DYM2 – Episode 8 to 10 (illusory)

Episode No’s : 08, 09, 10.
MAHA EPISODE for you guys. Enjoy.


Episode No : 08

The episode starts with AR & NS about to leave and car doesn’t start. Neil asks what’s wrong with this, how can we go now and says I’ll check wait. Arjun let’s him to check but Neil denies to check saying we can’t do anything now. Arjun says he wil call piyali and wil tell about the situation, she will send car for us. All agree to arjun. Arjun goes to call and comes back saying it takes time, let’s roam here and there til car comes.

They go for a long walk in the forest while talking, suddenly Neil and radhika notices Sam & arjun missing. Its almost late and they have to lit the light. Radhika&neil starts calling out arjun, sam and radhika starts crying. Neil consoles radhika and search there for a while, and says let’s go to car parking slot and nearby lake. They might have missed the route.

Radhika, Neil searches at car parking but couldn’t find arjun&sam there. They start to go to lake banks to search there. On the way Neil sees arjun’s watch fallen on ground and gets worried, while radhika gets Sam’s bracelet. They run to the lake and gets shocked and surprised to see campfire and tents and a beautiful table arranged with two bottles of champagne and few glasses and some stuff to eat. Tears roll down from Neil’s eyes and radhika’s as well.

Arjun and Sam sees them and comes out from hiding behind a tree.. Both folding hands and standing with foot apart appear on the other side of the campfire. Sam shouts I LOVE YOU NEIL, THIS IS FOR YOU. Neil gets spell bound and falls down on his knees having his eyes overloaded with tears of happiness and surprise. Sam rushes to him and hugs him crying. Radhika runs to arjun and scolds him for his disappearance for sometime. Arjun smiles and wipes her tears and asks howz the surprise. She turns to him and looks into his eyes.. Their eyes have spoken their DIL KI BAATEIN. Arjun hugs her and thanks her for being light to fill out his darkness..

Nandini comes home and plays with him.nandini greets her parents and talks to them. She feeds the kid, makes him sleep and thinks of arjun.



Episode No : 09

The episode starts with Neil hugging Sam and his eyes overloaded with tears. Neil shouts I love you Sammy and it echos. Arjun holds radhika laying his right hand on her shoulder and radhika holds arjun laying his left hand around his waist. Both the couples move forward to the table and celebrates their surprise filled with love, fun and joy. Neil happily takes the champagne bottle and shakes it to his heart’s content and uncorks it and launches the cork out into the sky as a fizzy spray of champagne (sparkling wine) follows. Neil asks when did u guys planned this? Arjun tells evrything while FB shows arjun&sam messaging &hiding evrythng from radhika&neil. The duo couples enjoy to the maximum as they all got their “”MANMARZIYAN””..

Scene shifts to ankush in London and they practise dance for the event in their college and they all plan to leave out for restaurant. Nandini sits thinking about arjun’s hatred for her and cries saying I LOVE YOU ARJUN. The little boy notices this and gets up asking her not to cry as he is with her. He hugs and kisses her. The kid says I love u too.

Again back to our lovely couples. Ufffuuuuu so much imagination. They finished dinner and are about to sleep in their tents.

NS’s tent :
Neils acts very romantic and SAM feels his eyes on her as she climbed off from the ground to bed and he focused on the low thump of the music(sound of waterfalls) playing somewhere in the distance making him feel more romantic and his excitement doubled..

AR’s tent :
The grass is cold and wet beneath their back watching up stars and mountains seemed to be wall to the sky. Both lost in their eyes and arjun turns towards her stretching his hand and bent at elbow to support his head and leans towards radhika. Her eyes followed the path of his arm and climbs his strong biceps and then to his chin. She closes her eyes with shy and blushes.

Both the couples have lost deeply in their love. They lost track of exactly what time it is, but sure it’s so late into the night that it’s almost already getting dark blue out there, seeming to be the time just few hours left for sunrise.

It’s sunrise, sun-rays touch them with very low light as the tent is refracting the beam. Neil feels dizzy & lazy to getup and says Can we be here for one more day. She replies “you want to swap days?” trying to blink her eyes into focus. She kisses his forehead and hugs him saying I love you to each other.

Arjun gets up and he couldn’t find his blazer and searches for it. Ah- I – I am so sorry. He heard her say it, but he felt so shy to look into her eyes and acted being too busy in trying not to fall over to look at her. She handed his blazer and FB shows He covered her with his blazer as she shivered due to cold. He hugs her, radhika says I love you Arjun and that call made his day.

Duo couples fresh up in the lake and they leave for their homes..

PRECAP : Nandini in hospital sees ankush there.


Episode No : 10

The episode starts with AR & NS reaching their homes. Ankush gets up and makes his frens to wake up and gets ready to go to college. Along with his frens he leaves to college. Nandini wakes up the kid and asks the maid to make him ready soon. Both nandini and little arjun(i gave a hint in yesterday, try to figure it out) go to hospital for checkup. Ankush with his frens go to same hospital for practical session. (Ankush studies medicine 2nd yr in the college, which has a hospital too). Nandini talks to doctor about little arjun and they take medicines and they were about to leave.

Nandini’s wallet fells down and little arjun takes it and gives it to her. She turns suddenly and sees ankush bit far near next dept in the same block. She calls the driver to make little arjun sit in the car saying she will be back in few minutes. Nandini goes to ankush to speak.

AR cleans their room, gets fresh up and they plan to go to Birdsong. NS gets relaxed in their room. Sam plays with the puppy apple and meanwhile arjun calls her & asks thems to reach BS asap to finish the project. Both the duo couples get ready and they leave to birdsong.

Ankush notices her & wants to avoid her, but this time she succeeds. Nandini asks ankush about his sister Radhika & his jiju Arjun. He replies all are fine, as they dont have STONES ON THEIR PATH/WAY (raasthe mein pathar). She feels bad by the answer, but she again asks him are arjun&radhika together? He says i dont know your intention, but dont come in our lives again. He leaves saying We are truly happy and please excuse us.

The little arjun heard evrythng.He sees nandini wiping her tears. Nandini turns and the little arjun escapes from her eyesight. Little arjun runs to the car,before nandini reaches there. He sits in the car thinking. Nandini comes and they to their home. Nandini makes him rest and asks him not be mischievious like before and pinches his nose. He too does the same and nandini hugs him.

Precap : AR & NS @Birdsong. Piyali&samrat joins them.

Credit to: Anu

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