Chapter 22

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Two days passed by and it was the day of Twinj’s weeding ! Everyone was excited for the new beginning on the other hand there were two people who though were excited but were nervous too !!!!

For them it was something they never thought will happen , as for twinkle it was hard to find someone who would be her Mr. Perfect despite knowing she had responsibility of certain things and her priority would be her kids !!!!!

On the other her there was that person who was in unconditional love with his lady love but he knew he can’t express his feelings for her that soon as for him his first priority should be to make her and the kids comfortable !!!!!

Twinkle along with the kids , yuvi and avni left for the court whereas it was decided that kunj will come over there with bebe !!!!

Time passed and they reached , twinkle was wearing a pastel colour simple lehanga with hot pink lipstick with heavy jhumka and minimal makeup whereas kunj wore a white tuxedo complementing her !!!!

They proceeded towards the lawyer and kunj offered his hands to twinkle which she happily held , they exchanged the rings and did the procedure and were now declared as MARRIED !!!!

Everyone smiled and congratulated them , everyone hugged them and they feed sweets to everyone and then left back home !!!!!!

Bebe welcomed the newly married couple in Sarna Mansion and asked them to rest for sometime , kunj took twinkle to show her there room and once making sure she was comfortable left back to look after the kids !!!!!!

Twinkle looked at the room and moved ahead she moved towards the dressing table and thought !!!!

Twinkle’s POV !!!!!

Life is just so uncertain na, few hours ago i was Twinkle Taneja and know i am Twinkle Kunj Sarna , the thought of me being the wife of Kunj give me a kind of sensation within , i dont really know what it is but introducing myself as Twinkle Kunj Sarna !!!!

I know it has been sometime only that i am married to him but it feels so good , i dont know why but the thought of myself being his gives me a kind of security , i don’t know what future hold for us exactly but what ever it is i am loving it already !!!

Pov ends !!!!

She smiled looking at herself and went to change !!!!

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