Mr and Mrs Perfect – Kumkum Bhavya Episode 8

Episode 8

Pragya : maa I am hungry. Please give me breakfast i want to sleep.
Purab : how did you come to know about keys.
Pragya : simple bhai. How many of us are there 8 I don’t need a key to my own room but you all need. So 7 keys will be there and for every lock it gets 3 keys with it so total 10
Purab : about him
Pragya :- about your sala. I do not even know him. I heard bhabhi mumbling in sleep other day and I came to know that she has brother. By the way where is he is can’t see him
Purab : he went to achieve his dreams. He will return soon.
Pragya : bhai I am sorry for yesterday I was in bad mood that I
Bulbul : it’s okay pragya. Leave it let’s have food.
Prerana : Pragya, tomorrow we will go to your college.
Pragya : thanks mom. Love you
Prerana : go you wanted to sleep.
Pragya : can we go shopping today evening maa
Depali : I am busy, go with Bulbul
Pragya : okay. Tell bhabhi to call me at 4. I don’t want lunch. Please don’t disturb me . Good night.

she got into her room and locked it and took the letter out and continued reading it.
“then our grandfather (cannot write grandfather every time i will use gf) got an idea. how about her marrying a girl and making her pregant and injecting her the formula.
his charm did work and a girl fell for him. he married her and made her pregant as per his plan. he started injecting doses regularly. in the middle he got to know that she would die due to heavy blood loss during delivery. but least bothered about her life. he continued.
finally she gave birth to kids and died. our gf took great care of them. thinking them to be super humans. but to his distay they were growing up normally. he couldn’t believe that they were like normal kids when they were tested. feeling disappointed he put the girl in and orphanage showing some pity on her and gave the boy to slaves who were going to india.
that is how my mother was in us and your father in india

i know it is boring. but you have to know this all. i will tell you how we are effected.
as gf plan failed he was disappointed. the girl’ s father came to know this and put him behind bars. and took the girl from orphanage. he tried to know about boy. but so use.
25 years got over like that. btw that baby girl is my mom and baby boy was your father.
mom was married to papa and took over her grand father ‘ s company.
on her grand father death bed he revealed truth about your father and wanted her to get him back and take up arora group of industries.
she searched a lot for your father. finally found him. but she was pregant with di by then . she thought to meet her brother after delivery. but our gf escaped from jail . and mom rushed to india to save her brother.
but your mother didn’t believe mom as your father was cheated by his so called brother.
both of them got pains on same day and delivered jeeju and di with hours difference.
poor gf he took jeeju and came out. but one of mom’s bodyguards took and came jeeju to maa.
maa was shocked when your papa entered. and said to take jeeju as your mom will not accept the truth and she needs some time. he became working ceo of arora group of industries from then. and jeeju grew with us.”

she was shocked to read this. the great raghuveer arora whom she admired was her father. her happiness knew no bounds.
she continued reading it
“coming to the experiment which our gf did. it didn’t fail. he failed to observe his own results.
my mom and your dad have photographic memory and many other things. they remember whatever they see. and we have something more than them. to say it clearly the power of formula increases for every generation. we have photographic memory like our parents. but we can also replicate it. i mean for a work which normal humans take 5 hours to do . we can do it in an hour . okay let me list our advantages to you. these are based on my observations.
⚫ if read , write or do anything once. we will remember it clearly till our last breath
⚫not only remembering we can imitate it too
⚫we can do many jobs relating different fields
⚫we can do everything perfectly
⚫we can do anything a normal human does in half of his time only
⚫if we sleep for 3 hours also we will have enough sleep.
and coming to disadvantage.

what are disadvanatages he is talking about ?
will abhi and pragya fall in love ?
will they find a solution?
will abhi come back?

next episode will contain answers to above questions.
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