Durga 21st January 2021 Written Episode Update: Damini agrees to Dev and Durga’s marriage

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Scene 1
Damini comes to the washroom and imagines Durga coming there with blood over her face. She gets scared.

Ayush calls the doctor for Durga. Tara thinks Durga put her life in danger to save Dev.

The doctor checks Durga, Dev comes there too. The doctor says I have given her the medicine, he leaves. Nitu asks Dev to go to his room, he says I am not leaving Durga. Tara says I am with Durga, don’t worry. Dev leaves. Tara thinks I want to know everything about Tara.

Damini gets a letter that power has entered her house, if she stays here then your end is near, the next eclipse will enable that power. Damini finds a small sack there. She looks on.

In the morning, Durga wakes up. Tara asks if she is fine? Kabir brings an apple for her. Damini comes there and asks Tara to go and get ready, she leaves. Damini tells Durga that you were safe outside, you did a mistake by coming inside. Durga says I have Mata rain with me so nothing wrong will not happen. Damini says you won’t be able to stay standing in front of me much longer. Durga says my power of love will protect me and I will protect Dev. Damini says you want to play with fire? Let’s do it then.

Scene 2
Damini calls everyone in the lounge. Batra comes there too. Dev and Durga come there too. Damini makes Dev with sit her. Damini says the eclipse will happen in 15 days so I will get Dev married to Durga. All are stunned. Batra says how did this happen? I am happy. Damini says you can bring papers to get it named to Durga as she wanted that right? Durga says I am happy to hear your decision, I want the right as Dev’s wife. Damini says till the wedding doesn’t happen, they won’t stay together. Nimu says all rooms are booked right now, only Dev’s parents’ is left. Batra says she can stay there. Durga says it will be a blessing for me. Damini gives her the room’s key. Durga goes to pray to Mata Rani. Batra leaves from there after blessing Durga.

Durga comes to the room and tries to open it but it doesn’t. Damini comes there and says you won’t open it so easily. She tries to move near her but Durga is holding Mata’s idol. Damini tells Durga that no one opened this room since Dev’s parents died, how will you open it? Durga says Mata will show me the way. She puts the key in the lock and it unlocks. Damini is stunned. Durga smiles at her and she leaves. Durga enters the house and it’s covered in dust and web. She sees a diya light up in front of Dev’s mother’s photo. She starts cleaning the room.

Durga cleans the room and prays to his mother. Dev comes there and is emotional. She asks him to come inside, he looks at his mother’s photo. Durga says all our troubles will go away, don’t worry. They both pray to Mata Rani.

Amresh asks Damini what she is thinking? Damini smirks and says to be sneaky about killing Durga.
PRECAP – Shehal comes to Damini’s house. Durga runs to him and says I missed you. Damini says she must have told you that she got married to Dev? Shehal is stunned. Damini says I thought she was an honorable girl, she got married to Dev secretly? Shehal gets angry and tells Durga that she has to choose between him and Dev.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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