Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Pooja’s Unbridled Rage

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ranjeet decorates rose petals over ceiling fan blades to impress Rani. Rani walks in. He hides and switches on fan. Rose petals fall on Rani and she gets impressed and asks who did it. Ranjeet gets electric shock and stands shaking while Rani walks away. Kabir returns home and sees Jay angrily throwing tantrum after his girlfriend ditches him. Chanda’s drama continues. Kabir insists Jay to tell reason, but he walks away. Kabir then over phone informs Vijay that they will not work tomorrow until they hear Pooja’s decision.

Pooja reaches factory in her car. Kabir gets out of auto and down signals her. Pooja angrily reverses her car and breaks auto’s shield. Auto driver yells if she has gone mad. Pooja gets out of car and warns Kabir that she will ram car

on him like this if he ever signals her again. Kabir holds her hand and insists to pay for auto driver’s losses. Pooja denies. Chopra interferes. Kabir warns him to back off, else he will trash him royally. Chopra gets afraid. Kabir asks auto driver to apologize madam and get compensation. Driver does same. Pooja asks Chopra to pay him and leaves.

In factory, Pooja adresses workers and denies to increase their salary. Kabir finds a chance and provokes workers to go on strike. Pooja walks in and scolds Chopra for not handling his work properly and instead blaming Kabir always. Once she leaves, Ranjeet taunts Chopra. Pooja then gets a call from client that they are visiting factory to inspect work. She apologizes Chopra for scolding him and asks to somehow convince workers to get back to work. Chopra bribes peon and asks him to spread news that Kabir took bribe from Pooja.

Kabir returns home and informs family that tomorrow Pooja will lose her first contract. Suman asks not to play any ugly games. Dadaji also warns him that he is becoming like Pooja and forgot morales, factory feeds many worker families and if it is shut, they will be on road. Next morning, Kabir tries to convince workers to get back to work, but Vijay forms team and disagrees. Client visits factory. Pooja nervously walks to meet them.

Precap: Vijay alleges Kabir for taking bribe from Pooja to convince workers. Kabir asks how can he allege him when he considers him as younger brother.
Vijay says he does not consider traitors as his brother.

Update Credit to: MA

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