Ek anokhi kahani Episode 29

Dayal calls shekhar and says marriage date that is after 15 days and if you and your family doent have any problem lets fix.
Shekhar says ok that good date we have no problem and we have to start doing
Dayal:-yes and to night come to our hone for dinner shekhar even i am calling remaining all.
Shekhar says ok.
Dayal informs to dp and raj also.
Sheena and arjun are at college canteen sheena is eating snacks and arjun is watching at her with smile.
Sheena sees him watching her and offers
snacks to him and says dont look like this juno i feel uncomfortable.
Arjun:-on that day even u watched me like this only even i felt uncomfortable so now its your
Sheena:-all are watching us.
Arjun:-they all know about our relation from day one.
Sheena:-so that doesnt mean that you will romance with me in public.
Arjun:-but i am just stairing at you and haa if you want ronance then ok and he comes
towards sheena. But sheena pushes him
Arjun gets a msg from raj and sheena frm dp and inform them to dinner party at dayal house.
Sheena:-arjun did you notice in our gang all are
paired up except laksh and rags.
Arjun:-i asked bhai but he is saying i need more time to realise my feeling towards rags so that when he realises then he will propose.
Sheena:-hmm i hope he will propose in this birth.
Arjun and sheena goes to classes.
Swara and sansky are talking in phone.
Swara:-you know my latest song was hit i sm so happy sanskar.
Sanskar:-ohhh congrates if you r happy then i
am happy.
Swara:-do u really dont know anything about music.
Sanskar:-actually i want to sing and i did once in my childhood to make sheebu sleep.
Swara:-then wat happen.
Sanskar:-she started crying continuesly even after i stopped singing and our neighbours also
requested me not to sing and after so many fan request i decided not to sing.
Swara laughs and says i mean asking sanskar about singing is like a enter at your own risk.
Sanskar:-sorry its wrong u have say.
Lisen at your own risk.

Swara:-so we r going to meet at dayal uncke house for dinner and dii marriage date is also
Sanskar:-so we are going to meet again.
Rags at hospital.
Dayal ragini talking.
Dayal:-its matter of 10 days ragini you and
shaurya have to leave to sweden and make a deal with them.
Rags:-ok dad and but why they cant arrange meeting in india.
Dayal:-we want equiments ragoo so we should go and meet them and haa shaurya is also coming so yoy both will go to night only then
only you can come back before dev marriage

Rags:-ok dad.
Dev and shailaja comes.
Shailaja:-cant our manager go and handle dayal is it compulsary to send rags and shaurya there at this time .
Dev:-but maa is one member from our family
goes and deal closely deal will complete fastly
and she will come before only so dont worry and haa shaurya will be with her right.
Shaurya:-yes badai maa dont worry when two
devil are together no one will i mean no one can
mess with them. And haa i will go and ask for ticket availabilty to night.
Dayal:-i did all arrangements shaurys u bothjust pack your bags.
Rags:-ok dad
Shailaja:-they dont even stay for dinner.
Rags:-but i will meet all naa maa .

All gathers to dayal house.
Shaurya and rags are doing packing.
Sanskar and sheena join them after their packing they keep all luggage in guest room
Swara and their family comes.
Rags hugs durga and says hii bhabhi how r u .
Durga:-fine ragini how r u.
Rags says fine and makes them sit .
Rags sits next to swara and says congo swara for your new new and new relationship status.
Swara says thank u.
Shaurya goes out to attend a call and comes back and says.
Shaurya:-badai papa ticketz are conformed and
we have to leave so i already booked cab get ready ragoo.
Dp says wat are they going out.
Dayal:-actually for our hospital we need more equipments so we requested in states they
asked us to meet them personelly.
So as dev cant go so i am sending rags and shaurya.
Shekhar:-but marriage is only after 15 days how can u send them now.
Sanskat:-haa uncle you cant send my bestiee like that.
Raj and their family comes and say.

Raj:-arey yar how can u send them like that try to send any one else.
Rags tries to find laksh but couldnt find him and
keeps upset face.
Arjun:-rags bhai has a urgent meeting but he will come after 2 hour dont worry.
Rags:-i am leaving in 10 minutes juno and says
to herself i thought to meet u before leaving
laksh but it seems without seeing u only i am leaving from here dont now why but i am not liking it.
Arjun:-rags and moves her and asks wat are u thinking.
All sees them as arjun said loudly.
Rags:-nothing yar i just hoping that this work
will complete fastly and i should reach before marriage at least on marriage day.
Dev:-goes to her and says dont worry rags u will reach before marriage only and kisses her on forehead and they hug each other.
Shaurya:-dont worry ragoo it wont take time.
Rags nodes yes.

Sanskar:-where is laksh uncle.
Raj:-he has two meeting sanskar he will come some late.
Sakshi:-i hope laksh comes before rags left
from here.
Rah:-hmm he will get upset .
Arjun:-is trying to call laksh and invain so that he kept message for him.
Servent kaka comes and says cab as arrived and he is keeping their luaggage t
In car.
Durga comes and says ragini dont worry untill u
come marriage cant take place.
Whole family will wait for u and shaurya ok.
Shaurya smiles and durga also smiles and rags hugs her and durga sees her teary eyes and thinks i dont no why but i think rags is upset
because of someother reason.
Ragini says bye to mom and dad and hugs her brother and takes blessing from all.
They all says all the best rags says bye to
sanskar swara and arjun.
Arjun:-i tried a lot ragini but bhai is really busy he is not responding to calls or messages.
Rags hugs him and says its ok arjun u tried
right snd may be he is so busy its ok.
Arjun:- but if he know about your trip he will definetly cancel all meeting and comes to u.
Rags:-its ok arjun bye takecare.
And hugs sheena and says bye sheena.

Sheena bye rags.
They both leave.
Durga:-dev did anything happen to rags why
she is upset.
Dev:-she tensed can she reach her on time or not.
Durga:-not only that something else is bothering her do u noticed.
Dev:-yes i asked her but she said same reason she is very stubborn durga when she thinks to
hide something she will never say to anyone.
And dont worry she will definety sharez with shaurya so no worries .
They both smiles.
Swara:-you both can smile inside also dii.
Durga and dev comes to their senses and says nothing like that we are coming.
Sheena:-what happen arjun.
Arjun:-my brother he can lift call right without
meeting him ragini went from her .

Sheena:-haa yar she is so upset but its good also.
Arjun:-good in which way.
Swara:-good in that way by this 10 days seperation they both will realeses their love for each other.
Sanskar:-haa they didnt even see eachother so this seperation will makethem crazy and they will propose for sure.
Arjun:-wat ever lets hope for best but still i am
Rags in car.
Shaurya:-what happen ragoo why are u so upset dont u share with me and haa dont like
marriage drama say it wat happen.
Rags:-idont know but i am not liking the way i am leaving without meeting laksh.i mean i like him.but this feeling i am having right know is
Shaurya:-do u love him.
Rags:-dont know bhai kya laksh lovez me.
Shaurya:-i saw love and care in your both eyes
Rags:-how to know it bhai.
Shaurya:-when u meet him after these many days think how u feel when you met and wat r the first word u want to say to him.

Rags:-it will work.
Shaurya:-it will ,separating from each other makes people realise their love to each other.
Rags lets see.
They both gets into flight.
Laksh then reaches to dayal house.
Arjun:-why the hell bhai u r keeping phone just
threw it away.
Laksh:-wat happen to u.
Raj:-just threw your phone away.
Laksh:-wat hapoen dad.
Sakshi:-dont tell me untill now u didnt check
your phone.
Dayal:-wat hsppen raj.
Laksh checks his phone so many missed call
and reads message from arjun and gets
shocked and looks at arjun.
Raj:-i called him many times atleast he has to respond right wat if its emergency.
Laksh looks all roung house and looks at arjun.
Arjun she left bhai you were late.
Sanskar goes near to him and say dont worry its just matter of 10 days.
Laksh for me its not a 10 days and says raj i am feeling tired i have to leave and says sorry dayal uncle and aunty i am really tired i have to leave.
Shailaja:-eat and go.
Raj:-its ok let him he attended all meeting from morning shailaja let him go.
Laksh leaves from their.
All swara and others thinks he is very much upset and think of a plan to cheer him.

Precap:-rags and laksh missing each other and realusing there love

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