Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Gurumaa reveals her bad past, Aastha and Shiv unites

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 28th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nand Lal telling Radhika that he feels ashamed of her. Angad says nobody will help others now. Balwan says nobody will love any girl now. Jaya says you tried to break someone’s house and build yours. Balwan says my bhabhi is my bhagwan and you tried to ruin my bhagwan’s image. Runjhun asks Balwan not to spoil his tongue, and tells that she has gone far from her own sister because of her conspiracy. Lakshmi says I let you stay here and have not given you any right. She asks who is helping her. Nand Lal asks Angad to call Police. Radhika cries and apologizes to Aastha. She says she did this to get Shiv, she wanted to get him when you got married to him, and that’s why I want to snatch him from you. She asks her not to call Police as she don’t want to go there. Jaya and Janki tell that they will send her to jail. Aastha asks her to stop crying and says we will not send you to jail and asks if she is happy to hurt others. She asks why did you do this? You called me you friend and asks if anyone do this with a friend, and you had loved him, and did this with him. She says you have poisoned our relation, created misunderstanding between us and asks we can forgive you, but can forgive yourself. Radhika says may be I can’t forgive myself, and promises not to do this again.

Gurumaa asks Aastha to forgive her thinking her as innocent. Lakshmi is doubtful. Gurumaa asks her to forgive Radhika and says I will take her in my stride and then she will change. Lakshmi says Radhika was having a reason to do this, but what was the reason that you were letting this engagement happen even when you knows about her truth. She asks why you didn’t stop her when she was harming Aastha and asks why you wanted her to marry my son. Gurumaa says because I am her mum. Nand lal says how can you be her Maa, you are Jagat Mata.

Gurumaa says she is my daughter, I have given her birth. Nand Lal says how she can be your daughter, you have always a sadhvi. Guru maa tells that she was 20-21 years old when she became Guru ji’s shishya, and he was God for me. She says she didn’t know that she thought him as Swami, and wasn’t aware that he was rakshak. She says she surrendered her to him. When she went to him after realization of pregnancy, he threatened to kill both of them, and she ran away from Ashram and left Radhika at orphanage, where she was brought up. She says she never told this to anyone. Shiv says if someone betrays you, then that doesn’t mean that you will betray others. He says we thought your as ours, but truth is that you never thought of us. Lakshmi says you tried to give us gyaan, but was never knowledgeable.

Gurumaa says she didn’t want to lower in their eyes and don’t want to lose the respect. Lakshmi asks what about our respect as you made us enemy for your daughter. You were promoting Radhika when she was conspiring against Aastha. She says you are guilty in my eyes. Gurumaa says I am guilty as Radhika was in love with Shiv and I loves her. She says we have done injustice with her and that’s why I want to return happiness to her. She says I couldn’t give her father’s name and mother’s love. She says she wants to compensate for everything and asks them to forgive her and not to call Police. Lakshmi says we will not forgive her, if you can’t stay without your daughter then you can also go with her. She asks Shiv to tell them to leave in the morning.

They all go to their room. Shiv and Aastha come to each other. She is about to slip. Shiv holds her hand. Jaaniya song plays. They wipe each other tears. Shiv apologizes to her and says I was wrong, I thought you wrong, insulted you etc. he says you came to my house, gave place to me in your world, but I couldn’t give you the place. He asks her not to cry and says you have cried enough. He says you have fulfilled all relations with everyone, you have united me with my mum and brother and apologizes to her. Aastha says you was right and tried to make your feelings heard, but I couldn’t hear or see as I don’t trust you, and let her come in between us. If I wanted, then this wouldn’t have happen. She recalls Shiv telling her that he loves her and says I didn’t hear you and forced you to marry Radhika. She says I had hidden my nastik truth from you. This is not a mistake, but a sin.

Shiv says whatever you have seen or heard, it is not your mistake. Aastha says Radhika took advantage seeing the distance between us. Shiv says we both have apologize to each other, we shall start our life afresh now itself. He takes out ring from his pocket and asks Aastha to marry him and be with him all life. Aastha says I will marry you and will promise you again and again that she will not go again far from here. She says I love you Shiv. Shiv says I love you too and makes her wear ring. Jaaniya song plays..Shiv hugs her. Aastha cries happily.

Aastha tells Gurumaa that her crimes are so big that she don’t need to do anything and says your crimes will be exposed infront of all. She says reverse countdown begins for your name.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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