replied a similar taunt to my comment under a previous episode, I know there are many sensible Shivanya fans, but a few exceptions will always be there.

      1. Vin..Your dp changed?

      2. May be a different id I used in a hurry.

  5. Story little irritating…. But I like the show bcoz of shivani and vikram

    1. Please then stop watching. We are happy to watch the on screen chemistry of Namik and Donal.

      1. Nav

        Mam who the hell are you to say someone that stop watching. First of all there is not ONLY Your so called Donal and Namik . All the characters are important. The story is incomplete without vikram( Vyom ) the villain. From my point of view vikram is the pillar with that only your so called serial is going on other wise there will be no part 2 at all . So don’t stop anyone to comment here . Its there right as we all are viewers , not just you .

  6. Oh shivani’s plz..plz…plz..plz..?
    And prateek sir …give us more of shivik …plz..plz..plz..plz..??

  7. Finally they managed to get everyone in to bedi house.

  8. Vikram and namik stolen the episode with their awesome expressions.

  9. First few episodes of season 2 did not look promising…now it seems to have picked up a bit….let’s see if it’s as good as season 1..
    Many times I feel like a season 2 spoils what season 1 had achieved…let’s hope that’s not the case with this

  10. Want more of ShiVik

  11. Only seeing for shivik

  12. Akaash Shivani

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