Ek Boond Ishq 11th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 11th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 11th November 2013 Written Update

The episode strats with Tara coming to ts room and leaving a letter saying she left. She asks forgiveness frm him for not fulfilling her promise. But she can’t stay since her character has ben questioned. Nimmy comes to room. Tara hides. Someone calls her and she leaves. Tara decides to ask her frnds help for leaving the house.

MJ in thoughts about what he did to Tara. He gets a call. He says he will come to know the truth. Nimmy hears this
MJ’s grand dad is found. Kala is also there. He says u tried to kill kalavati but he is keeping her alive. Just like kalavati s name was disappearing ur name will also disappear.
Tara comes to ujda chaman calling for MJ but can’t find him.
She prays that she has to leave today since Tom ts is coming bak and she can never escape.

Nimmy tell tayaji that MJ is found to indore. Tayaji is worried since his dad is also there. Nimmy tells since he is in parole he will be caught since he can’t cross the border without getting arrested. Nimmy decides to call and inform police about the same

MJ comes Tara is about to hug him but stop midway. She tells about her marriage and that she wants to leave him only he can help her. MJ doesn’t say anything. She decides to leave. Nimmy calls police and inform them.

MriAra in car. Fb is shown how he decides to help her. MJ thinks he will he save her frm himself. MJ says agar life mein dost ka madat nahi kiya to kya kiya. (MJ also caught Tara’s life bug)he packs all things. She ask where is he taking her. He says he will take her somewhere safe not to her moms house since the one who is searching her can find her their. He ask whether she trust him. Tara says she trust him more than herself. He decides to leave but Tara holds him hand and take him infront of gods idol to pray. Fb ends.
MriAra in jeep. MJ gets a call asking whether he is coming to indore. He says he can’t come since a more imp work came.

Tara thanks MJ for helping her He offers her food. MJ sees police at the check post. She asks him why they have turn around but thinks the police must be after her. They turn around. He gets tea for her and gets salt for her. She says usually when people depart they have sweet but we must first people who is having salted tea and partying ways.our relationship is different frm others. He agrees saying that our relationship is different frm others.

MriAra leave the place and police comes. MJ sees this. Kala in her room thinking today MJ will go bak now who will save Tara frm death.

Tara falls asleep on MJ’s shoulder. On one side MriAra are being followed by police and other side kala is singing in joy. MriAra meet with an accident. Tara screams but MJ close her mouth. Police goes different way

Tara’s sees MJ’s wound and is sad. She ties her dupatta around his head. She ask whether he is alright. She says after what u did for me can’t I do this much for u. (EBI song in the bg)
Nimmy and others are having dinner. Meethi ask about Tara. Vasu says she and MJ is not here. They think both that they have gone out for romantic dinner. Nimmy thinks this is gonna code MJ a lot and land him in jail. MriAra car breakdown.
MJ goes to get water leaving Tara behind. Tara tells him to cone fast as she gets scared without him. He gives her a shawl and says I am always with u

Police comes searching for MJ. They see Tara and ask why she is hea. She says she came with her husband Police is searching everywhere for MJ. MJ hides. Tara ask the inspector to send a mechanic for fixing their car. They leave after finding nothing. Tara ask them who they are searching. They say they are searching for MJ and shows her the pic. Tara is shocked. Police leave. MJ comes out frm his hiding place. MriAra face to face. MJ says Tara. But before he can say anything Tara slaps him.

Precap :Tara says u have done what u had to do now see what Tara is gonna do. She touches his cheek where she slapped. MJ in speechless.

Update Credit to: Dilsha

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