Ek anokhi kahani Episode 34

The episode starts with haldi .
I am dragging this function soon as i dont know about this tradisions.
So marriage day starts in durga room .
Durga is getting ready by swara and sheena.
Sheena:-wow durga dii you are looking hot dev will be in dilema today by seeing u.
Swara:-off dev jijju will stand like statue by my sisters beauty.
Durga blushes more and soon they keep goongat on her.
Dev is getting ready by rags and shaurya.
Arjun laksh and sanskar making other arrangements.
Rags:-wow my bhai is looking best.
Dev smiles at her .

Sanskar comes near laksh and says dont drag too much laksh if u keep on dragging thread will cut and u cant even find the thread again to join it.
Laksh looks at him and says i am ready to propose her i hope she will allow me to talk.
Arjun:-bhai do u remember ragini said onces that she will make him to propose if he do overaction and u are doing it now . And believe me or not she understood that you r doing overaction and now she will make u to confess.
Laksh keeps tension face and sanskar observes it and says chill bro.
Scene shifts to where rags and shaurta brings dev down to mandap.
Laksh keep on looking ar rags who is very beautifull and ties all hair back like a messybun style.
Rags watches laksh and lifts her eyebrows.
Laksh says nothing.
Dev is doing some puja now priest asked to bring durga down.
Swara and sheena are bringing durga down .

Dev lifts his head and watches her beauty and says to himself wowww.
Arjun watches sheena and says super by showing his fingers.
Sanskar slowly goes towards and stands back of swara and says in her ears .
Sanskar:-you are so so beautifull today.what the reason behind it may i know.
Swara:-no its a big screate so shhhhhh.
Dev and durga changes garland all claps .
Finally dev fills mang with sindoor and makes her wear mangalstra.
Dev searches for his shoes and sees swara forwarding her hands to dev and says give and take jijju.
Dev says oh reallt and call ragini and shaurya to give his shoes.
Shaurya says they are missing.
Dev:-i gave to one work that also u incompleted.
Rags:-no problem bhai we will search all places if we didnt find then u give them money.
All are searching and seez swara and laksh are
Taking and sanskar says.

Sanskar:-guys i think swara and laksh are in one team
Shaurya :-if we slipt them then.
Sanskar:-it will be easy for us to find.
Arjun to laksh .
Arjun:-i just helping u because u said that u will propose to my bhanhi thats why otherwise i dont want to go against my bhabhi.
Swara:-bhabhi ki chamchi.
Laksh and swara laughs .
Arjun keeps angry face.
Sheena:-so mean he is helping u people and u r saying this to him how rude.
Swara:-someone is getting angry .
Arjun:-wat ever.
Sanskar watches a basket on stair and moves toward it laksh and remaining people observes..
Sheena stops shaurya .

Arjun stops payal.
Finally swara and laksh both takes each one shoe and runs.
Rags chases laksh and sanskar chases swara.
Both goo in different ways.
Swara and sanskar reaches inside a room they are standing opposite to each other and breathing heavily.
Sanskar shows his hand to swara to give by hands swara nodes her head in no.after few seconds sanskar immediately roles on bed and goes towards swara and pins her against wall by holding both hands.they are very close to each other although they are not taking their breaths are meeting each other faces.
Sanskar:-give it.

Sanskar moves still close to each other and kisses swara they share a liplock for few minutes after that sanskar opens his eye and sees swara closed eyes he slowly moves his hand towards swara hand and he immediately takes that shoes and runs from their.
Swara opens her mouth and says cheater .

Sanskar comes back and kisses her on cheeck say i love and while running he says eveytjing is fair in love and war.
Swara laughs and she too comes out of room.
On other side.
Rags is chasing laksh.
Rags:-stop laksh .
Laksh:-no way.
Rags:-if u dont stop i will leaves from this country forever see.
Laksh immediately stops and turns inmean time rags couldnt control and dashes him .
They both felldown.
Rags kisses laksh on his chin accidently.

By this sudden kiss they both gets shock in same time happy rags is on laksh and they both are in closed room and on bed.
They both are smiling and seeing into each other eyes.
Rags and laksh compose them self and rags turns to go but laksh stops her and goes towards her who is facing her back to laksh .
Laksh slowly takes locket from his pockets and makes rags to wear.
Rags sees the locket and turns to laksh.
Laksh:-i love you ragini.i love a lot may i cant love u as your parents and brothers but i will love u as laksh .
Rags:-hugs him and says i love you laksh i love a lot untill i left to sweden i didnt realise my self that how much i love u.
Laksh and rags both hug and comes back they about to leave but laksh holds again and this time he gives dev shoe to her.
She smiles and runs from their first sanskar reaches their and later rags .
Swara and laksh comes down stairs laksh show his thumb in plan success way.
All gets happy as per ritual dev gives money to swara.
Bidaii starts.Durga and swara hugs each other and cries.Sumi and shekar are also crying.
Dev feels bad by seeing all crying.
Rags is beside shaurya and she also has tears in her eyes.
shekar says to dayal
Shekhar:-i know that u will taje care of my daughter as your own daughter but still plzz take care of her after all i have only one daughter with mind and u know another one didnot have and smiles.
All laughs at a time.
Swara gets angry and says is this time for your jokes dad and bad joke you r not feeling bad that dii is leaving us.

Shekhar:-no i mean yes but i am so hsppy and proud also because i know that durga will be more happy their also and she will live so close to us when ever i want to meet i will cone is it ok dev.
Dev:-ofcourse dad if u wont come then i will defineyly come yo uour house.
They all reach to their places and dev and durga
First night .
Shailaja makes durga ready and makes her sit in room and leaves.
Shaurya and payal went to delhi.
Rags went to hospital for shift.
Swara is watching threw photos of her and durga in her room.
Arjun and sheena meeting in balcony.
Sanskar climbing the pipe to reach swara room
Dev enters room and watches durga.
Dev sits next to her and removes dupatta from her face and cips her face and says.
Dev:-are u ok durga and when u feel free then only we will move forward and about to leave.
Durga stops him and says in this lonely time i need u most dev.
Dev sits back and kisses her on forehead and then eyes when he leans towards her and removes all her jewellary and says u can
change your dress untill then i will wait.
Sanskar,mesages swara to come open door scretely
Swara comes and takes him to room
Swara:-sanskar u r unbelivable.
Sanskar:-wat i did.
Swara:–u messaged me to open door instead of that u can climb and come up naa like they show in movies.
Sanskar:-oye madam they will do it with help of cablewires around them and here nothing is there to help me in case if i fell down i will directly go to uo.
Swara:- hits him and says dont talk like that again.
Sanskar:-if we dont talk then war we will do

Haa come we will do wat today morning we did.
Swara blushes and hits him. They both hugeach other and sees moon.
Arjun and sheena.
Sheena is resting her head on shoulder on arjun.
Sheena:-arjun on day we will also get married right.
Arjun:-ofcourse we will and that day will be our most hsppiest day.
Sheena:-thank you for coming into my life untill yesterday i thought family and my brothers love is precious but u came and realised me that your love is also precious than anything in this world i cant live without u.
Arjun:-i love u baby even i cant live wirh out u. and he rest his head on lap of sheena and she is brushing his hair and they both share eyelock.
Rags comes to hospital and goes for rounds and comes back to her cabin and finds laksh there.
Rags:-laksh wat r u doing here.

Laksh:-i just want to check my love how is doing in this boring night shift after geeting tired in her brothers marriage.
Rags:- ohh some one is becoming sweet to me.
Laksh comes forwards and rags stops him and says this is hospital laksh and here.
Laksh:-i know this is hospital and here patuents will be there and again comes firward but rags stops him and says lisen to me first.
Rags:-here every place cctv will be there so be carefull.
Laksh sits back in disaapointment.
Rags sees this and smiles.
Durga comes out by changing her dress.
Dev gets mesmerised by her beauty ad goes towards her and pins her against wall and says in ears your beauryness is increasing more in these candles and lifts her and goes near bed and makes durga sit and dwv leans towards he and kisses he on neck which makes durga to close her eyes and dev kisses on another side of neck then foreheas eye after a deep eye lock they both share their first liplock.
Light goes off and they cosumate.

I am sorry frds as i am unable to imagine or narrate romantic scenes between them .
Just tell me about my narration on romance in this ff am i good or bad

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