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Chapter 34

After about an hour ride they finally reached on a secluded part of a beach with the presence of no one other than these two people in love !

Twinkle was getting impatient with the passing of each second , Kunj got down the car and moved towards Twinkle’s side and helped her out without removing the blindfold and took her towards the sea and asked her to stand still . He got behind her and removed her blindfold taking her by surprise with the view in front of her , she was dumbstruck by the Beautiful site of sunset by the beach .

She was so lost by the sight when kunj snacked his arms around her waist from behind back hugging her and whispered –

“” Did you like it ?”” to which she replied –

“” I didn’t like it , infact loved it ! You know Kunj it was one of my wish to watch a sunset with my life partner on a beach and you have fulfilled that wish of mine and i can’t be more happy .””

Kunj smiled at her and said –

“” It’s just the start of our date and surprises for you, there is a lot to come .”” Twinkle looked at him with a amused look whereas he had a smirk on his face !!

They enjoyed the view for sometime and then had a walk along the beach side  when once again Kunj blindfolded Twinkle by his hands and took her somewhere and she was yet again surprised by the little cozy sitting setup for them , by the time it was already night !!

They enjoyed there time together eating all of Twinkle’s favourite food which has been already arranged by Kunj , Twinkle was flattered by the love and efforts of Kunj because it was another of her wish that she wanted to do with her life partner and Kunj made it come true !!

After spending some more time together finishing there dinner they walked ahead and Twinkle looked at Kunj like he was some alien because she was thought the surprises came to an end but little did she knew Kunj has some other plans in his mind !!

They once again walked some distance and the sight left twinkle awestruck, it is really said true ,’ There is nothing more Beautiful in the world other than  watching the sea at night ‘ because –

“”Every wave kisses the shore, while the sand hugs your toes, and the wind brushes your checks. Nothing soothes the soul like a night by the ocean! We dream in colors borrowed from the sea. Let the currents guide your heart and bless your soul !””

They stood together in each other’s embrace enjoying the beauty of the sea at night , the silence calming there mind , the wind soothing there there heart and the beauty capturing there soul !!

When twinkle thought that the surprises finally came to an end Kunj took her towards a little setting at a little distance from the sea with a setup  made to stay overnight at the beach , Twinkle once agin was at loss of word , they didn’t need words to say or convey there thoughts cause there eyes do all the talking !!

They layed down on the matress gazing at the moon , the stars and the sea in each others embrace when Twinkle spoke –

“” Thank you Kunj , this was the best day of my life and all because of you, i really enjoyed today , Thank you for fulfilling my wishes , it really means a lot “”

Kunj looked at her and took her hands in his hands and kissed her knuckles and said –

“” Never say Thank you to me twinkle , i did this because you deserve every bit of it , ever since you came in my life it became Beautiful and i want to live each moment of it with you by my side and we are equal in this relationship so no sorry and no thank you only love “” with that they leaned in and sealed there lips promising for an eternity !!

Kunj nibbled on her lower lips whereas twinkle was nibbling his upper lips , kunj bit on her lips making her gasp and taking this as an opportunity he entered his tongue in her mouth , there tongues met and they kissed each other with lots of love and passion , the kiss was soft and slow at the begining which tuned out to be wild and passionate with the passing of each seconds !!

The broke the kiss panting heavenly , kunj’s lips brushed again her cheeks , he kissed on her both cheeks then on her nose tip , he moved ahead and kissed on her both closed eyes making her open them , there breathes were shallow , he kissed on her forhead abd moved towards her ears , kissing her earlobe he moved towards her neck and shoulder placing soft kisses here and there , he moved towards her jawline kissing her whereas Twinkle was breathing hard all the time enjoying his sweet assault , he kept on kissing on her whole face , neck and shoulder and took her lips once again in a deep kiss !!

After a while they broke the kiss looking into each others eyes , Twinkle pecked on his forhead , then his eyes and moved towards his cheeks kissing on both the side then his nose wanting to return the sweet assault he did on her !!

She moved her lips on his jawline kissing it and there eyes met , they looked at each other for sometime and when twinkle was unable to bear kunj’s intense gaze on her she looked away from him shyly as she suddenly remembered there little make out session and blushed hard and snuggled more into kunj’s arm to hide herself whereas kunj smiled a blushy smile and took her more into his embrace , he was happy that she was comfortable with him and he knew the day is near when they will be confessing there love !!

He closed his eyes with a smile by her in his arms and drifted to sleep , after a while Twinkle looked at his sleeping form and gave a blushy smile and dropped a kiss on his forehead  and closed her eyes in escasty !!

She knew this person sleeping beside her is her home , who would be by her side no matter what and will never faile her in anything all her life !!


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