Dreams Or Duty *Chapter 1*

Hey all ,sry for not updating FFS . So ,the first chapter starts . No images .

(Bela is in Nagpur)

(Samrat -Shiva

Virat – Veeru )

(Samrat is in his recruitment)

Chapter Starts ,

A big mansion is shown revealed to be Chavan Mansion.

Mahir : Aai , I am going for a meeting for our ad to make our business bigger .

Aai – Ok Mahir , come I will give you sugar curd .

Bhavani – Mast a mast , Ashwini who is bigger you or me .

Mahir – It is nothing like that kaku I decided to come to you ,when we will get successful and will reach on another level .

Bhavani – Ok , I am in my room,Sonali bring my tea .

Bhavani goes . Mahir winks his eyes .(you all know means lie )

Mahir goes .

In a room ,

Virat is seen sleeping like a lazy man .

He wakes up and get ready and goes for a football match .

A mysterious letter comes for Virat .

All gets happy seeing the letter .

Virat comes .

Virat – Karishma bhabhi , why are you happy .

Ninad – You have got your first post my son .

Mohit – Dada , Gadchiroli is a danger place .

Omkar -Virat is not like that . Learn something from him.

Virat – Let me call mahir and tell .

In a big building ,

Mahir is seen interviewing for audition . Yet ,he is not interested in ay one but , His eyes get stucked at one girl .

Without taking her audition , he says you are selected .

Bela – Thank you sir . By the way ,I am Bela Joshi.

Mahir – I am Mahir .

They share a handshake .

Bela goes happily .

Mahir gets virat call . Virat tells about the news.

Mahir – Congrats Bhai .

The call end .

In 1 bhk house,

Bela calls Sai .

Bela -Hi Sis .

Sai -Hi didi , how are you .

Bela – I am fine .

She tells about the happy news .

Sai -Omg , congrats didi .

Well, I know what you will be thinking I am following the same till the Gadchiroli track . So , to not let you be bored ,I am forwarding a bit .

Virat goes to Nashik with Mahir , Sai is introduced (same as serial ),Mahir and Bela think of each other

While Virat is walking toward a hotel ,he hits a girl .

Virat – Umm , excuse me ,

Pakhi – No ,sry excuse me .

They both go to thier room .

Mahir in room ,

Mahir – Bhai , What do you think

Virat – What !

Mahir – Let it be you will not understand .

Virat – We are here only for yoga .

After the yoga event ,(Virat and Pakhi share a eyelock once only )


Pakhi – He is a good man . Maybe I’m just thinking too much .


Virat and Mahir are watching a film about love .

Mahir understand he loves Bela and decides to propose her .

In the same parrelellel scene,

Bela also understand and share it with Sai .

Mahir too shares with Virat .


Sai – Aaba , we will go to Nagpur day after tomorrow .

Kamal – Ok baba ,let me stay for one week then I will retire .

Sai – Paka

Kamal – Paka .



I don’t know how is the episode , but comment your views about it . And a funny thing ,I  was just thinking , that if we keep Sai as Arohi , deep as Virat , Pakhi as tara ,then how would it be .

Hope you like it. Other FFS will be uploaded on Monday means tomorrow.

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