Durga 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Durga stops Dev’s wedding

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Scene 1
Durga’s ghost tells Damini that I won’t let you live in peace now. Her ghost goes away, Damini looks on.

In the morning, Damini is preparing for Dev’s wedding. Tara asks why she is in a hurry? Damini says Alok wanted Dev to get married soon and the girl you guys chose was greedy. Tara thinks I can’t say anything to her otherwise she will know that I knew about the plan.

Dev is in his room and recalls Durga falling from the cliff. He holds her dupatta and cries.

Dev’s wedding ceremony starts. Batra comes there and says you could have waited for Alok to become fine. Damini says we are doing this because Alok wanted him to marry on time. Batra says I knew what Alok wanted. Damini says he is my husband so I am doing what he wanted. Batra asks if Dev wants this as well? Damini says he is my son so I won’t do anything against him. Dev is coming there and is tensed. Batra congratulates him at the wedding and asks if he is happy with the wedding? Damini glares at him and asks him to tell that he is getting married as per his will right? Dev is scared and nods. Geeto comes there dressed as a bride. She sits beside Dev, he looks down. Amresh gives the wedding papers. He doesn’t find it in the envelope and says where did the papers go? Samarth says I have them, you took the wrong envelope, he gives it to Damini. Damini asks Geeto to sign, she signs the papers but the pen stops working. Damini gives another pen and asks Dev to sign. He is about to do it but Nimu comes there and says a girl is waiting outside for Dev, her name is Durga. Damini is stunned. Dev is surprised and goes outside the house, they both smile seeing each other. Damini comes there and is shocked, she thinks how did she get saved? Damini stops Dev from going to her. All family members come there and look on. Durga glares at Damini. She touches the ground. Batra asks who is this girl? Durga asks Damini to bless her. Damini asks her who is she? Durga says I am Durga Dev Aneja and I am Dev’s wife. Damini says any girl will come to say that she is Dev’s wife? What’s the proof? Durga says look at the indoor on my forehead, Dev applied it. Damini says it doesn’t prove anything. Nitu says she looks like a cheap girl. Durga says you can ask Alok. Damini says he is in a coma. Damini asks the guards to throw her out of the house. Durga takes a dagger from the pot and stops the guards. All look on. Durga says why don’t you ask Dev? Tara says I will bring Dev. Damini says you can’t tray my son. Durga tries to go to Dev but Damini stands in front of him. Dev is scared. Damini asks Dev to tell the truth that he never met this girl, that this girl is a liar? Do you know this girl? Dev gets scared and says I don’t know her. Durga is hurt.

PRECAP – Durga tells the family to trust her, I married Dev. Batra says Dev can’t get married to Geeto till this girl is proven wrong. Damini says I will prove in 4 days that this girl is lying but she will stay outside the house till then. Durga says I accept.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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