Ek Boond Ishq 10th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 10th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 10th September 2013 Written Update

Tara and her mom return home. Tara attempts to have her mom listen to her but in vain. Finally after much pestering by Tara, her mom asks what should she listen to? “She I say bravo and praise you for doing such a good deed?” Tara’s mom asks. Tara replies by saying “But I didn’t steal or anything that you are being this mad at me.” Tara’s mom tells her stop and asks her why did she say yes when she had told them no. She asks her does she think that marriage is some game or something where you say yes especially to those people who I don’t think are good. Tara replies “Mom look at their house their car, I will live a wealthy life. My destiny is going to change for the better” Mom replies “For the better or for the worse only god knows. And I told you before that I believe there is something wrong with this proposal. But you didn’t listen to me and I don’t want a daughter like you understand” she says and walks away.

In comes running (What seems to be Tara’s brother) scream mom. He informs her about their stall being torn down. He turns to Tara and asks her why she didn’t tell their mom yet. Tara’s mom walks up to her and asks about the store. She tells her that she is marrying only because the store was torn apart. Tara tells her mom that eventually she would have had to get married, but this marriage will help them with all of their financial problems. Tara’s mom falls worried but Tara tells her not to worry. Tara tells her mom that after everything gets better she can come live with her and Tara puts the chunni over her head.

Scene Shift to Jail
We see all the prisoners hitting stone. One of the officers comes up to Mritunjay and tells him that Thakur sab has come to see him, but he ignores him. Mritunjay tells the cop to tell him to go back, but the cop responds that Thakur didn’t come for himself but for him. The cop tells him to meet Thakur in order to figure a way out, but Mritunjay said all options of getting out are closed. The police replies says that the Thakur is trying. Mritunjay says he has done his untam sanskar. The cop leaves and talks to Thakur. Thakur tells the cop that it is important that Mritunjay attends the wedding and because of that he will keep returning until Mritunjay agrees.

Scene Shift
Aditya and Nandini are sitting at a table and chatting. Aditya says that he missed Nandini, and Nandini replies of course I am princess and that she has many men in line for her. Nandini tells Aditya that she knows nothing about him, and he replies that love is the only thing that matters. Nandini when they are going to get married but Aditya replies talking about marriage is boring and meeting secretly is boring, Nandini disagrees with him and so Aditya finally agrees. Nandini thinks to herself that she will rule over him.

Scene Shift To Tara’s House
Tara’s brother tells her that Nandini has returned. Nandini tries to enter in secretly but Tara catches her and questions her. Nandini replies about being elder than her. Tara scolds her and mentions about herself leaving. Nandini looks at Tara confusingly. Nandini laughed it off and asked Tara where is she going. She starts talking about her prince charming dream. Tara’s brother tells Nandini that Tara isn’t joking that she is getting married to Mritunjay, who becomes shocked. Tara’s mom ask for Nandini and Tara replies to her mom that she is upstairs with her. Tara tells Nandini that she marrying for the family and not for herself. Nandini tells Tara that she will make her own destiny. Tara tells Nandini the entire situation about her mom said yes and how she had said yes to the marriage. Tara tells Nandini how the stall she was working at got torn down. Nandini became shocked and tries to asks questions, but Tara avoids the questions and tells Nandini that after marriage Thakur will fix everything. Nandini tells Tara that she has found her prince charming. The sibilings playfully fight.

Scene Shift
Tara’s mom visits thakur’s house and decides that will not let her daughter marry into the thakur’s house, but finds out he is not there and at the mandir. Tara’s mom goes to the mandir and sees Thakur and Aditya. Aditya asks Thakur why he always donates and Thakur replies it’s a tradition. Tara’s mom after seeing this believes that family is good and decides to talk to them. When she tries to talk to them they leave the mandir without noticing her.

Scene Shift
Kalyavati is painting a picture and singing. She is singing how where this girl is hiding (the girl he is painting a picture of). After finishing the painting we see that it is a painting of tara. Kalyavati shows a guy the face and tells him to find this girl and kill her.

Scene Shift to Tara’s House
Nandini sees Tara taking money and Tara tells Nandini that she will not give this money to anyone since she had earned it herself. She tells nandini she will take it with her to her in-laws. Tara’s brother comes in and tells Tara to take him with her. Tara says yes and the sibilings began to fight. Tara’s mom comes in and sees this and gets made. Tara asks her mom where she went. Tara’s mom tells Tara that she went to Thakur’s house to deny the marriage because they are middle class and how could such rich want to marry into this family. Nandini tells her mom that its simple either they are dumb or they are blind. Tara hugs her mom and tells her that you didn’t think this much when I was born. Tara’s mom replied saying you will understand when you become a mom. Someone comes to their door and rushes in telling the family to leave the house. Tara’s mom asks why. The guy tells them for money because they didn’t pay off their lone. The guy still tells them to empty the house. Tara and her mom tell them that they will pay them back but the people don’t listen and throw out all of their stuff from the house.

Precap: Tara has a dream that Kalyavati has captured her and telling her that she shouldn’t have come to the mandir. Tara wakes up from the nightmare. Tara tells her mom that she will not be able to live without them…

Update Credit to: Chandni

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