Ek Aastha aisi bhee 18th April Analysis

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The episode starts with Sharda preparing Aarti plate and thinking what to put in plate Aastha comes and tells that she will Arrange Aarti plate Today. Sharda asks her u will decorate Gods aarti plate so Aastha says everything in plate has many benefits and i know about them.
Radhika meets Shiv and tells him that u dont like my moms made food u dont like my dad u dont like our culture so when u dont like anything about me then how will u marry me shiv says its nothing like that. Radhika tells shiv that dont talk to me until u talk to your family about us and leaves. Radhika’s dad comes and tells to shiv that if u dont talk to your family then i will come with my family to your home for marriage talk and leaves.

Jaya chachi was arranging pooja plate and tells everyone does pooja but not everyone kniws its importance so Guruma tells her that are u doubting on my choice. Jaya chachi says no and says will Aastha know whats the importance of Diyas So guruma tells that they purify the air whereas aastha tells to her mom that they kills the bacteria Guruma says Roli is very important for puja and Aastha must also be knowing about its importance and tells about its importance but Aastha instead of roli puts chandan in her aarri plate so sharda asks her why u put chandan instead of Roli so aastha tells that chandan has more benefits than roli Flowers also give smell but chandan makes body calm and cool and have fragrance also.

Shiv tells lakshmi that he wants to talk something important about marriage but then Guruma comes and asks what he wants to talk now as he likes aastha and even they like Aastha.
Jaya chachi daughter in law is cleaning her room and talks to herself that she feels shameful to tell others that her husband works in papad factory jaya comes there and tells her that are you speaking bad about my son so she refuses but jaya chachi says say what u were saying and think of me as your friend and do all gossips with me they both talk that jaya chachi husband and son both listens to lakshmi and lakshmi listens to aastha.

Aastha gets ready in a purple suit so her sister runjun tells her that its not ma ali its kolkata so dont wear outdated clothes but her mother tells that Aastha dont need to change clothes and says these clothes are fine as she is going to her in-laws house. They both start fighting so Aastha stops them and tells why r u both fighting i will wear sharda’s given clothes and make-up done by runjhan she asks is it fine now and they say yes. So runjun starts doing Aasthas makeup and tells her that kolkata is very costly so are your inlaws rick or not so aastha tells that they have their own factory and all family members works there. So runjun says it means they are miser but aastha says not miser they are smart as familys money should remain in family only so runjhun says that today she will see whether they r miser or smart.
Lakshmi assistant tells her that Gayatri cracjed the delhi Deal.

Gayatri(Shiv’s Sister) comes there and tells lakshmi that they got Delhi deal so lakshmi tells her that now shiv will handle that project so shiv tells that he knows nothing about business let gayatri handle it but lakshmi says u r my son and in future u will handle all buisness so shiv says that when u started buisness u were also bahu of this family so when u got chance then y cant gayatri handle buisness lakshmi says that i will answer your questions when right time comes.shiv leaves from there frustrated her dad stops him and tells him to Understand lakshmi she dont want to hurt you she wants to make u successful and wants to give her all buisness to u.he asks shiv to sit with lakshmi for 2 minutes and understand her point of view and tell her what u want to tell. Shiv says she does not listen to anyone because she even does not listen to u dad and leaves.
Shiv goes to gayatri and tells her to handle delhi deal but she says ma so he says that u handle it i will see ma and keep smiling as watching u smiling gives me relief from my half tensions and let me be the only 1 in house who becomes angry by ma’s words.

Aastha and her family reaches durga nivas Runjhun says we must have reached wrong address aastha says no its correct address.Runjhun says its like a palace they see shiv in balcony and eunjhun says he must be yohr prince they enter house and shiv thinks aastha u r not going to marry me.
Jaya chachi and her daughter in law was washing Guruma feet when aastha and her family enters and Guruma says u came on right time as its Aarti’s time. Aastha shows aarti plate to them and jaya chachi 1 very important thing is missing from it thtas roli so aastha tells the benefits of chandan over roli and says sharda told her to put roli but she herself put chandan in place of roli. Lakshmi says fine and says lets start aarti now aastha was about to give her aarti plate to sharda and lakshmi stops her and says what r u doing u r going to be our house bahu we have many rituals but worshipping god is very important so u will do today’s aarti. Aastha gets shocked listening this.

Precap:- Aastha is entering house temple holding aarti plate when she was about to enter temple she stops and thinks i cant do this and stops and turns towards everyone.

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  1. Tvfan1

    amazing as always!!
    there was no update today.. 🙁

    1. AAYUSH

      Thanks riya and yeah i know there is no update today but my analysis works like an update only

      1. Ovb

        You’re right AAYUSH this analysis is just like the update so there’s no problem

    2. AAYUSH

      What about Aashi- (AASTHA+SHIV)

  2. !????????????

  3. Ovb

    Yeah Tvfan1 there was no update today

    1. AAYUSH

      Yeah thats true

  4. Sanchayita

    Thnx for the analysis..Episode was nice na..this radhika is so irritating

    1. AAYUSH

      Thanks sanchayita and yeah radhika is really irritating

  5. hey if u can ask administrator and tell that u r willing to write update for this serial everyday then it will be good i mean everyone will not read u r updates so its better if u ask them to permit

    1. AAYUSH

      Yeah swathi its not a bad idea and i dont write sometimes becoz people dont comment on my update

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