Ek anokhi kahani Episode 19

All are preparing for outing .
Dp and their family starts in their private bus by pick uping every one from their homes.
Shenna wears cream biscuit pant and pink shirt.
Sanskar dark blue jeans and white shirt.
First they all go to dayals house.
Rags and dayal have band aid on their head and hand .
Rags wears blue and white mix kurta and black leg in. Dev wears orange shirt.
Dp:- how r u dayal .
Dayal:- i m fine thanks for the trip.
Ap asks same question to sakshi.
Sheena:- how r u ragini.
Rags:- i am fine sheena and how r u .
Sheena:- fine.
Sanskar:- how r u dev.
Dev:- fine and u .
Sanskar:- fine.

They sits rags and sheenna and dev and sanskar.
They reach to rajnath house.
Rags watches raj and sakshi with luggage sheena and rags goes and help them.
Sheena to sakshi.
Sheena:- how r u aunty by welcoming her inside.
Sakshi:-fine beta.
Sheena makes sakshi to sit.
Rajnath to rags says at near door wear rags is searching towards house.
Raj comes back to rags and says.
Raj:- are u missing someone like lakshh.. i mean
laksh and arjun.
Rags:- uncle wooo. Little bit hestitates .

Raj smiles and say there are coming rags and shows towards them.
Laksh also wears white shirt and light blue pant.arjun wears blank pant and pink shirt.
Rags stands at door and leans towards them and says.
Rags:- hi guys how r u.
They both say hi and ask how r u .
Rags:- what do think how am i.
Laksh:- as beautifull as always.
Rags smiles at him they both look in to each other by smiles on their faces.
Arjun observes them and coughs.
They both sees arjun.

Rags:- what happwn juu.. i mean juu arjun .i think you have to say same pinch to someone.
Arjun:- with excitement says really and tries to go inside but rags stops him and says first say same pinch to me.
Arjun:- confused and says to you wats common in u and me.
Rags:- ofcourse aruu babu see black pant black pant .and wat do u think for whom u will do same pinch and lifts her eyebrows arjun gets shy and rags says ok go inside and say samepinch because someone else is wearing pink there.
Arjun smiles and goes inside bus laksh and arjun smiles by seeing arjun excitment..
Rags turns and looks at laksh and tries to speak
Dev:- will you allow him inside or shall we do our picnic here only.
Rags gives hand to laksh and say tho chalee.
Laksh:- where.
Rags:- ofcourse inside.

He gives his hand and finally they come inside.
Raj looks at laksh and smiles and lifts his eyebrows laksh nodes his in way nothing.
Arjun and sheena looks at each other as they both wearing same colour.they both sits together.laksh smiles evily at arjun ..
Dev and laksh sits together.rags and sanskar sits together.
Rags:- sanskar..
Sanskar:- haa ragini.
Rags:- now, we are going to pick up swaras family.
Sanskar:-haa i know that and wat u want to say straightly naa.
Rags:- you want me to sit here or not.
Sanskar:-noo .
Rags:- what and laughs.
Sanskar:- i mean noo no what need to you to change from here.
Rags:- oh then u will change.
Sanskar:- haa no i mean .. come on yar u know naa i which way i mean said noo to you to cange place and hits his head and says to himself wat the hell i am saying.
Rags:- i understand and control sanky.
Sanskar:- oh hello madam you stop teasing me and first you control yourself from someone special.
Rags:- showing teeth and says he he he.
Sanskar:-also does same.
Dev:- thank you for staying withus laksh i didnt thank you personally and i sm sorry too.
Laksh:- sorry but why dev.
Dev:- actually yesterday i embarressed u and arjun at police station.
Laksh:- cone on dev its not a embartesment and dont say sorry yar in friendship thanks can be but no place for sorry ok.
They both smile and looks at rags who is talking and laughs with sanskar.
Laksh:- thank to god that her smile us back.
Dev looks at laksh and smiles thinking domething
Dev:- i think laksh started liming ragini.
They reach to swara house.

Dp says sanskar to go help them in keeping their luaggage inside.
Sanskar goes and stands swara whos face is covered with luaggage.
Sanskar tries to look the face behind luaggage .
Laksh:- if to look that luaggage from her then u can see her face .
Dev and all starts to laugh.
Sanskar smiles lightly and tooks boxes from swsra.
He tooks first box and gives to laksh he passes that boxes to back side of bus
By removing second box he sees eyes of swara and thinks its is a swara face now her eyes loojs even prettier and finally swara face relievez he keep on smiling at her by standing at door.
Rags comes yo him and says in ears.
Rags:- sansky if you give her place to come inside i promise i will make her to sit next to u.
Sanskar:- imneciately gets up and allows swara.
They all reach inside durga comes by wearibg red colour suits by leaving hair.
Dev gets mesmerized by her beauty rags goes to dev to talj and observes him looking at durga and thinks finally bhai is liking durga i will make them to sit together if they start sharing their likes then its easy for them to accept martiage proposal and shouts bhai.
Dev:- gets in to senses and says i want to sit with laksh get up.
Dev:- haa u sit somewear else infact i will show u place wear yo sit and sighs swara to get up and shows dev will sit here she immediately gets up and goes yo swara.
Rags:- swara i will make bhai to sit with durga whem he will turn and about to say something u immediately sit next to sanskar ok.
Swara says ok and thinks let me pull your keg also rags and thinks some plan..
Rags makes to sit dev near to durga when hhe about to say something immediately swara sits next to laksh which shockens laksh and sanky and rags .
Rags gets upset but immediately sit next to sanskar and says all places are filled bhai sit naa and now i cant get up my head is paining.
Dev and durga feels tension but smiles at each other.

Sansky and rags watches eachother and hit their heads.
Swara smiles to herself byy seeing their faces.
Sansky:- u said u will make her to sit here and what is this yar.
Rags:- what can i do yar i said her to sit with u but dont know what she lisened she sat with lucky.
Sanskar:- some one is getting jeouslyyy..
Rags:- kya as if you are feeling happy with seeing swara next to laksh right.
Sanskar:- keeps sad face and yes yar and hi i have plan and says something to rags .
Swara:- hi laksh dont mind this all iscrags plan to get dev and durga close and u know she actually wants me to sit with sanskar and she with you i actually changed to see expressions on her face and you have to accept that she got upset by seeing me next to you.now i want to see wat she will do to sit with u.
Laksh:- u really think she will plan something to sit with me .and watches rags where sanskar taliking to her in ears.
Swara:- ofcourse.
Laksh:- i think someone else is tjinking to sit with u thats why they both are planing and show swara towards sanskar and rags.
Rags says done good idea.

Rags says to sanskar if i shout loudly i dont know about them first but bhai will definetly react so i will apply your plan slowly ok.
Sanskar :- ok.
Sanskar:- slowly swara swara.
Swara and laksh starts to laugh but control them selfs and turns and say wat.
Rags says talk slowly.
Swara in slow voice wat.
Rags:- i am getting vomit sensation plz come this side naa i will sit at that window.
Swara:- come rags there is also there window where sanskar is sitting.
Sanskar:- gets angry and says rags cant vomut from here thats why.
Swara and laksh says why wats wrong with that window.
Arjun and sheena hearing them.
Rags:- i dont want to vomit here .
Laksh:- but why wats wrong with that window.
Rags:- gets angry and say my vomit my wish i will do where i want and i want that place that to next to u is there any problem.
Sanskar:- haa yar she is saying she is not feeling well and with out giving her place you are cross examing here swara thats not fare.
Arjun says ragini if you want u can sit here .
Sheena says haa cone here ragini.
Sanskar and rags shout at a time.
San and rag:- ee chotai namuno chup chap baito and dono apnai app sai bat karo.
Rags says bada ayya window seat densi wsla.
Sanskar :- haa nahi too.
Swara and laksh control their laugh with much difficulty .

Rags say to swara
Swara will u come or shall i vomit here only.
Sanskar:- vomit here only yar they are busy in asking question tu vomit karo.
Rags acts like going to vomit.
Swara says stop stop ok ok fine come and sit here.
Swara goes and sits at window place next to sanskar but sanskar is angry at her.
Rags goes and sits near window and loojs at laksh angryly but laksh smiles at her.
Rags:- what. Why are u smiles and says i am angry with u up to her and shows her neck and turns towards window.
Arjun finally understands and xplains to sheena.
Sheena:- wow juno u can understand everyone feeling very well .
Arjun:- yes i can understand anyone feelings and looks at her with smile.
Sheena :- wat that means.
Arjun:- nithing just like that..

Precap:- laksh and swara tries to talk to sanskar and ragini meanwhile dev snd durga starts talking to each other.

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