Ek Boond Ishq 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 22nd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
tara has cut nandu’s face she says i’m sorry nandu i did it by mistake. Nandu shouts what are you saying ? It was just a leaf.Nandu leaves. Tara says what will i say to that leader and guru ji. They won’t help me now.

Scene 2
adi asks meethi where was she? She says was under that tree. He holds her hand and says you’re always near to me in my dreams but not in reality. Meethi takes he hand back. He asks what happened? I feel like you don’t wanna come closer to me. She says i just need a little time. All that has happened will talke some time. Adi feels like someone is there. I looks everywhere. Meethi says it must be some misunderstandings.

Scene 3
tara tells guru ji that she can’t ruin nandu’s face. Even i tried to. Guru ji says you can let go your dream to take vengeance from kala but can’t hurt nandu who did so bad to you. tara says what will be the difference between me and her. I can’t be an animal like her. I can’t do this. I’d prefer losing over that. mj comes and claps. Tara says why are you clapping. Guru ji says you’ve won. We wanted to see the humanity in you. We never want you to be like them. We will be with you. You have answer something. This humanity is your strength but what if it becomes your weakness. What will you do then ? Tara says if she attacks me then i’d attack her back. I am ready to fight if your leader helps me. Guru ji says we’re with you. We’re a team now. Tara says then why your leader conceals his face from me? Why this veil between partners? i wanna see your face before the next step. Tara starts heading towards mj. There kala is playing darts on the picture of dadu ji. Kala says he’s dead but still my worst enemy. He is laughing at me. Nandu says are you okay? He isn’t laughing. What are you saying. Kala says this will get you mad as well. Nandu says tara doesn’t know that she is still needed.Tara there tries to take off the veil but mj holds her hand. Guru ji says tara. Mj leaves. He’ll show you his face on right time. What if kala asks you to make his face again. Tara asks how you know that? Guru ji says we’ve to keep an eye on everything.

Scene 4
tara says he seems familiar to me, anyways i will wait for the day when he will himself make me see his face, tell me what i have to do next, guru says you have to separate nandu and kala, because kala will be weak then.
in villa, kalal is angry on nandu that she says its about six months only, he ask dadu’s pic to stare him.
tara comes back to villa, nandu ask where were you? tara says i went to mandir to ask answers of some questions, nandu ask did you get answers? tara says after thinking i got my answers, nandu ask what? tara says i was stupid to care about people who left just because of my some bitter words, i thought and respected them as family but now i will live for myself only, nandu says good that you got some sense, tara says what about your sense? nandu says if i were not in senses then i wouldnt be rudra’s wife, i am living dream life, tara says come out of dreams they are like mirror when it will break it will hurt you, nandu ask who will break it? tara says rudra. he made all property on his name and soon he will throw you out like bee from milk, you are with him in his sins but what you got nothing? you came here to get adi but what? he is with his meethi, did rudra stop adi in villa for you?she says you did so much but what you got? some jewels, kala is more clever than you, she is just using you otherwise adi would be yours but kala will not allow that to happen because she doesnt want it, your innee voice will answer you, nandu is fuming and says kalavati.. tara smiles and goes from there.

Scene 5
nand comes to kala being angry, she says what you did fro me? you did all this for yourself, you threw family out, tortured tara, made property on your name and i supported you but what you did for me? kala ohh ho i forgot to gift any jewelry from many days, we cant spend money now so take from my jewelry, she says i wand adi, she says you said that you will give him to me, kala says he is human how can i buy him, nandu says i want him in my room, kala says i cant bring them back, i threw them with difficluty ask something else, she says i am not asking to bring back them all, just bring adi here, he says what about kalvati, i came out of pink room, i roam around in whole house being kalavati but what you want that i become rudra again? i confine kala to one room only? no, adi will not come here, nandu recalls tara saying that kala use you, nandu says you only think about yourself, kala says what i can do? you gave him money did many things but he didnt come, ask something else, she says only bring adi here, kala says dont you understand, adi will not come in this house, nandu says i understood dont call me your friend now, she leaves. tara listens to all this from outside and smirks.

PRECAP- tara says to guruji that whenever your leader is around me, i feel like someone my own is with me, like i know him, like i can see his face behind mask, how this can be? guru says you will get answers, mj listens all this and smiles broadly.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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