Ek Boond Ishq 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
tara is finding mj, she comes to shopkeeper who is kala’s man, he gives her opposite address to mj, she goes opposite side.
om calls mother, mother ask are you fine, he says yes, mother says I am coming to you, om ask why? mother says babaji told that your life is in danger, om says for god sake, I believe in science,my blood pressure, my pulse rate is all fine, he talks to mannat and says where is your common sense, how can you believe in all this rubbish, he ends the call, mannat ask driver to take back to home, mannat says I will inform babaji, she calls kala.
mj calls tara from P.C.O but tara doesn’t pick up thinking that it must be dangerous, she finds shop and goes inside, kala calls her from mj’s phone, tara takes the call and says your life is in danger, kala has trapped you, I know you wont believe me but listen to me, your life is in danger, tara comes in shop and listens the voice of kalwati, kalawati says you cant hide from me. kala is shouting tara’s name but is hiding, tara is shocked and looks here and there, she says kala is here?, she is afraid of kala, kalal comes there in the same dress which was wearing when tara saw her 1st, kalal comes from back and says I planned things but not for mj, it was for you, tara turns back and looks at kalal, they angrily looks at each other, tara ask where is mj? I wont leave you, tell me where is he, kala says I don’t hunt wounded human, how can I kill mj when his state is bad then a dead body, he doesn’t remember anything and is my dog so I wont kill him, she says mj doesn’t even remember his brother’s daughter, tara says pari.. kala says yes pari is meethi’s daughter, she says remember, I ran away with her daughter, you both had accident but I didn’t kill meethis’ child, mj was alive so I made him my puppy and start using mj and pari for my benefit, I didn’t know you were alive too, tara ask where is mj? kala says lets take a slefie, she grabs tara and tries to take her pic, she then says ok don’t let me click your pci, I will use pci pic of sia as she looks exactly like you, she say I don’t leave my enemies, she says somedays back I killed fahim too, she says my list for good work doesn’t end, tara says I will do one good work too by finishing you, kala grabs tara by her hairs and says you cant do anything as this time even mj isn’t with you, he is my puppy now, tara says the day mj gets his memory back, he will become biggest threat for you, kala says he will not get his memory ever or he gets it even then you wont be there to see that day, kala points gun at tara, tara says I have fear to be killed but I regret to be killed by you, kala says I regret to kill stupid girl like you.

Scene 2
mj is in auto, he thinks that everything is confusing, 1st laddo giving me wrong address then sia trying to stop me, something is wrong, he ask auto driver to take him back.
kala is pointing gun at tara, tara finds red powder on ground and throws it in kala’s eyes, she runs from there, vidant comes there, tara runs to him and says I came here to… my guard, he is not with me, don’t know where is he, mj comes there, tara is relieved to see him, she says I was finding you only, my life is in danger so I came here to be with you, she says I called vidant to come here, vidant says why you seem so tensed? did anyone attack you? tara thinks that she cant tell about kala, mj wont understand now, she says there was dark inside so I got afraid, vidant says ok, come I will drop you at home.
at home, om comes back, mannat tells him that sia is not at home and balli is not with her as babaji asked him to come with idol, om gets angry. om says this baba ji is stupid, I don’t like if someone interferes in our life, he says I am going to find sia, gate of house opens, tara and mj comes in with ganpati idol, they are together, kala looks at them, mother ask om to go and take ganpati idol to mandir with sia, om goes and takes idol from mj, he and tara takes idol and places it in mandir. tara looks at kala.

Scene 3
mother ask tara where was she, I was afraid for you, tara says why you worry for me, I have blessing of ganpati, nothing will happen to me. tara says to om’s mother that ganpati will set everything right, she looks at kala and says ganpati will finish evil and those who does evil deeds. mother says because of babaji, you are saved, tara ask how? mother says babaji went before you then he came home and was doing prayers for you. tara looks at kala. om says never go out without body guard, mj ask tara why she didn’t tell om about attack on her, tara says I will tell him on right time, also he wont believe me? mj ask why? tara doesn’t answer him, tara looks at kala, kala thinks that if I tell everyone here that you are tara not sia then you will be freed from this cage, no I wont let it happen, I will kill you here only, tara thinks that its my time to play game with you, you did mistake by coming back here, I wont leave you now.

PRECAP- kala says now there will be celebration in house, all will be dancing and in all this, there will be bomb blast, all will be finished.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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