Ek Boond Ishq 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 23rd September 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Tara and Thakur Jayraj having breakfast together. Tara is surprised as how there are so many people in the house yet nobody has breakfast together while back in her family, they always had meals together.

Aradhana and Tara’s brother are missing Tara and he tells her that he’s got admission in a top college in U.S.A. He says it’s all thanks to Thakur Jayraj and they should share this good news with Tara soon.

Nirmala comes at breakfast table and notices Tara’s dirty clothes. She taunts her and expects her to behave like Thakur’s daughter-in-law. Jayraj asks her not to judge people by their clothes and she asks him to tell Tara to behave properly on the reception party. She leaves and soon after Jayraj gets up to go. Tara addresses him

as ‘Thakur Saab’ and Jayraj asks her to address him just the way Mrityunjay does. She calls him ‘baba’ and seeks his blessings. When he leaves, Tara is worried about Mrityunjay’s return to the mansion.

The scene shifts to Mrityunjay’s cell in prison. He’s sketching a hanging rope when the jailer arrives and tells him that his father has arranged for his bail. Mrityunjay looks up from his sketch but doesn’t give any reaction and returns back to his work. The jailer is surprised as Mrityunjay is not happy with his freedom and wonders about the same.

Tara is checking out the mansion and she loses her way. She sees a locked door and moves forward towards it. Aditya appears and stops her. He tells her that this is Tauji’s room and corridor and because he is a ‘Brahamchari’ no woman comes near this room or even in that corridor. He leaves and Tara notices a bangle from under the door. She picks it up and wonders about why a woman’s accessory is under a Brahamchari’s door. She looks skeptical. Meethi arrives and takes her for shopping.

Kalavati is watching a wrestling match when a man arrives and shows her Mrityunjay- Tara’s wedding reception card. Kalavati isn’t very happy to see the same.

Nirmala is talking to a girl about life and polo match and says that experience is important in both. She hears a noise and comes out to find out Tara sitting on floor with shopping bags scattered all arund her. The servant says that he offered to pick up Tara’s bags but she refused to give him. Nirmala glares at Tara and asks the servant to dispose off the empty bags. Meethi arrives with more bags. Tara asks Nirmala not to throw off the bags as they could be used to store accessories, or as paintings on wall. Nirmala is furious and asks her to behave properly and not create a single mess on the reception occassion. The young girl smells something burning and they all scatter to find the reason for it.

A man asks Kalavati as how she always knows which wrestler is going to win and she says that she could see death in the loser’s eyes. She says that if he looks intently in his eyes, he could see death and defeat. She moves towards losing opponent’s unconscious body and says that if death is written in someone’s destiny, nobody can save him and death is written is Thakur Jayraj’s son and daughter-in-law’s destiny and it is inevitable.

Tara is again moving around Tauji’s room when Nirmala stops her. Tara says that she thinks that the room is on fire and they should probably break the door and do soemthing. Nirmala asks her to back off and never to come near that corridor. The episode ends.

Precap: Tara watches a shadow entering Tauji’s room in dark and decides to peep inside. She is very suspicious about it and says that there’s a puzzle in everything in the house. The scene shifts to Nirmala and Nandini at the reception where Nirmala asks her to meet Tara soon so they can go home sooner. Aditya appears in the scene behind Nandini.

Update Credit to: city_musings

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