Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi asks Aastha to stop the marriage

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 26th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aastha crying and recalls her marriage with Shiv. He looks at her. Kahan Ka Khuda Hai plays. Shiv keeps his hand on her shoulder and says when you are feelings so much pain then why you are letting this happen. Aastha says it is for everyone’s betterment. Shiv says we both are having pain. Aastha says I can’t come in between you both, and can’t keep you away from your happiness, it is quite difficult for me, realize your true happiness, your happiness is with Radhika, I came in your life to make you meet your mother and brother. Now I will make you meet your lover. She says Pandit ji took out engagement mahurat for today so it shall happen today itself. Shiv says ok, if you want this and if this is your life then you shall not have this ring. He tries to take her ring out of her finger. Jaya asks Janki what is she doing? Janki says she is making food. Jaya tells that someone mind works faster than us. Janki asks what is the matter? Jaya says Radhika don’t care about the happenings of the house and is just concerned about her engagement and marriage date. She says she got her engagement and marriage date fixed. She didn’t ask Lakshmi or Gurumaa, and says if she becomes bahu of the house by mistake then she will make us chew iron seeds. Janki says yes.

Jaya says she thinks of her betterment only. Janki says what will happen to Aastha. Jaya feels pity on Aastha and says she has to leave. Janki says she stayed back to do the arrangements. Janki says her heart always says that Shiv and Aastha’s Jodi looks good and they shall be with each other always. Jaya says why didn’t you tell me and says even my heart is saying that, if Radhika becomes bahu then we will be ruined and we will just have to make roti. Janki says when I come here, I thought I will make Lakshmi happy and she will name one factory to her. Jaya says she also thought Nand Lal will get a factory, but it never happened.

Jaya tells that Radhika is very clever and she prays that Aastha and Shiv get back together. Janki says yes. Jaya says Aastha shall think about family happiness. Janki says yes. Jaya says only Lakshman can stop the marriage now. Balwan talks to Nand Lal about Aastha and Shiv. Nand Lal tells that Shiv and Radhika’s relation is made by circumstances and we can’t stop it. Janki says we shall do something to unite them. Jaya says Aastha has done so much for our family and asks him to stop this engagement. Nand lal says Shiv and Aastha are not talking to each other. Jaya asks Balwan to stop the marriage. Balwan says Shiv will not break the marriage until Aastha asks him to stop it, and tells that even Aastha told him that it is for their betterment. He says until they proceed towards each other, this can’t happen. They pray to Durga Maa for their union.

Aastha is sad.. Lakshmi asks Aastha to do something else engagement and marriage will happen. Aastha says I have nothing to say, let the things happen, it is for everyone’s betterment. Aastha says she gets happy when her love is happy, she knows about his happiness and that’s why she is doing this. Lakshmi says what you are doing is right, but your thinking is right. She says I thought you will realize Shiv’s love. Aastha says I heard him confessing love to Radhika. Lakshmi says Shiv doesn’t love Radhika, she was his chahat and not his love. She tells that Radhika is not a good girl and tells that she left Shiv for money. Aastha is shocked and says Radhika chose money over Shiv. Lakshmi says I never liked her. Aastha asks why did you bring her here then. Lakshmi says I brought her as she met with an accident with my car. Shiv questioned me why did I bring her and is about to tell you about his past, but I stopped him. She says I think that still there is time and asks her to save her marriage and says whatever happens, you will be responsible.

Om tells Aastha that this is not right, she shall decide not to let Shiv marry Radhika. Gurumaa tells that you will get Shiv. Radhika says she will get Shiv.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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