Ek anokhi kahani Episode 30

Episode starts with
Laksh in room standing near window and thinking about rags and their meeting and closes his eyes he senses two hands passing
from his shoulders and hugging him from back
and kisses near his ear suddenly laksh opens
his eyes and looks here and there and finds arjun standing near to him
Same think happens with rags she suddenly
opens her eyes and sees surrounding and sees
shaurya next to him and realises she is in plane and thinks when i closed my eye i always sees my family and brothers and niw i am seeing
laksh that means i love him.
Arjun comes near to laksh and says .
Arjun:-finally do u realises that u love ragini.
Laksh:-yes arjun i realised now .

Arjun:-now when r u going to propose her.
Laksh:-i will wait untill she comes back and i will definetly says to her about my feelings.
Arjun goes back to his room and call everyone.
All are in one call expect dev.
Frds guess wat says arjun.
Swara:- your bhai realised his love towards laksh .
Sanskar:-finally munieshwar got his senses.
All laughs.
Durga:-but wat he will do now.
Sheena:-wat he will do expect waiting.
Swara:-cant he tell on phone.
Sanskar:-worst idea swara.
Swara:- so mean i said that because laksh is
missing rags badly.
Sanskat:- who asked him to not say untill she left.
Sheena:-plzz he didnt expect that she will leave like this.
Durga:- now stop fighting and help to laksh.
Sheena :- mission laksh and ragini starts.

Next morning.
Rags says to shaurya.
Rags:-bhai i want to talk with u.
Shaurya:- hmm say that u love him.
They both leaves to meeting.
Dev and all meet at a jogging area.
Dev:-hi laksh hiw r u now.
Laksh:-fine and keeps question mark face.
Dev:-sees his face and asks do u want to say anything.
Durga interrupts and says.
Durga:-dev did rags called u .
Dev:-haa she reached their and they completed their first meeting also.
Durga says how much time they will take.
Dev says may be two more meeting
Swara:-that means they will come back before 10 days only jijju.
Dev:-i hope so.
Swara:-wow laksh she will come fastly dont worry.
Laksh:-i am not worrying.
Swara:-see your face in mirror once any one can say by seeing your face that your are
missing her.
Laksh:-by seeing your face i can say that u r engaged to someone and wats his name.
Sanskar:-the sanskar its me only.
They all laughs.
Dev drops swara and durga .
Dev and durga are sitting front seats.
Swara says i am lisening songs that to loudly who wants to talk can talk.i am not going to
hear anything.
Dev and durga smiles by seeing her.
Dev:- so wats up.
Durga:- u have to say .

Dev:-so no court cases.
Durga:-right now no and u might be busy ragini is also not there.
Dev:-her department is different and mine is different so i m not busy do u started shopping.
Durga:-yaa a little bit. And did aunty started.
Dev:-yaa maa started already.
They reach their home sumi welcomes them inside .
Dev take blessing from them.
Shekhar and dev are talking durga makes coffee and serves them.
After some time dev leaves durga goes near car and waves bye .
Dev comes close to durga and says in ear i love u durga and your are looking beautiful i hope our marriage day comes so soon so that i can take this beautifull lady to our home.
Durga smiles and dev leaves.
Sheena :-finally they are going to confess luvky ragini.
Arjun:-exvuse me my bhai is lucky to have rags.
Sheena:-no ragini is lucky to have laksh.
Arjun:-are u taking laksh bhai side.
Sheena:-yes any doudts and yaa ur slso taking ragini dii side .
Arjun:-she is my sweet bhabhi .
Sheena:-then laksh is my sweet bhai.
Arjun:-becarefull or else ants will form around him.
Sheena:-how mean.
Arjun stickd his tongue outside.
They both laughs.
Laksh and ragini are missing each other and in backround
Bin teri song plays.

Precap:-rags share her feeling to dev and dev gets happy to rags love interest.

  1. Ohhh atlast realization part was super

  2. show some swasan scene also

  3. Good; all positivity in the story; I like it

  4. why are u highlighting ragini in the story…. it’s nt nice… keep swara more than ragini… getting bore… only ragini in ur story

  5. superb waitng fr rag laksh proposal scene

  6. Superb

  7. i liked today all part swasan arjun sheena part n devga part
    realisation part was superb.

  8. Woww superbbb… luved it… waiting for raglak confession…

  9. Have missed many episodes,glad that I read,liked this one,very nice.

  10. Awsome ….. Thank u for two parts ….

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