Ek Aastha aisi bhee 17th April Analysis

The episode starts with sharda asking how r u aastha says i m fine everyone asks aastha where she went shiv was looking for her. Aastha says Shiv She was the one who is looking shiv. Shiv gets tensed and was about to say but then Govind says i understood That when Aastha woke up shiv was not there so she started searching him and when shiv came aastha was not there so shiv was also searching Aastha Right Shiv.Shiv says yes.Aastha enters durga nivas. She sees many god idols there and thinks if maa has told them or not that i m Nastik. Chachi tells Aastha that it is our house rule that everyone worship god.She takes her to temple then Lakshmi stops Chachi and says Aastha will not worship God. Aastha thinks it means Guruma told Aunty that i m Nastik. Aastha says i will just go and pay the truck driver for bringing me here.

balwan says that u dont need to pay him because all god idols here are our only so he was coming here only But Aastha tells him that No u will pay him otherwise he will feel bad.Lakshmi and Guruma smiles hearing Aastha words. Sharda gives money to Aastha to pay driver and says she will also go with Aastha.After Aastha and Sharda leaves Guruma and lakshmi tells Jaya chachi that if you dont have brain then dont use it In our house after solar eclipse we wash Gods with Ganga Jal then. Light diyas then only we enter Temple. Aastha pays driver and some money falls down when she bends to pick money at that time Guruma and lakshmi comes and Guruma tells Lakshmi that see Aastha is worshipping God Before they are placed in house.

Sharda was taking her bags in house then Balwan comes and tells that let me take it but she refuses then balwan insists so she allows him and tells that 1 more bag is in car so he tells 1 he can even take 2 bags also and he leaves. Shiv comes there and asks Aastha are u miffed with me or u hate me that i left You alone.Aastha says Until marriage we both are strangers so i m not miffed with you. U will leave me i will doubt you but i will not Hate you because i know you are not that type of Guy who leaves a girl alone in the city. Shiv gets radhika’s call and she hears aastha telling shiv that now his family also likes Aastha.Aastha leaves from there and shiv says Hello baby to radhika she fumes on him and says now your family also accepted Aastha after 2 or 4 days you will also like aastha Come and meet my father now.

Lakshmi tells aastha about their family ancestral coin and tells that when she was establishing lakshmi papads then her mother in law gave it to her and now i am giving it to you its in our family from 2 generations so keep it carefully.Jaya chachi and his daughter in law discuss that they hav not seen this coin ever and aastha got it when she entered in this house.Sharda tells that we should leave now my son must be waiting for us. Lakshmi tells that i want Aastha to do evening aarti.Sharda asks how can aastha do aarti Guruma tells i understand u dont worry and then sharda and Aastha leave. Lakshmi asks guruma what problem Aastha have in doing aarti Guruma tells that she is new and does not know our rituals thats y she was hesitant.

Shiv meets Radhika’s parents. She asks him to have breakfast.Her father comes and scolds shiv that until now u cant even take radhikas name in your house how will u. Cancel this marriage Radhika tells lets have breakfast first his father says i m not stopping him to eat he can eat radhika says my mom has specially made breakfast for you today shiv. He sees Fish and gets nervous. Radhikas dad asks him to eat he says he has fast today so radhikas dad says its good to break your fast with fish her mother starts cutting fish for Shiv. He gets up and says he needs to go to washroom. Her dad says to radhika what kind of guy have u selected who goes to washroom even before eating she says Dad .

Aastha and Sharda reaches Her brothers house. Sharda tells him that he has become thin but aastha tells that he has become fat. Sharda asks where is her daughter. She was seen rejecting a guys proposal on phone she hugs aastha and sharda and tells to aastha that how come a Kolkata boy selected you for marriage.Sharda asks his son and daughter to take bath 1st then we will talk while having dinner. Aastha sees ancestral coin and tells to Sharda that why they gifted her goddess lakshmi coin when they know i m Nastik she asks to sharda that they really know that i m Nastik or not. Sharda asks her not to overthink and that its their ancestral coin and every gold and silver coin has god printed on it. Aastha thinks that why i m feeling that they dont know that i m NASTIK.

PRECAP:- lakshmi gives Aarti plate to Aastha. Aastha was going to give it to Sharda but lakshmi stops her abd tells that Our house has many rituals but most important is Gods worship so u will do Today’s aarti.Aastha gets shocked.

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