Ek Boond Ishq 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vidant gets call from inspector from bhopal, he tells vidant that laado is family member to shikhawat family, he killed all his family, only one son mrityunjay and his wife tara got saved from his clutches, vidant says this means the girls in om’s hous eis not sia but tara.
tara shouts that i ahve come mannat again, i have comeback, i am sia, suddenly lights goes of, mannat runs to hallm, tara comes infront of her and says i am sia, i have comeback, mannat shouts that no this is not possible, i have killed sia with my hands only, i have murdered her, you cant comeback, suddenly lights come on, mj, om, vidant are standing there om comes to mannat, mannat says we were just playing, om ask did you kill my sia? did you kill her, he slaps mannat and ask her again did you kille my sia? he gives her second tight slap and ask again, she shouts that yes, i killed sia, i killed her, vidant says why did you do this, sia used to pamper you alot, mannat says yes but her fault was that she was wife of om, om snatched my love from me so i took his love away from him, i killed his sia, sia used to love him alot, om says you took revenge fro that cheap guy, mannat says i loved that guy and i was becoming mother of his child but because of you my child was killed, you are not human, you tok my happiness from me, you took my child and vaibhav away from me, mannat says do you know how i took revenge from you? i took in same manner, how you did that, sia was pregnant, you were becoming father so i killed her and her child so revenge was complete and about rajat with whom you were forcing me to marry, he was just helping sia but i filled your mind with dirt that sia and rajat have extra marital affair, flshabck shows mannat mixing tablet in om’s drink, om drinks the wone, mannat says i want to talk to you om, i dont know how to say, om says please say it, mannat says i aqm embarressed to tell you this, sia has an affair with rajat, om says what? are you sure? mannat agrees, om shouts on mannat and says you have lost your mid, she cant do this, mannat acts and says trust me they were togther and were loving each other, om ask her to shut up, mannat says this time too they are in resort room together, go and see, om says if this information becomes wrong then i will kill you, whats resort name? mannat says sunshine resort. Fb ends.
mannat says then we went to resort where rajat was with sia in room, flashback shows sia decorating resort room with rajat, she says i want to surprise om, i am becoming mother of om’s child and i want to surprise him brother, rajat says what, then why are you standing on stool, he takes sia in his arms from suddenly om comes there with mannat, mannat gets happy seeing sia in rajat’s arms, mannat cries and says to om that see what they are doing here, om comes in room, sia says we were talking about you only and you came, rajat leaves sia from his hands, om pushes rajat away and angrily looks at sia. om says to sia that i wish i would have known your truth before, i can bear disloyal person, what was less in my love, he pushes sia on bed, she holds her stomach and says to om that you are drunken, listen to me. om says to sia that you are not loyal, you didnt love me, you are shameless women, sia says what are you saying om, om is inebrited and takes vase in his hand, he breaks vase on sia’s head, sia falls on ground, mannat smirks, om also falls on ground and sleeps being inebrieted, vaibhav and mannat comes in room, viabhav checks that sia is alive, mannat says she has to get killed, she takes knife and attacks sia with that knife in her stomach, she kills sia, vaibhav is shocked and goes from there. om gets from sleep, mannat starts acting, she says what you did om? i was stopping you but you killed sia, om sees sia lying in bath of blood and is shocked, mannat says first you attacked rajat then you killed sia, om shoutws sia, he ask sia to get up, om says what did i do mannat, mannat says you are not fine, just go from here, om says i wont go leaving my sia, i will tell police that i killed sia, mannat says what are you saying? think about mother, go from here, we will say to poilce that sia ran away with rajat, she sends om away from there. fb ends.
mannat says then me and vaibhav threw sia’s body from cliff, rajat became mad and did suicide. mj curtly looks at mannat.

PRECAP- mj and tara’s picture is placed at dart board, dart is thrown at their picture and its is kalawati who did it, she comes from darkness to light and angrily looks at mj-tara’s picture.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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