He drew away her darkness (RagSanSwa) by priya

This is a story of Ragini-Sanskar-Swara.

Ragini’s POV

“It was a gloomy day when I met him ‘sanskar’. The drops of rain were falling down from my umbrella when I started crossing the road, the busiest road of whole Mumbai. I thought I can reach her destiny without anyone’s help, but I realised I can’t do this alone, I cried internally, I tried calling out my parents, my internal voice couldn’t reach them. I was standing in middle of the road waiting for someone to help me, I felt a hand holding me by my shoulder, the warmth which I needed for my whole life. He disappeared after helping me in reaching the other side of the road. I went to my hostel after this which was infront of that road, people there were amazed by seeing me all alone coming inside hostel. They kept on asking questions how did I manage to cross the road. I went to sleep thinking about him. Next day I went to college as usual, I was waiting for my special teacher who is going to help me in reading my courses and translate normal script to my script. I felt someone approaching me, I can smell him, It was him, he sat beside me,, my heart was racing so fast that anyone could hear my heart beat. He introduced himself ‘hello Ragini, I’m Sanskar your new teacher’ I smiled at him. This is the first time I felt really bad for not having that body part, I wanted to see him,I wanted to feel him with my eyes, I wanted to admire him, so many thoughts were coming into my mind. I calmed down myself and asked him to translate a book of my friends into my language. He did that and asked if anything was to be done, I said no. He left leaving me at my hostel that day. It was the most beautiful day of my life till then. I couldn’t figure it out how did he manage to come whenever I needed help, It could be anything, crossing road, taking stairs, walking… He was always there for me. I wanted to confess him on my special day, my birthday, We both were sitting on the bench, he was translating books to my language and was explaining few terms I was listening to nothing, but was feeling his warmth near me. It was good as well as gloomy. After few hours he said he’ll leave, I asked him to wait for five more minutes, he agreed to this. I was hesitating to talk, he said ‘Ragini, I’m getting late, today is my first anniversary, she is waiting for me at home……….’ everything after this was unclear, I couldn’t hear what he said after this. I nodded. I started walking slowly, I couldn’t hear anything after this. I walked away from him, I wanted to bury the memories of me which had him, the beautiful yet painful memories now. I didn’t realise where was I going, I shattered on the ground, crying form externally for the first time. I got over him after few days, and became strong, it wasn’t his mistake, it was me who developed feelings for him without his consent. I became normal, and wished luck for him and his wife after my graduation. He hugged me,I hugged him back I could feel his warmth around me, I tried my best controlling my feelings, He wished me luck for my future life……..
mera pyar shuru hone se pehle khatam hogaya“.

Thanks for reading it guys, please do comment.

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  1. hii i am new but i loved your idea and this story please continue it and update it regularly.

  2. Beautiful update Yaar❤ Your writing was so expressive ? Eagerly waiting to know what happens next?? Ragsan ❤ Feeling bad for Ragu but I love how she moves on and says Sanskar wasn’t at fault??
    Update soon??

  3. Painful

  4. Awesome. Want ragsan continue

  5. Sandymsdian

    If it swasan in end.i will read it definitely.

  6. Emotional di… pls make it ragsan..

  7. Outstanding. Poor ragini don’t want swara

  8. Neptune

    Your concept is good.. but by reading this I think it’s going to be rag—————–san in the end..

    And it will hurt me more to read this…
    Sorry, but I can’t read it..
    Please continue as it’s a good concept..
    All the best for your further story..

  9. Want ragsan in ending.

  10. Wow Ragsan scenes are wonderful.

  11. Superb

  12. Awesome beautiful Ragsan scenes.

  13. Concept was simply superb but don’t sad end

  14. If this story is ragsan means I would like to read others means sorry

  15. Superb ik final pair will be a ragsan.

  16. Awesome

  17. Beautifully written dear ????

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