Ek Anokha Rishta..(episode-28)

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The episode starts with Gau searching for Suh’s residence in all the telephone directory.
Gau: This is so tough! But I’m gonna make sure that bhabhi and Yuvi live happily again.

Suh: But Somu u cannot give up your career because of me! You should find a job for yourself
Sou: No Suh I won’t go leaving you and the children alone
Suh: Oh come on Soumya! Mein ek RAW agent reh chuki hoon isliye mujhe apna khayaal rakhna aata hai
Sou: Yahan tumhaari baath kaun kar raha hai? Mein tho bacchon ke baare mein soch rahi thi
Suh smiles and says
Suh: I know that you care for me like a sister but please Somu, you’ve got a job opportunity don’t let it go(Sou looks on) Look Somu, at least think of your future..
Sou: OK Suh..I’ll go for the interview tomorrow morning just because u said. But how are you gonna manage 3 kids?
Suh: Srish is a good girl..she doesn’t trouble me
Sou: Teek hai ,mein jaaungi
Suh gets happy

At Gau’s hotel
Yuvi returns from the meeting and goes to the hotel room and sees Gau looking sad
Yuvi: Kya hua tumhe?
Gau: Kuch Nahi…
Yuvi: I told u already that you’ll get bored…Btw why are the telephone directories lying on the floor
Gau: Ugh…Nothing I was just trying to find a person’s number
Yuvi: Whose number?
Gau: A friend of mine..Forget about that now and promise me that you’ll take me to the mall tomorrow. I need to do some shopping
Yuvi: Ok.. We’ll go in the evening

Next day
Sou attends the interview and she gets the job in the accounting firm. Everybody get happy hearing the news and so, Soumya decides to give a treat to Suh. They(Sou,srish,Suh&twins) go to the mall in the evening.
Sou: Suh u can buy anything u want..
Suh: No Sou I don’t want anything
Sou: Just shut up.. I’ll buy u some new dresses
Suh: But I..
Sou forcefully takes her to a dress shop where she helps Suh select some tops. Meanwhile, Gau &Yuvi arrive at the same mall and after roaming in all the floors Gau decides to buy some clothes. They enter a shop(same shop where Suh went).
Yuvi: Gau, how much time will u take? Select one quickly
Gau: You’re such a sadu Yuvi…
Yuvi looks at Gau hearing what she said and remembers Suh calling him the same and smiles.
Gau: What are u smiling for?
Yuvi says nothing but he goes and sits in a sofa where srish was waiting along with the twins for Suh &sou. Srish doesn’t see Yuvi but she spots a candy machine.
Srish (to twins): You both please stay here while I buy candy(saying that she goes away from them). Yuvi was busy on his phone while he hears the babies laughing. He looks at the direction in which the sound came from and sees Yuvan &Yuvani in the pram, smiling at each other.
Yuvi’s POV:
I was a person who doesn’t get along well with little children for which Suh used to tease me. But on seeing these two I felt totally different. Their smile made my heart stir with happiness and I felt as if they were very close to me. I looked around to see if the kid’s parents were around but there was no one. How irresponsible were the parents to leave their children alone here? I got angry but when I saw the two a smile lightened up on my face. I slowly stretched out my hand towards them and one of them quickly held my finger. Their innocent gesture made me very cheerful and I was relieved of all the tensions. Suddenly one of them started crying and the other one followed it too. Now I was left alone with two kids who were crying. I had no idea how to make them quiet. I thought to ask somebody’s help so I got up and left from there.
POV ends
Srish comes there with Sou, hearing the kids cry. Srish sees Yuvi’s face when he got up and went and she remembers seeing him somewhere. Later Suh comes out of the trial room, where Yuvi was standing a few steps away from her. Sou pays the bill while srish takes Suh with her. YuvAnj fail to see each other.
Gau: Where are the babies?
Yuvi: They were right here…Maybe their mother took them
Gau: When did u start caring for babies?
Yuvi(confused): I don’t know… They were really cute
Gau: Whatever… I’m done shopping, now we’ll leave
Both of them leave the shop.

Precap: Yuvi is at a store with Gauri, when somebody drops their purse there. He picks it up and sees the name of the owner.

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