Ek Boond Ishq 31st December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 31st December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 31st December 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with MJ-and Taara come home together. Taara thanks MJ for coming with her. Vasu and meethi welcomed them and ask them to be a statue. Both tie around them with a thread.
Baba and FC also come there. MJ-Taara is trying to free them. FC says not to try as both of this thread and their relation are strong enough. Vasu asks them to walk together with the thread. They do so and Nimmy sees them. She reminds what RP said about MJ and decides of reminding him of his promise. She asks MJ not to forget his promise. MJ unties him and leaves Tara alone. Tara is wonders about the promise and decides to find out the Raaz and why she is always keeping an eye on MJ.
Yug watches Nandu and her mom sleep and thinks himself that it is the right time to finish his work.


calls FC and asks him about the parcel. FC informs him that he delivered the parcel. But later he wonders what was in the parcel and he suspects something wrong is going to be happening.

Yug takes out two pictures, one of Raghu Kaka and second one is of that mysterious girl. He burns some picture.

Nandu wakes up to ask some cream from yug. She comes to yug’s room and smells somthing is burning inside. But Yug somehow manages the situation and sends her away.

Taara is trying to untie her from the thread but she couldn’t. She asks MJ for help but he doesn’t pay any response. Taara is finding it hard and after a moment she was about to fall but MJ comes and saves her. He then helps her to untie the thread. Taara asks why he can’t solve his life problems as easy as unites the thread. MJ remains quite. Taara gets a call and thinks it’s her mom but no, it was from a bank offering credit card. She becomes sad as she expected a call from her mom. MJ asks her to call her mom but Taara says she already did so, but her mom is not picking up the phone. MJ asks her from when she started to lose and asks her to call again.

Aradhana is knitting the sweater for MJ. Nandu is still angry on Taara. Just then Taara calls her but Mom asks her not to call her again and not to address her as mom. She becomes sad, and then MJ comes and sees her crying.

Adi and meethi are in their bedroom and meethi talks about MJ and Taara. Adi gets angry and insults her asking whether she likes to be insulted. Meethi answers back and tells Adi that she tolerates all insults coz she loves him. Adi says he is not MJ who will listen to everything to his wife.

Taara shares her pain with MJ and tells him that her mom is still angry and not talking to her. She thinks how to relieve her mom. MJ asks her to go back with mom as this is the only solution. Taara asks what he would have done if he be in her place and if he comes to know that who he thought to be a criminal turned out be innocent. She tells him she knows the truth that he wasn’t present at the accident placeand tells him about the party photographs and flight ticket. She also tells about her meeting with Raghu kaka and his dialogue of MJ beingKaliyug kii Ram. MJ is surprised to hear all this. Taara asks how she can free herself when her innocent husband is in jail. She becomes emotional and starts crying. MJ also gets emotional. He tries to keep his hand in her shoulder to calm her but she runs away from the room.

Precap: MJ is lying with a book and he sees Tara smiling and entering the room. Suddenly someone grabbed her from back and she screams. .

Update Credit to: PrincessN

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